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Free Disney Plus Hotstar Premium Account Tricks 2021 [100% Working]

by Sudhir kumar
Free Disney Plus Hotstar Premium Account Tricks 2020 [100% Working]

Free Disney Plus Hotstar Premium Account Tricks 2020 [100% Working]: As everyone knows that free service doesn’t have much features, people will be using hotstar free version and they won’t be able to access some premium channels for free and they won’t be able to get premium services. But, dont worry we are here share you some method to access premium account of Disney + Hotstar.We will provide you some tips and tricks by which you can get a Disney + Hotstar premium account for free.

All you want is one Hotstar premium Account. 

Before we Go forward, Let’s look for the Hotstar Premium Pricing

Hotstar + Disney Premium Plan Price

Disney Plus recently collaborated with Hotstar to provide users more Entertaing content. That means you could bw able to see Disney plus shows on Hotstar app.

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Disney + Hotstar VIP

This plan is not available monthly, You only have one option to get Hotstar VIP with Disney by paying 399 Rupees and Enjoy for 12 months

Annual 12 months Price – 399

You will watch;

  • Disney+ movies (dubbed)
  • Kids Shows
  • New Indian Movies
  • Hotstar Specials
  • Unlimited live sports

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Disney + Hostar Premium

You can Purchase this plan either monthly or annually

  • Monthly Price – 299 Rs.
  • Yearly Price – 1499 Rs.

This is the cream plan available on Hotstar having no restrictions, Adfree Entertainment, All Hotstar VIP content and other things like;

  • Disney+ originals
  • Disney movies in English
  • American Shows and MoviesDubbed Movies

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Benefits in Hotstar Free Account

If you are not able to access the Hotstar Premium Account then still anyone having a free account on hotstar can watch some web series, live channels, movies & TV Shows for free, They may be 1 or 2 months old.

To enjoy free account benefits, Signup to Hotstar for free

How to get Disney + Hotstar premium Account for Free

Use an Alternative Username and Password

There are a lot of websites which can provide you with an alternative username and password not just for Hotstar but also for Netflix and other services which you want to get access to. 

The most famous website which provided users with unlimited alternative account to get access to the premium version of the services is Bugmenot.com

Just visit Bugmenot.com

Type in the Domain Url in this case Hotstar.com 

And it will show you a list of username and passwords which you can copy and paste directly. 

More websites which provide this type of services are. 



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Use cookies to access Hotstar Premium

Cookies are codes which help your compouter to extract data from the server and also to transfer imformation from your system to the server. By using cracked cookies we can manage to trick the server and get access to the premium account. It is very simple .

Just Download this Chrome extension.Edit this Cookie

Now what you want are the cookies which you will be editing. Get your cookies from the links given below. You can try with a different link if it dosesn’t work. 

Cookies:-   https://linksad.xyz/aiXsv

Use a Virtual Card

You can get a virtual card to get a free trial for a month or two on hotstar premium in which you can watch your favourite English Tv-series without any interruption. You just need to make an account with online services which provide Virtual debit or credit card and enter that information in your hotstar account.

After your trial period is over what you can do is you can create a new account with some other service to get a new virtual card and use Hotstar premium for free. 

Kotak 811 account is the best way to obtain a virtual debit or credit card and your account is activated within minutes.

How to view Hotstar Premium Services for free for Jio users

If you are a Jio user, you won’t have to make a way. Because you can find the service of Hotstar Premium for free in jio app itself. Follow the steps below to get it for free.

  1. First, you have to download the Jio tv app from our website or download it from the Play Store.
  2. Now you have to search for a channel in the Geo TV app, which can be named StarPlus or a star channel.
  3. Now you have to install another application. Download the Hotstar app from the Google Play store or from our website.
  4. Install these two applications on your under-day.
  5. then, you’ll be comfortable re-directing on Hotstar, where you’ll be able to stream star channels and back in one click.
  6. Now you can enjoy some features of premium for free on Hotstar in this way.
  7. we will hope to access some features of Hotstar Premium with the help of each other application. So follow the steps below to get them.

Get Hotstar Premium Account for free in Airtel or Vodafone network

Disney Plus Hotstar Premium Account: We are going to tell you below, free Airtel or Vodafone will be able to get hotstar premium facilities for free. You just have to follow the steps we mentioned.

Hotstar Premium Account Email & Password
  1. Now you will also be able to use Hotstar Premium features for free airtel and Vodafone users on your Android device.
  2. For this you need to recharge the unlimited plan in your Airtel or Vodafone
  3. We download you Airtel TV or Vodafone Play from google play store.
  4. Now you have to open Airtel TV and click on the premium button. Click on what is at the middle site.
  5. Now you have to search for any star channel.
  6. When you search for any star channel in this Airtel TV or Vodafone TV, you are redirected to the Hotstar app.
  7. Now you can see any other material for up to 1 year in your hotstar app in this way for up to a year.

Flipkart Plus Get Hotstar Premium Account For Free with 50 Points


Now you have to open the Flipcard app and start at rs 299 above. To buy any one product from. As soon as you buy, you will get 1 plus point and it can get up to Rs 10 per order depending on the price of the order.

  1. Once you’ve made 50 Flipkart Plus Points, you can redeem the points you’ve got for hotstar premium subscriptions for 1 year.
  2. So you need to get flipkart plus offers to make points.
  3. This is how you can access the Hotstar Premium account for free and enjoy some features.

Hotstar Premium Free For Jio Users

Disney Plus Hotstar Premium Account: If you have a Jio SIM, Then you can get some Hotstar content for free through JioTv app.

First of all, Download Jio Tv app Jio TV

Now Search for a term like Hotstar, Hotstar cricket, Star plus or more Hotstar content that you would like to watch.

Once you click on a channel or show, You will be automatically redirected to Hotstar app Interface.

Most famous shows like Kumkum bhagya, Tarak mehta ka ulta chasma, Kundali bhagya etc are available at Jio Tv with more than 13 languages.

Free Hotstar Premium for Airtel SIM

Disney Plus Hotstar Premium Account: Airtel users having Unlimited Plan Activated can easily watch Hotstar + Disney premium for free using Airtel Xstream app.


But Most of the time I was not able to find my favorite shows that are exclusively available only on Hotstar Premium.


So Guys these are the most common and easy methods to get Hotstar premium at very low cost or even free. All the information here is for information purpose. We doesn’t host any cookie or mod app.

I also suggest you to go for legal ways and if you are able to purchase premium plan, you should buy it.

I will add other working methods for you.

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