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Great wonderful history of Rajmata Jijabai. Jijabai in hindi

jijabai bio in hindi


Jijabai Biography (Jayanti, History, Family, Age, Caste) (History, Age, Family, War, Jayanti) death anniversary

It is said that if a mother has given birth to a knight, then that mother will definitely be special. The mother who gave birth to a warrior like Shivaji is known as ‘Jijabai’. Today in this article we are going to tell about the life of ‘Jijabai’, the mother of the great warrior Shivaji. Here you will read how ‘Jijabai’ saw many stages in her life and how she made Shivaji so brave even after losing everything. How a 17-year-old child became a part of a big battle, let’s know about the life of ‘Jijabai’ –

jijabai bio in hindi

biography of jijabai

introduction point Introduction of Rajmata Jijabai
Name Jijabai Bhosale
other names Jijabai, Jijau (her childhood name)
Birth 12 January 1598 AD.
birth place Buldhana District, Maharashtra
death 17 June 1674 AD
place of death overtake
father’s name Lakhuji Jadhav
mother’s name Mahalsabai
degree mother of shivaji maharaj
Contribution Maratha Empire established
Kuldevi Bhavani Maa
lineage Yadav

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life of jijabai

Jijabai (Jijau) was born on 12 January 1598 in Buldhana, Maharashtra. His father Lakhuji Jadhav used to be the king of a village named Sindkhed. He named Jijabai as ‘Jijau’ at that time. It is said that Jijabai lived very little with her father and was married off at a very young age. At that time, marriage was done in childhood itself.

marriage of jijabai

introduction point introduction
Name jijabai
husband’s name Shahaji Bhosale
Age at the time of Jijabai’s matchmaking 6 years

It is said that Jijabai’s matchmaking was fixed at the same time when she was 6 years old. There is also a small incident associated with this. It is written in history that it was the day of Holi, the festival was being celebrated at Lakhuji Jadhav’s house, at that time Molaji with his child who was also about 7-8 years of age. Had attended this festival with him. While watching the dance, suddenly Lakhuji Jadhav saw Jijabai and Molaji’s son Shahaji together and ‘Wow what? The pair’. Molaji heard this and said that then the matchmaking should be confirmed.

Molaji was the commander of the Sultan at that time and even after Lakhuji Jadhav was the king, at the behest of the Sultan, he got his daughter Jijau i.e. Jijabai married to Molaji’s son Shahaji Bhosale.

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life of jijabai with shahji

introduction point introduction
husband’s name shahji
children 6 daughters, two sons
son’s name Shivaji Maharaj, Sambhaji

When he grew up after the marriage of Jijabai and Shahji, Shahji was a diplomat in the Bijapur court. The Maharaja of Bijapur won many wars with the help of Shahji, in this happiness the Sultan of Bijapur had gifted him many jagirs. The fort of Shivneri, a Jagir, is also included in those gifts. Jijabai and her children used to live here. Jijabai gave birth to 6 daughters and two sons. One of those sons was Shivaji.

Jijabai gave birth to Shivaji in the fort of Shivneri

Shahji kept them in the fort of Shivneri to protect his children and Jijabai, because at that time Shahaji was afraid of many enemies. Here Shivaji was born in the fort of Shivneri and it is said that Shahji was not with Jijabai at the time of Shivaji’s birth. After the birth of Shivaji, Shahaji was taken prisoner by Mustafa Khan. After 12 years Shahji and Shivaji met. Meanwhile, Jijabai and Shahji’s contact happened again.

Tried to commit sati on Shahaji’s death

Shahji always used to take help of Jijabai in his works. The name of Jijabai’s eldest son was Sambhaji, it is said that Sambhaji and Shahji were killed in the war with Afzal Khan. After Shahaji’s death, Jijabai tried to commit sati with her husband, but Shivaji stopped her from doing so. Shivaji considered his mother as his friend, guide and inspiration. This is the reason why Shivaji understood the society and his duties at a very young age. Under the guidance of his mother, he started establishing a Hindu empire at a young age.

