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Goswami Tulsi Das couplets and birth anniversary. Tulsi Das ke Dohe and Jayanti


Goswami Tulsi Das Dohe and Jayanti (Tulsi Das ke Dohe and Jayanti With Hindi Meaning in hindi)

Tulsidas’ couplets are written in Hindi, read them and understand the knowledge of life. Goswami Tulsidas was a great poet, and saint, who had a very good understanding of Hindu mythology and texts. Goswami Tulsi Das is worshiped as a great guru. Tulsidas ji is known as the author of ‘Ramcharitmanas’ based on the life of Lord Rama, he wrote this great book in the period. Tulsidas ji used to describe himself as the reincarnation of the great guru Valmiki ji, Valmiki ji first wrote the Ramayana in Sanskrit. It was not easy for people to understand Valmiki’s Ramayana. When Tulsidas ji wrote it in the period, it reached all the people and people could know its importance and the life of Lord Rama closely. Tulsidas ji worshiped Hanuman ji, the great devotee of Lord Rama. Hanuman Chalisa was also composed.

Tulsidas ji spent most of his life in the city of Varanasi, situated on the banks of the Ganges in Uttar Pradesh. At present, Tulsi Ghat has been built in his name in Varanasi. He is one of the great poets of Hindi language in India, he is known as the world’s writer of literature. Due to the great works of Tulsidas ji, art and culture have got a different form in India today. Tulsidas ji had started the Ramlila program based on Ramayana and even today the program Ramlila started by him is famous for Indian music, today it entertains the audience in the form of TV series.

tulsi das ke dohe hindi meaning

Tulsidas Ji’s life introduction anniversary and couplets ( Tulsidas Ji Biography Jayanti and Dohe )

Tulsidas Date of Birth

The secrets related to the birth of Tulsidas ji have not come in front of everyone properly even today. Some people give his birth as 1532, some 1589. According to the facts, he was born on the seventh day of Shukla Paksha of Sawan month. Seven places are told as his birth place, one of them is – Rajapur (Chitrakoot), Uttar Pradesh. The Uttar Pradesh government has officially declared it as the birth place of Tulsidas ji. Apart from this, it is also called the birthplace of Tulsidas ji on behalf of Soro, Hajipur, Tari.

Tulsidas Family

Tulsidas ji’s father’s name was Atmaram Shukla Dubey, and his mother’s name was Hulsi. In some Bhavishya Puranas, his father’s name is written as Sridhar. In childhood, his name used to be Tulsiram and Rambola. There is also a lot of speculation about Tulsidas ji’s caste, some people say that he was a Saryuparin Brahmin, according to some people he was Kanyakubja, and some used to say that he was a virtuous Brahmin. Some also call them Shukla Brahmins and Sarbaria Brahmins.

of Tulsidas Tulsidas Early Life

Legend Tulsidas ji lived in his mother’s womb for 12 months, after that when he was born, he also had 32 teeth in his mouth. At that time, seeing his health and body, it seemed that he was a 5 year old boy. Tulsidas ji did not even cry during the birth, but he was born taking the name of Ram Ram. That’s why he got the name Rambola. When Tulsidas ji was born, the originals were engaged according to the Panchag. This means that the father of the child is in danger. To remedy this, he had sent Tulsidas ji with the maid Chuniya. Chuniya takes Tulsidas ji to Haripur village, where she keeps him for five years. After this Chuniya dies. During this time he does not have any relation with his parents. In this way Tulsidas ji became an orphan, at that time Tulsidas ji had to beg to fill his stomach.

Tulsidas ji education and guru (Tulsidas education, Tulsidas guru name)

At the age of five, when Tulsidas ji wandered from door to door to fill his stomach, Narharidas ji adopted him. He was a monk of Ramanand, he is said to be the fourth disciple of Ramanand ji. Here Tulsidas ji took the initiation of a recluse by disguising himself as a sanyasi, where he got the name Tulsidas. When Tulsidas ji turned 7 years old, his Upanayana (upakarma) was performed by Guru Narharidas. Upakarma Vrat Learn about here. Tulsidas ji started his education from Ayodhya. After some time the Guru took him to Varaha Kshetra, where his Guru narrated the Ramayana to him for the first time. After this he started listening to Ramayana again and again, due to which he gradually started to understand it.

