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Higher engineering mathematics by B V Ramana pdf free download

by Sudhir kumar
Higher engineering mathematics by B V Ramana pdf free download

Higher Engineering Mathematics by B. V. Ramana│Free PDF Book Download

About Book:

  • Author : B. V. Ramana
  • Publisher: McGraw-Hill Publications
  • Pages: 1365
  • Size: 21 MB
  • Language: English
  • Extension: PDF
  • Year: 2018
  •  Book Rating:    


The need for a good text book on Engineering Mathematics for students of engineering and technology in India can be easily understood. Although several books are available, almost none of them have the right combination , simplicity , rig our, pedagogy and syllabus compatibility , dealing with all aspects of the course. I am confident that this present book will be able fill this void.
It gives me great pleasure to introduce HIGHER ENEINGEERING MATHEAMTICS by B.V.RAMANA the publication of which heralds the completion of book that caters completely and effectively from a modern point view of the students of Engineering mathematics and physics and computer science.
This book has been organized and executed with lot of care, dedication and passion for lucidity. The author has been an outstanding teacher and has vast and varied experience in India and abroad in the field of mathematics. A conscious attempt has been made to simplify the concepts to facilitate better understanding of the subject.

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Part I: Preliminaries:Ch. 1: Vector Algebra, Theory of Equations, and Complex Numbers, Matrices and Determinants,
Sequences and Series, Analytical Solid Geometry, Calculus of Variations, Linear Programming, on
Part II: Differential and Integral Calculus
Ch. 2: Differential Calculus
Ch. 3: Partial Differentiation
Ch. 4: Maxima and Minima
Ch. 5: Curve Tracing
Ch. 6: Integral Calculus
Ch. 7: Multiple Integrals
Part III: Ordinary Differential Equations
Ch. 8: Ordinary Differential Equations: First Order and First Degree
Ch. 9: Linear Differential Equations of Second Order and Higher Order
Ch. 10: Series Solutions
Ch. 11: Special Functions Gamma, Beta, Bessel and Legendre
Ch. 12: Laplace Transform
Part IV: Linear Algebra and Vector Calculus
Ch. 13: Matrices
Ch. 14: Eigen Values and Eigen Vectors
Ch. 15: Vector Differential Calculus: Gradient, Divergence and Curl
Ch. 16: Vector Integral Calculus
Part V: Fourier Analysis and Partial Differential Equations
Ch. 17: Fourier Series
Ch. 18: Partial Differential Equations
Ch. 19: Applications of Partial Differential Equations
Ch. 20: Fourier Integral, Fourier Transforms and Integral Transforms
Ch. 21: Linear Difference Equations and Z-Transforms
Part VI: Complex Analysis
Ch. 22: Complex Function Theory
Ch. 23: Complex Integration
Ch. 24: Theory of ResiduesCh. 25: Conformal Mapping.
Part VII: Probability and Statistics
Ch. 26: Probability
Ch. 27: Probability Distributions
Ch. 28: Sampling Distribution
Ch. 29: Estimation and Tests of Hypothesis
Ch. 30: Curve Fitting, Regression and Correlation Analysis
Ch. 31: Joint Probability Distribution and Markov Chains
Part VIII: Numerical Analysis
Ch. 32: Numerical Analysis
Ch. 33. Numerical Solutions of ODE and PDE

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