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Beginning of Maratha Empire

introduction point introduction
Durg shivneri fort
His importance in the life of Shivaji Contribution in making them mighty and brave
His Contribution to the Maratha Empire Explaining the importance of religion to Shivaji

No matter how many times the history is read, then if anyone’s name comes first in the Maratha Empire, then it is Jijabai and her son Shivaji. It is said that after separating from Shahji, Jijabai gave such education to Shivaji that he established the Maratha Empire itself.

Jijabai was a very smart and intelligent woman, she took many such decisions for the Maratha Empire, due to which Swaraj was established. There is an incident that in view of the atrocities with women in the state, Jijabai goes to the temple of ‘Maa Bhavani’, calls on the mother to suggest some way to remove these plight of women, then the mother is happy and tells Jijabai. She gives a boon that the shame and atrocities being committed on them will be stopped by her son.

This is the reason why Shivaji always worshiped Bhavani Maa and while discharging the education received by his mother, he always worshiped the mother. It is written in history that Shivaji Maharaj had such a sword whose name was ‘Bhavani’, it was also obtained by the boon of Mother Bhavani.

Jijabai narrated such stories to her son Shivaji for the Maratha Empire, from which he became aware of his religion and his karma and also learned how to protect the people. This is the reason why Shivaji formed the Maratha army at the age of 17 and fought many mighty men and won. There came a time when Jijabai got the fort of Shivneri again.

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Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj was created by the rites of Jijabai

Forgetting all the troubles of his life, ‘Jijabai’ gave such education to his son Shivaji, gave such values, due to which his son started living for others not for himself. He started fighting for his religion. This is the reason why Shivaji is remembered with great pride today and he is addressed as ‘Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj’.

Shivaji started to establish the Hindu Empire and during his lifetime he succeeded in establishing the Hindu Empire and killed many tyrants. All this was possible because of the values ​​of ‘Jijabai’, the education given by her.

death of jijabai

Jijabai was the first woman who contributed to the establishment of Maratha i.e. Hindutva in South India. Due to his hard work and his own values, Shivaji took up arms for the Marathas and he succeeded in establishing Hindutva once again.

Jijabai died on 17 June 1674 AD, by this time Shivaji had established the Maratha Empire.

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Unheard things related to the life of Jijabai

We know that no one’s life is such that it can be described in one word. There is definitely a story in the life of every human being. There are many such stories and such incidents in the life of Jijabai, which are rarely told or taught. We are writing some similar incidents related to his life here.

  • Jijabai herself was such a woman who was remembered for her farsightedness and war policies.
  • Jijabai had always talked about protecting women and saving honor and had taught her sons.
  • Jijabai’s second son i.e. Shivaji’s brother Sambhaji was murdered by Afzal Khan. Jijabai inspired Shivaji to take his revenge.
  • Shivaji himself used to teach war policies from Jijabai and with her inspiration, he won many battles.
  • Jijabai died 12 days after the coronation of Shivaji Maharaj. He gave up his life after realizing his Hindutva dream.
  • Jijabai inspired Shivaji towards religion by telling stories of child king, Mahabharata and Ramayana to Shivaji in his childhood.

Jijabai has played an important role in the life of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. This is the reason that before remembering Shivaji, his mother ‘Jijabai’ is remembered. According to the policies made by him, Shivaji won many wars and he was successful in establishing the Maratha Empire. Shivaji has always credited his success to his mother ‘Jijabai’. India will never forget this contribution of Jijabai in history.

Film and serial made on the life of Jijabai –

Many serials and films have been made on the life of Jijabai. Even his life has been highlighted in serials and films made on Shivaji. Here we are telling the names of serials and films made on the life of Shivaji and Jijabai. Because in all these the life of Jijabai has been shown.

life of jijabai serials and movies
film Rajmata Jijau
Serial Bharatvarsh
film Bal Shivaji
film Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj
film kalyan treasury
film Sinhagad

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