After some time Tulsidas ji went to Varanasi, and there he learned about Sanskrit grammar, four Vedas, 6 Vedangas and astrology from Guru Shesh Sanatana in the school of Hindu philosophy. He lived here for 15-16 years. Shesh Sanatana used to be a friend of Narharidas, who used to be a scholar of literature and philosophy. After completing his education, Tulsidas came to his birthplace Rajapur after taking orders from his guru Shesh Sanatana. Here he came to know, both his parents are no more. Here he performed Shradh of his parents, and started living in his ancestral home. He now used to narrate the story of Ramayana to everyone in Chitrakoot.

Tulsidas marriage

There are 2 types of things about Tulsidas ji’s marriage. Some say, Tulsidas ji was married to Ratnavali in 1583. Ratnavali was the daughter of Dinabandhu Pathak, who was a Bharadwaj Brahmin. They had a son, Tarak, who passed away at an early age. Tulsidas ji loved his wife Ratnavali very much. Once Ratnavali went to her father’s house with her brother. When Tulsidas ji went to meet him, his wife Ratnavali told him something that he decided to become a sanyasi. After that he renounced these external bodily things and took refuge in the Lord to attain salvation. Tulsidas ji went to Prayag and took the form of a monk there. Then Ratnavali also started cursing herself that what she had said.

Some people believe that Tulsidas ji has been a monk since childhood, as well as he has been a devotee of Hanuman, this means that he would never have married.

Tulsidas as Sanyasi

Leaving worldly things, Tulsidas ji spent most of his time in Varanasi, Prayag, Ayodhya and Chitrakoot. For 14 years, he went to different places of India, and gave education to the people there, as well as meeting the sages and saints himself.

Tulsidas ji got Hanuman and Ram Darshan (Tulsidas Meets Ram and Hanuman)

Tulsidas ji has written in many of his compositions that he has seen Hanuman and Ram ji. This can be read in detail in his work ‘Bhaktirasbodhini’. Tulsidas ji had first darshan of Hanuman in Varanasi, where today the Sankatmochan temple was built. It is said that Hanuman ji had helped Tulsidas ji in writing Ramcharitmanas. During the darshan of Hanuman ji, Tulsidas ji asked how I would have darshan of Ramchandra, then he asked him to go to Chitrakoot.

After this Tulsidas started living in Ramghat of Chitrakoot. Tulsidas ji explains in his composition how he had a vision of Lord Rama. He had darshan twice during his stay in Chitrakoot, but Tulsidas ji could not recognize Lord Rama. When Ram appeared in front of him for the third time in the form of a child, Hanuman ji gave him a gesture, and he understood. He has written about this incident in ‘Vinayaka Patrika’.

Tulsidas ji has also done many miraculous works in his life. He cured the disease of many people, and saved people from death. The great ruler of the Mughal Empire, Akbar also considered Tulsidas ji’s miraculous work and his wisdom. Akbar and Tulsidas became good friends, and Akbar had declared throughout his kingdom that no one should disturb Tulsidas ji. Tales of Akbar and Birbal Read here in Hindi.

Tulsidas death

Tulsidas ji died in the month of Sawan in Vikram Samvat 1680 at Assi Ghat in Varanasi. Like his birth, people do not have a single opinion in his death. Everyone tells about it on different days. importance of savan month Read here.

Tulsidas ki rachnaye

The 12 compositions of Tulsidas ji are very famous. According to the language, they are divided into 2 groups-

  • Awadhi – Ramcharitmanas, Ramlala Nachhu, Barwai Ramayana, Parvati Mangal, Janaki Mangal and Ramagya questions.
  • Braj – Krishna Gitavali, Gitavali, Sahitya Ratna, Dohavali, Vairagya Sandhipani and Vinayaka Patrika.

Apart from this 12, there are 4 more compositions which have been composed by Tulsidas ji, which have got a special place, they are –

Tulsidas Jayanti 2021 Date

Tulsidas ji was born on the Saptami day of Shukla Paksha in the month of Sawan. This day is celebrated as the birth anniversary of Tulsidas ji. This time it is on Friday, 15 August 2021. This is his 521st birthday. Poet Emperor Goswami Tulsidas ji has given priceless books to the world.

