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Gopashtami Puja 2021 Worship Method, Story and Importance


Gopashtami Puja 2021 Worship Method, Story and Significance (Gopashtami Puja Vidhi, Katha, Significance In Hindi)

Cow is like mother in India. Here it is believed that all the gods and goddesses reside inside the cow mother. So worshiping him gives the fruits of all.

Gopaashtami festival and fasting Lord Krishna and cow mother are worshiped on this day. In Hinduism, the place of cow is considered equal to mother, Puranas have also confirmed this. The childhood of both Lord Shri Krishna and Bhai Balaram was spent in Gaukul, which was the city of cowherds. Gwal who are called cow rearers. Krishna and Balaram were also trained in the service of cow, protection etc. A day before Gopashtami, both of them had acquired complete knowledge of cow rearing.

Gopashtami Puja katha

When is Gopashtami 2021 celebrated? (Gopashtami Festival 2021 Date)

This worship and fasting is done on the Ashtami day of Kartik Shukla Paksha, on this day the cow mother is worshipped. It is said that till this day, Shri Krishna and Balaram had become a good cowherd by taking all the education of cow rearing. In the year 2021, Gopashtami will be celebrated on November 11.

Ashtami date starts From 07:04 on November 22
Ashtami date ends By 09:40 on 23rd November

Significance of Gopashtami Festival

Cow has a special place in Hindu culture. The status of mother is given because just as a mother’s heart is soft, so is the cow’s mother. Just as a mother gives happiness to her children in every situation, similarly a cow also provides benefits to mankind. Cow’s milk, cow’s ghee, curd, buttermilk and even urine are beneficial for the health of mankind. It is considered a duty to protect and follow the cow. Gopashtami gives us an indication of the fact that in the ancient era, when Shri Krishna himself had served the cow mother, then we are human beings of Kaliyuga. This festival tells us that we all depend on cow for our rearing, so they are revered for us. All living beings are responsible for keeping the environment balanced, thus all are indebted to each other and this festival gives us the message of the same thing.

There is a legend behind how Gopashtami started. The description of how Lord Krishna served the cow mother in his child leela is also mentioned in this story.

Gopashtami Festival Katha or Story:

There are many famous stories related to Gopashtami, which are as follows:

Story 1 When Lord Krishna stepped into the sixth year of his life. Then he started insisting with his mother Yashoda that he has grown up now and instead of grazing the calf, he wants to feed the cow. In front of his stubbornness, Maiya had to give up and Maiya sent him to his father Nanda Baba to take his permission. Lord Krishna insisted in front of Nanda Baba, that now he will graze only the cow. Nand Baba asked Pandit Maharaj to take out the Muhurta for grazing the cow. Pandit Babu saw the whole Panchag and came in great astonishment and said that apart from this time, there is no remaining Muhurta till the next year. Perhaps what was the time before the will of God? That day was Gopashtami. When Shri Krishna started rearing Gaia. On that day the mother made her Kanha very beautiful. Maur put on a crown, wore ghungroos on his feet and allowed him to wear beautiful padukas, but Kanha did not wear those padukas. He said to Maiya, if you tie all these Gaias on the feet of Charan Paduka, then only then I will wear it. Maya gets emotional seeing this and Krishna would take his Gaia to feed without wearing anything on his feet.

Thus Gopashtami is celebrated from the day of Kartik Shukla Paksha. The importance of cow was very much in the life of Lord Krishna. Indra named him Govind because of cow service. He kept the importance of cow in front of everyone. God himself served the cow mother.

Story 2: It is said that Krishna ji lifted the Gobardhan mountain with his smallest finger, after which Gobardhan Puja is performed on that day. Indra’s wrath in Braj In this way it rained continuously, in order to save it, Krishna had kept the mountain in one of his fingers for 7 days. Lord Indra had accepted his defeat on the day of Gopashtami, after which Shri Krishna had placed the Gobardhan mountain down.

STORY 3: One more thing related to Gopashtami is that Radha also wanted to go to the forest to graze the cow, but being a girl, no one said yes to her. After which Radha came up with an idea, she dressed like a cowherd and went to graze the cow with Shri Krishna in the forest.

Every temple of Krishna ji Special events are held on this day. In Vrindavan, Mathura, Nathdwara, it is prepared from many days in advance. In Nathdwara, more than 100 cows and their cowherds go to the temple and worship. The cows are decorated very beautifully.

Gopashtami Festival Puja Vidhi

  • Cow is worshiped on this day. After getting up early in the morning, after taking bath, the feet of the cow are touched.
  • The worship of Gopashtami is done by the pandit with full rituals.
  • In the morning itself, the cow and its calf are bathed and prepared. Her makeup is done, ghungroos are tied around her feet, other ornaments are worn.
  • Parikrama of cow mother is also done. After circumambulating the cows in the morning, they take them out to graze.
  • Donations are also given to cowherds on this day. Many people apply tilak by giving them new clothes.
  • When the cow returns home in the evening, they are worshiped again, they are given good food. Especially on this day green fodder is fed to the cow.
  • Those people who do not have a cow in their homes, they go to the Gau Shala and worship the cow, offer them Ganga water, flowers, light a lamp and feed them jaggery.
  • Women also worship Krishna ji, apply tilak to the cow. Bhajans are performed on this day. Krishna worship is also done.
  • Green peas and jaggery are fed to the cow.
  • Some people also donate food and other items to the Gaushala.
  • The Scone Temple is decorated a lot on this day. There is dancing and grand celebration in it.

Cow Mata has more importance in Hindu culture. In the Puranas, the worship of cow, its protection, upbringing, nutrition is considered as the duty of man. We all should serve the cow mother, because she also takes care of us like a mother.

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