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Giridhar’s horoscopes, couplets, life introduction, poems of poetry Giridhar ki kundaliya dohe

giridhar girdhar kundliya


Giridhar’s horoscopes, couplets, Hindi meaning, biography, poetry, poetry [Giridhar Kavirai ki Kundaliya, Arth, Rachnaye, Dohe, Bhasha Shaili in Hindi]

Giridhar Kaviray ji was such a famous poet of Hindi, whose horoscopes given by him are very famous. His creations remain on the faces of the people even today. They belonged to the Brahmin clan. In this article, we introduce you to his life, as well as tell about the horoscopes and compositions written by him. To know this read this article till the end.

giridhar girdhar kundliya

Giridhar Kaviray Biography

Name Giridhar Kaviray
original name Giridhar Kaviray Bhat
Birth 1717 differences
Location Oudh differences
reputation poet
compositions Giridhar Kavi Granthavali
type horoscopes
Speciality simplification of language

Giridhar Kaviray Birth

There are differences in relation to the life of Giridhar Kaviraya, according to many great personalities, his birth is considered to be 1717. It is said that he was born in some small place of Awadh. He was a very kind person who loved his surroundings very much. In his compositions, there is a part of the knowledge of life, which gives the knowledge of right and wrong to man. Teaches the difference between good and bad. His caste is called Dachit Bhat, but no facts related to his life are fully proved. Their behavior and conduct can be traced from their compositions.

Biography of Giridhar Kaviray

It is said that they get into a dispute with a carpenter because they did not approve of the misuse of trees, there was a banyan tree in their courtyard, which they loved very much. One day the carpenter made a special cot and presented it to the king. Its specialty was that the wings were fitted in it, a person could fly by sitting on it. The king was very pleased to see this and ordered the carpenter to make many such cots. Then the carpenter said that the wood needed to make it comes from the Bair tree standing in the courtyard of Giridhar of the village and he loves his tree very much. Then the king forcibly cut down Giridhar’s Bair tree and gave it to the carpenter, seeing which Giridhar became so sad that he left his village by saying goodbye forever.

Characteristics of the works of Giridhar Kaviray

Giridhara Kaviraya originally used to write horoscopes, which are characterized by their six lines. Giridhar Kavi used the last part of his second line in a very unique way in the first part of the third line, which made the essence of the horoscope very interesting. Their biggest feature was the simplification of language, which made it clear to the common person by reading it directly. All these horoscopes were written keeping in mind the common citizen, who used to transmit the knowledge of life in front of the listener like a mirror.

Giridhar horoscope couplets and Hindi meaning

Horoscope – 1

Do not know in which village, where is the name of Boojno.

What is the story of three sakhans, who do not do any work.

Those who do not do any work, do whatever is on their mind.

In the sense of anger, hatred, anger, a straw sheet.

Kaha giridhar kaviraya hoi jin sang mili khano.

Ask so that you know what the caste is but the total.

In other words :- Giridhar Kaviraj says that why do you ask about the place from which you have nothing to do, why do you even talk about such people with whom you have no relation. There is enmity between those who talk about those with whom we have nothing to do. Take care of those with whom we have any work.

Horoscope – 2

There are many virtues in sticks. Always keep your company with you.

Deep river, where the drain is, there is a rescue organ.

Where is the rescue organ, where does the swooping dog kill?

Enemy Dawagir Hoy, Tinhoon Ko Jharai. .

Say Giridhar Kaviray, listen, oh far away people.

All weapons were cut, their hands were expensive with sticks.

In other words :- Kaviraj Girdhar says that always keep sticks with you, if a deep river, creek comes in the way, then sticks support, if a dog falls behind, then sticks protect him, if an enemy attacks him, sticks help him. That’s why the poet repeatedly tells everyone to leave all the weapons and keep sticks with them.

Horoscope – 3

Give the past, take care of the future.

Give your mind to the one who comes easily, in Tahi.

Give your mind to tahi, talk joi bani aaai.

No one laughs at the wicked, I can’t eat my heart

Say ‘Giridhar kavirayai yahai karu mind fallati’.

Ahead of happiness, yes it has passed.

In other words :- Kaviraj Giridhar says that let go of what has passed, just think ahead, put your mind in what can happen, if you do what your mind feels like, then it will definitely be successful. And in such a situation, no one will laugh, that’s why poets say, do whatever the mind says, just look ahead, let what went back pass away.

Horoscope – 4

Gunke’s customers are Sahas Nar, Bin Gun Lahai Na Koy.

Like Kaga-nightingale, hear the word all koi.

The word is heard all koi, the nightingale is all pleasant.

One color to the dou, the cork is all afraid of impure.

Say Giridhar Kaviray, Sunau ho Thakur of the mind.

Bin Gun Lahai Na Koy, Sahas Male Gahak Gunke

In other words :- Those who have qualities are asked in a crowd of thousands and those who do not have qualities are not asked. Like everyone hears the voice of both cuckoo and crow, but everyone likes the sound of nightingale. Both look the same, they are of the same color, but the crow seems impure to everyone, that’s why the poet Giridhar says that no one takes the quality without the qualities, there are thousands of customers of the qualities.

Horoscope – 5

Don’t get rich, dreamy pride.

Playful water day, Chariko, don’t stay still.

Don’t worry, you won’t live in the world.

Sweet words are heard, Vinay is like everyone.

Say ‘Giridhar Kaviraya Oh all these things weighed.

Pahun Nisidin Chari, Rahat Sabhi’s Wealth.

In other words :- Don’t work just for the sake of wealth, don’t take any pride in it, it’s like fickle water for four days, it doesn’t stop. Take the name of God while living in this life, speak good speech and love everyone. Poets say that money is only for four days, the behavior remains with everyone else who is the true wealth.

Horoscope – 6

Tell false sweet words, take a loan.

Let the supreme happiness arise, but don’t go to the lamp.

Don’t go, tell the high and low.

The method of loan borrowing, demanding Maran run.

Say Giridhar Kaviray, know you are angry in your mind.

It’s been a long time, where is your paper liar?

In other words :- The person who is a liar always speaks sweet words, borrows from you, feels great happiness on taking it, but he does not take the name of giving. He always calls a good person bad. Living by borrowing is his policy, which he follows till his death, keep this in your mind that when you go to borrow after many days, he will say on his face that you have not borrowed, your proof is a lie.

His character can be understood only from the compositions of Giridhar Kaviraya, the experience of life with love is very clear in his horoscopes. Due to the simplicity of the language, the public has benefited a lot from it.


Q: Who was Giridhar Kaviray?

Ans: He was a very famous poet of Hindi.

Q: When was Giridhar Kaviraya born?

Ans: In the year 1717

Q: Which horoscopes of Giridhar Kaviray are very popular among the public?

Ans: One of his most popular horoscopes is the Kundli named Lathi Mein Bahut Hai.

Q: Where was Giridhar Kaviraya born?

Ans: In Awadh

Q: What was the original name of Giridhar Kaviray?

Ans: Giridhar Kaviray Bhat

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