How To Celebrate Tulsidas Jayanti

Many programs are organized in schools to celebrate Tulsidas Jayanti. The government also organizes programs to celebrate it in the city. There are inter-school competitions, in which competition for writing couplets, debates, singing, essays, couplets of Ramayana are held. Ramayana is recited in temples from place to place. Food is also served to Brahmins on this day.

Goswami Tulsidas ji’s couplets and their Hindi meaning (Tulsi Das Dohe With Hindi Meaning):

Tulsi Das dohe

Tulsi’ jay fame, but lost her fame.

Whose mouth is wet

Tulsi Das Dohe In Hindi

Poet Tulsi Das ji says that those who want to gain reputation by doing evil to others, they themselves lose their reputation. Such a time will be put on the face of such a person which will never go away no matter how much you try.

Tulsi Das dohe

Tanu Gun Dhan Mahima Dharam, Tehi Binu Jehi Abhiyan.

Tulsi Jiyat Bidambana, Parinamahu Gat Jaan.

Tulsi Das Dohe

Even without the beauty of the body, virtue, wealth, respect and religion etc., the life of such people is full of dilemmas, the result of which is bad.

Tulsi Das dohe

What do you know, mindless male and female.

Supankha deer putna, ten faces chief thinker. .

Tulsi Das Dohe

The thoughts of the mind of any man or woman cannot be known by the sweetness of speech and the beauty of clothes. Because the clothes of Supankha, Marichi, Putna and ten-headed Ravana were beautiful.

Tulsi Das dohe

Ram Naam Manideep Dharu Jih Dehrien Dwar.
Tulsi is inside outwardly jaun chaasi ujiar.|

Tulsi Das Dohe

Tulsidas ji says that those who want more light both inside and outside the mind, then they will have to light a lamp of Lord Rama’s name on their door i.e. on the face and on the threshold i.e. tongue.

Tulsi Das dohe

Kalpataru Kali Kalyan Nivasu to Namu Ram.
Jo Simrat Bhayo Bhang Te Tulsi Tulsidas.|

Tulsi Das Dohe

The name of Rama is immortal like the tree of Kalpa, the path of liberation, by the mere remembrance of which Tulsidas became as pure as the insignificant Tulsi.

Tulsi Das dohe

Look at Tulsi, Subeshu is not a fool, nor a clever man.
Beautiful Kekihi Pekhu Bachan Sudha Sam Asan Ah.|

Tulsi Das Dohe

Tulsi Das ji says that seeing the beautiful cover, not only the foolish but also the intelligent get dodged. Like how sweet the voice of a peacock is but its food is snakes.

Tulsi Das dohe

Soor Samar Karni Karhin Kahi Na Janavahim Aapu.
Existing run pi ripu coward kathahin pratapu.|

Tulsi Das Dohe

Warriors introduce themselves in war by deeds, they do not need to describe themselves and those who describe their skills with words are cowards.

Tulsi Das dohe
Sarnagat kahan je tajhin my unharm estimation.
Te nar paavar sinmaya tinhahi bilokati loss.|

Tulsi Das Dohe

Those who leave the person who has taken refuge for their personal selfishness, they are guilty of sin. His mere sight should be avoided.

Tulsi Das dohe

Mercy is the root of religion, the root of sin is pride.
Tulsi don’t show mercy, when life is lost.

Tulsi Das Dohe

Tulsi Das ji says that the basic spirit of religion is mercy, so one should never give up mercy. And the feeling of ego is the root of sin.

Tulsi Das dohe

Sahaj, good-natured Guru Swami Sikh who does not obey his head.
So late aghai ur avasi hoi interest loss.|

Tulsi Das Dohe

The person who does not follow the orders or teachings of the True Guru. He regrets his loss very much in the end.

Tulsi Das dohe

The headman should sleep in the face of food and drink.
Palai Poshai Gross Organ Bibek with Basil.|

Tulsi Das Dohe

Tulsidas ji says that the head is like the mouth of the body, just as one mouth takes care of the whole body by eating food, similarly the head of the family takes care of all the members.

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