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What is Google Discover and how does it work?

What is Google Discover and how does it work?
What is Google Discover and how does it work?

What is Google Discover and How does it work (What is Google Discover [Feed, Ads]

Google launched a feature called Google Discover in September last year to rebrand and revamp the feature known as Google Feed. It works similar to Google Discover Google Feed. It can be understood in this way that Google Discover has come with some important updates of Google Feed. Know about it in detail in this article, what is Google Feed and Google Discover, what are its features, and also know how it works.

What is Google Feed

Before knowing about Google Discover, you should understand Google Feed. Google Feed, a feature introduced by Google through which users can stay up to date about any topic they search or events of the topic they are interested in.

This December Sun in 2016 was launched by Google in | After this, in the year 2017, Google Feed was updated and its algorithm was updated. The biggest purpose of this Google feed feature Google was to help users to search easily, even if they do not even know what they are actually searching.

What are the features of Google Feed ?

Traditionally, Google and its SERPs work on the basis of search queries. That is, when a user types a query, Google shows the most relevant results. But on the other hand, Google Feed was created to give you information before you search.

Its main feature about it that you once a Topic search you, then this Google Feed your Interest within Feed the stores | And after that, even before you do your search, it tells you about that thing. which you are about to search. Even when you do not have any query related to it in your mind, it still shows you whatever updates are related to it. It was liked by a lot of people, so it is with more investment rebranding decided to update it again in Google had |      

What is Google Discover ?

In the month of September 2018, Google again updated Google Feed with a new name and new brand and its name was changed to Google Discover. This is the latest product of Google, which provides that content to the users. Which they can search even before entering any keyword.

It Google 20th birthday celebration of ” Improving Search For The Next 20 Years “, ie “as Google’s vision to improve for the next 20 years, and especially Google’s term -” The Shift From queries to providing a query less way to get information’ was introduced as ‘providing a questionless way to get information other than queries’.

What are the features of Google Discover and how does it work?

  • New name: – The biggest change Google made was that it changed its name from Google Feed to Google Discover . This was because Google has realized that this new name so much better, because it’s that most matter to Users Fresh their mission to uncover and interesting content refers to |
  • New Look (Topic header and Discover icon): – Google it into a more attractive and relevant again Google feed to design the | Its notable look is the topic header and discover icon . They want to tell through this why you are looking at a particular card . And if you should more content you have to watch the related More Stories Header on clic can k | As soon as you click on it, your discover page starts getting updated continuously. Google also says that soon you will discover these iconswill start seeing in your search. This means that you can tap or follow a topic directly from the SERPs .
  • Update Content: – Google has its Discover Page also content for new ways to add made | Earlier, most of the content news related content was trending in Google Feed. And now the feed has a mix of content based on each user. In this mix of Google, Ever Green content i.e. content that is not new on the web but is new to you is also included. For example, when you’re planning a trip, discover can show you an article about what’s the best place to eat or see. Apart from this, Google will also provide content based on a certain topic as well as your level of experience.can show Like if you just picked up a guitar and you are in the early stages of learning it, google will show you content relevant to your level of experience and not advanced riffs or songs. On the other hand if you know how to play that instrument then you will see only advanced stuff.
  • More Control: – Another crowd placer has been updated in this feature of Google. In which is the level of control seen by the users. On the bottom left side of each card , you will see a Control icon. When you tap it , it gives you a signal. In this, you can see  more or less of a particular type of content according to you.
  • Discover on Homepage :- Till now Google Discover was available only on Google’s Mobile App . But now in the announcement made by Google, it has been told that Google Discover is coming for all mobile browsers . This can make it easier than ever for users to interact with your feed. Although Google Discover is not available on Desktop as of now. And Google has not even made any plans for this. But Google is definitely considering to do this.              

Some Google Discover Questions and Answers (FAQ’s)

Is there a Google Discover app?

Ans: There is no such app separately from Google, Google Discover is visible on the Google app itself.

Is there a desktop version of Discover?

No, Google Discover is not available on desktop at this time and Google has not shared the plan to bring it yet.

What is the difference between Google Discover and Google News?

no fast-track way to get Google Discover on Google News. The only condition to be eligible for Google Discover is that your pages must be indexed by Google, and also meet all the requirements of Google News. On the other hand, if you think that this can be a way to get into Google News, then it is not so. Some articles are accepted by Google Discover and are denied by Google News. It is good to consider bringing these two closer but they may not be interchangeable.

Q: Are there ads on Google Discover?

Yes. Google started monetizing Discover in May 2019 by introducing Discovery Ads. This advertising format uses an image carousel, which can be featured as a promotion and social tab on Google Discover, YouTube, and even Gmail. 

The shortcomings of Google Feed in Google Discover have been removed. In this latest update of Google, more emphasis has been placed on the opportunities available to Searches. For marketers trying to move forward, it is essential to be fully familiar with Discover. It can benefit them.

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