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Do you know what is the difference between HDD vs SSD? Which of these two is better? If you do not know the answer to all these questions, then there is nothing to worry because today I am going to explain to you people about SSD vs HDD in detail so that no doubt remains in your mind.

whenever a new When one thinks of taking a computer system, there is always a concern in the mind of many that it would be appropriate for them to take which storage drive for the storage of their computer. and they only have two options to choose from Solid State Drive (SSD) and another Hard Disk Drive (HDD). But due to lack of correct information, they do not get this decision and even if someone takes it, they fall in loss due to lack of information.

There is no easy or simple answer here that which of these two is better and which one will be right for you. Because the needs of all people are different, so they have to decide which one will be right for them.

Along with the need, you will also have to look at your preference, and also your budget. Keeping all these things in mind, you can make a right Hard Drive can be bought for your computer.

So today I thought that why not give complete information about these hard drives to you people so that you can decide for yourself which one will be right for you according to your need. So without further delay let’s know that HDD vs SSD Which is better in me, you will know the complete information about all these in today’s article.

What is HDD (Hard Disk Drive in Hindi)

HDD in Hindi

HDD full form is Hard Disk Drive. HDDs were first introduced in 1956 by IBM. You might be surprised by this people but it is true that this technology is 60 years old. Magnetism is used in an HDD to store the data.

A read/write head floats above the spinning platter to write the data and to read the data. The sooner this rotating platter rotates, the sooner the HDD can perform. A typical in today’s world The laptop drive spins at 5400 RPM (Revolutions per minute) or 7200 RPM, while some spin up to 15,000 RPM.

One of the biggest advantages of using HDD is that you can keep a lot of data in it at a very low cost. Nowadays, 1 TB storage is very common, and gradually its number is increasing day by day. Due to being cheaper than SSD, HDD has become the first choice of people today. Because if compared, SSD is 3 to 4 times more expensive than HDD.

If we talk about the appearance of HDD then from outside it looks exactly like SSD. in HDD SATA is used. Laptop hard drives have a common size of 2.5” form factor whereas desktop hard drives have a slightly larger size of about 3.5” form factor.

The higher the size of the platter, the more will be the storage capacity. Some desktop hard drives can store up to 6TB of data.

Best external hard drives under Rs 5000

Here we will go through some of the best external hard drives that you can buy right now.

Western Digital Elements 1.5 TB Portable External Hard Drive Buy Now
Transcend TS1TSJ25M3S StoreJet 1TB Portable External Hard Drive Buy Now
ADATA HV620S External Hard Drive Slim and Light with USB 3.1 (1TB, Black) Buy Now
Seagate Backup Plus Slim 1 TB External HDD Buy Now
Best external hard drives under Rs 5000

What is SSD (Solid State Drive in Hindi)

SSD in Hindi

If you do not know about SSD, then let me tell you that the full form of SSD is Solid State Drive. This is also a memory device like pen drive, only it has a little more space and it is a bit more sophisticated device.

Like the memory stick, it does not have any moving parts. Here the data is stored and kept in the micro chip. where one In the hard disk, with the help of a mechanical arm in which there is a read / write head, the information is read from the correct location to the storage platter.

This difference makes SSD much faster. For example, if I say that if you want to bring a book from one room, then for this you have to search around the room first and then bring it when you find it. On the other hand, if the book is already in front of you and you bring it quickly when asked, how will you feel. Only such SSD works, for which it is much faster than HDD.

in SSD NAND-based Flash memory is used. This is a non-volatile memory. Now non-volatile means that whenever you turn off the disk, it will not forget what is stored in it. Meaning there is no memory loss in it. Yes, this is definitely a very big and essential feature of a permanent memory.

When the first SSD first came in the market for the first time, then people did not have much faith in it. But now this technology is being used by people with great enthusiasm. And in this, SSD has more longevity than HDD.

An SSD does not have a mechanical arm, so an embedded processor (or brain) also called a controller is used to read and write data, with the help of which many tasks such as reading and writing of data are done. is.

Controller is used to know the speed of SSD. Whatever decision it takes, store, retrieve, store the data. All these things like cache and clean up determine the overall speed of the drive.

I would like to say one thing here that a good controller is the real hallmark of a good SSD. You must be wondering right now how this SSD would look like. So let me tell you that its technology is kept encased in a plastic or metal case. It looks like a battery.

The form factor of SSD is similar to that of a regular hard drive. Its standard sizes are something like 1.8”, 2.5”, and 3.5” size which easily fit into the housing and connectors like its similar sized hard drive.

