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Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed Biography | Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed biography in hindi


Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed biography in hindi

Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed was a highly successful political leader who left a lasting impression on the political scene of India. Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed has been a leader for a long time, he also played a major role in the politics of the country. His main objective of becoming the President was to serve the country. Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed taught the tricks of politics by staying with leaders like Mahatma Gandhi and Jawaharlal Nehru. Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed was the fifth President of India.

Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed Biography Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed biography in hindi

Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed

fakhruddin Ahmed Birth, Family and Education –

life introduction point Fakhruddin Ahmed Biography
Full Name Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed
Birth 13 May 1905
birth place Old Delhi, India
Father Zalnur Ali Ahmed
Wife Begum Abida Ahmed
Children 3
political party Indian National Congress
death 11 February 1977 Delhi

Fakhruddin Ahmed was born on May 13, 1905 in Hauz Qazi area of ​​Delhi. His father’s name was Zalnur Ali Ahmed. He was an army doctor in Assam. His grandfather’s name was Khaliluddin Ahmed, who was Qazi of Kacharihat near Golaghat city. Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed belonged to a well-known and prosperous Muslim household. His family was non-conservative, secular and had a sense of patriotism. Fakhruddin Ahmed’s mother was the daughter of the Nawab of Lahore.

Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed’s early education started in Government High School in Gonda district of Uttar Pradesh. When he was in the seventh standard, his father was transferred to Delhi. In 1918 he came to Delhi. He passed the matriculation examination in 1921 from a government school in Delhi. For further studies, he enrolled in the famous St. Stephen’s College in Delhi. After that he left India for higher education and went to England. Where he enrolled in 1923 at St. Catherine’s College under the University of Cambridge. In 1927, he completed his law education and became a barrister. Completed the education of law in 1928. After that in 1928, he returned to India and started practicing in the Lahore High Court.

fakhruddin Ali Ahmed Political Journey (Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed) political career)

Fakhruddin Ahmed in England in 1925 Jawaharlal Nehru When he met, he was very impressed with his ideas, since then he had decided to join the politics of India. Fakhruddin used to consider Ahmed Nehru as his mentor, the friendship between them was also good. Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed’s political journey began after coming back to India in 1928, when he became a member of the Indian National Congress. In a short time he was Nehruji, Subhash Chandra Bose Even more became close to Congress leaders. With this, he jumped into the fight for freedom. In 1935, Fakhruddin Ahmed was appointed as the head of the Assam Pradesh Congress Committee. After this, in 1937, he was elected from the Muslim seat in the Assam Legislative Assembly and also became the Minister of Finance and Revenue. He was given big responsibilities of the state of Assam. Many times he also had to endure prison torture. in 1940 Mahatma Gandhi He took part in the Satyagraha movement with him, for which he was also imprisoned. In 1942, he also participated in the Quit India Movement, after which he was again imprisoned.

Fakhruddin after independence Ahmed Political journey of

After independence, in 1952, Fakhruddin Ahmed became a member of the Rajya Sabha, with which he took over as the Advocate General of Assam, a post he held for some time. In 1957, he led the Indian delegation to the UNO, along with Nehru asked him to join the cabinet. He again became a member of the Assam Legislative Assembly in 1962, during which time he handled the Finance, Law and Panchayat portfolios. From 1964 to 1974, he was on the Congress Working Committee and the Central Parliamentary Board. Prime Minister in January 1966 Indira Gandhi He was included in his cabinet and he was given the charge of Irrigation, Education, Industrial Development, Agriculture and Energy. After that from Assam Rajya Sabha Got the seat and he reached the Parliament. He also served as Education Minister from 14 November 1966 to 12 March 1967. Fakhruddin Ahmed from Barpeta constituency in 1971 Lok Sabha Got the seat and he was appointed as the food minister. He held this position until 1974.

President Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed (President Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed) –

After the split of the Congress in 1969, Fakhruddin Ahmed decided to stay in the party with Indira Gandhi because of his deep association with Nehru and his family. After this, Indira ji announced the name of Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed for the post of President in 1974. On August 25, 1974, Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed was elevated to the post of President. They Dr. Zakir Hussain He was the second Muslim President after him. He was a person with a serious and exemplary personality. He belonged to an affluent family, which was clearly visible in his personality. Fakhruddin Ali was at the fore against exploitation. During the Emergency in 1975, Fakhruddin Ahmed’s opponents claimed that he had signed at the behest of Prime Minister Indira Gandhi.

Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed death

On 11 February 1977, Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed died in his office due to a heart attack. The fourth President of India, Dr. Zakir Hussain and Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed were close friends. It is a coincidence that both were presidents and both died due to heart attack in Rashtrapati Bhavan.

Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed Honor

A postage stamp was issued by the Government of India in the memory of Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed. He never felt it right to give importance to any one language, according to him, it is wrong for the government to give importance to any one language. He said, the public should take this decision, which language they want to speak. It is not right to impose languages ​​forcibly. Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed will always be remembered for his secular policy.

all of independent India List of President and his details Read to know.


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