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Gold Rate Today in Pune – Latest 22ct

by Sudhir kumar

Pune is one of the popular cities of Maharashtra having many attractions and places to visit. The gold rate in this city fluctuates due to the high demand for gold so it is important to check the latest rate before you make any type of gold investments. Some women buy gold in Pune just to flaunt their designs and some of them just buy it to keep it as a reserve for their bad days. So, whatever may be your reason it is necessary to know the Gold Rate Today in Pune so that you can buy some. The rate of 22K Gold is ₹4648 per gram in Pune. On the other hand, the price of 24K Gold in Pune is ₹4945 per gram. Make sure you check the karat of gold before buying jewelry, biscuits, or bars.

22K and 24K Gold Rate Today and Yesterday in Pune

Options for Gold Investment

Sometimes gold yields a good return on investment so many people in Pune consider gold as a long-term investment because the gold rates fluctuate every moment. Suppose you buy a God Coin today and the price of gold rises then it will give you a good profit in the future once you sell it. So, you can go through various types of gold investments below:-

  • Jewelry and ornament of gold like rings, bracelets, necklaces, nose pins, bangle, earrings, and wearable gold products can be a better option for investment.
  • Invest in Gold Coins, Bars, or Biscuits because these gold products have less making charge than the jewelry and they will cost you less than the jewelry.
  • You can also invest in digital gold and with the increase in the gold price, you can sell it in the future and generate a good profit through it.

What is Hallmark in Gold?

The hallmark certifies that the piece of gold or metal fulfills all the rules that come under the Bureau of Indian Standards. The hallmark also tells about the purity of gold and it is necessary for every individual to check the hallmark on the jewelry or coins before they buy them. He must also be aware of the gold rate today in Pune if he belongs to Pune.

What do you mean by Karat?

The purity of the gold is denoted by Karat and the purest form of gold or the highest karat is 24 Karat whereas 18 Karat is the minimum Karat in Gold available in the market. You will find that the price of 18 Karat gold is the lowest among all the karats. You can see the percentage of purity in every karat below:-

Why there is Gold Price Fluctuation in Pune

There are many reasons for the change in the gold price in Pune. The changes can be due to international inflation or domestic inflation and there can be other factors as well:-


Inflation or deflation in India changes the gold price in Pune and the price can increase or decrease. If there is international inflation or some global emergency then also the price of gold fluctuates.

RBI’s Gold Reserve

Sometimes the Reserve Bank of India increases its gold reserve for issuing currency notes in the market and the cash inflow increases in the market. So, the increase in cash flows in the market fluctuate the price of gold in the same city.

Gold Market

The high demand for gold in the market also fluctuates the prices of gold in Pune because during festive or wedding season people buy many Gold Jewelleries or other gold products. Therefore due to an increase in the demand for gold, the price of gold also gets increased.

Last 10 Days Gold Price in Pune

Note – Gold prices are sourced from various news journals such as Economic Times, Live Mint, Good Returns, Fresherslive, etc.

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