For their standard size, SATA is used according to the connector. Apart from this, there are other SATAs such as mini-SATA which are smaller in size, that is why they are also called mini-SATA (mSATA) and it can be easily installed in the mini-PCI Express slot which is used in laptops. Goes.

Best SSDs in India

Here we will go through some of the best external hard drives that you can buy right now.

Samsung 870 QVO 1TB SATA 2.5″ Internal Solid State Drive (SSD) (MZ-77Q1T0BW) Buy Now
Samsung 860 PRO 256GB SATA 2.5″ Internal Solid State Drive (SSD) (MZ-76P256) Buy Now
A-DATA Ultimate SU650 3D NAND 120GB Solid State Drive – Black – ASU650SS-120GT-R Buy Now
Western Digital WD Green 120 GB 2.5 inch SATA III Internal Solid State Drive (WDS120G2G0A) Buy Now
Best SSDs in India

What is the difference between HDD vs SSD (HDD vs SSD which is better)

HDD vs SSD in Hindi

Now I am going to give you complete information about what is the difference between SSD and HDD, so that it will be very easy for you to choose what you should take for your new computer.

Attribute SSD (Solid State Drive) HDD (Hard Disk Drive)
Power Draw / Battery Life It uses less power, if we talk about average, then about 2 to 3 watts, due to which 30+ minutes of battery boost is available. It uses a lot more power than SSD. If we talk about averages, then about 6 to 7 watts, so it uses more battery.
Cost It is very expensive It is much cheaper than SSD.
Capacity This is mostly because of its price, storage with more capacity is not made. They are made with very high capacity and also come in use.
Operating System Boot Time Its average bootup time is 10-13 seconds Its average bootup time is 30-40 seconds
Noise Due to no moving part in it, not much sound is produced in it. It has moving parts and along with it the sounds of clicks and spinning also keep coming.
Vibration Due to no moving part in it, there is not much vibration in it. There is a spinning of platters in it, due to which it is common for vibration to arise in it.
Heat Produced It does not demand much power, it does not have any moving parts, due to this it produces very little heat. It generates more heat than SSD because it has moving parts which are constantly moving.
Failure Rate Mean time between failure rate of 2.0 million hours Mean time between failure rate of 1.5 million hours
File Copy / Write Speed The speed of copying in this is generally from 200 MB / s to 550 MB / s. The speed of copying in this is generally from 50 MB / s to 120 MB / s.
Encryption It has Full Disk Encryption (FDE) in the drive. It has Full Disk Encryption (FDE) in the drive.
File Opening Speed It opens 30% faster than HDD It is much slower than SSD
Magnetism Affected SSD is safe from any kind of magnetism effect At the same time, magnets have a great effect on HDD, due to which the data can be completely erased.
HDD Vs SSD in hindi

Here you guys saw how HDD and SSD are different from each other. But here it is not right to assume that SSD is better than HDD. Because like I said earlier that only you can tell which storage device is right for you.

Because it shows according to your need. Here for your convenience, I have written some such points, seeing that you can guess which storage device will be fine for you. for more information you read this blog can.

HDD will be fine for you if:

• You need a lot of storage capacity, about 10TB or more
• You don’t want to spend too much money
• If you do not worry much about the boot up speed of the computer and the ability to copy, then the best option for you is HDD.

SSD will be good for you if:

• If you want to spend more for faster performance of the computer
• You do not have to worry much about the storage capacity and you can run the work for less. So here SSD is the best option for you.

If we talk about India, even today HDD is the most liked people here because everyone wants more space by reducing the speed. They need all the features in their budget, due to which they have no problem in adopting HDD as compared to SSD.

Nowadays people have SSHD (Solid State Hard Drive) under which you can take advantage of both the things. Or rather, it is a mixture of both the technologies. In which some space is allocated for the operating system and the rest for your personal storage.

There is also an advantage in this that you get very good operating speed in it, so that you can do all your work very easily.

What are the Different Types of SSD?

One type of SSD is SATA and the other is NVMe.

Does SSD have less power consumption?

Yes, SSD has very low power consumption as compared to HDD.

what did you learn today

I hope you guys HDD vs SSD Gave complete information about and I hope you guys have understood about SSD vs HDD.

I request all of you readers that you also share this information in your neighbourhood, relatives, your friends, so that there will be awareness among us and everyone will benefit a lot from it. I need your cooperation so that I can pass more new information to you guys.

It has always been my endeavor that I should always help my readers or readers from all sides, if you people have any doubts of any kind, then you can feel free to ask me. I will definitely try to solve those doubts. you this article SSD vs HDD How did you feel, do tell us by writing a comment so that we too get a chance to learn something from your thoughts and improve something.

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