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Essay on Lockdown, Advantages and Disadvantages Lockdown Advantages and Disadvantages in hindi


Essay on Advantages and Disadvantages of Lockdown (Benefits, Benefits to the Environment)

Lockdown is such a situation that I saw for the first time in my life so far, perhaps even in the time of our grandfather and maternal grandfather, such a situation would not have happened which this generation of ours has seen today. The lockdown brought us a lot of troubles and brought many benefits too. Now everyone has their own personal experience as to how they view the lockdown. But today we want to share with you some of our experiences in which we will tell you about the advantages and disadvantages of lockdown and will also tell which lesson of our life we ​​took from this lockdown. So let’s start without delay, advantages and disadvantages of lockdown and the lesson to be learned from it…..

lockdown in hindi

What is a lockdown – Know what happens during the lockdown, when such a situation was created earlier.

What are the benefits of lockdown?

During the lockdown, we have also understood its many benefits, due to which everyone has felt it. Let us talk about it in detail.

environmental benefits of lockdown

If we think about it, we think more about our loss because no one has enough time to take care of the environment in today’s time. But to tell the truth, the situation of this lock down has made such a positive impact on our environment that after seeing them, we have been able to understand the importance of the real environment.

  • During the lockdown, when everyone was in their homes, such species of animals were seen on the road from the forests which are not easily seen in any zoo.
  • When people stopped going out of the house, there was such a drop of pollution in the air that after seeing that people understood and realized the importance of clean air.
  • Apart from this, whatever river drains used to be very dirty, they became so much clean and clear that the fish floating in them were clearly visible, the biggest example of which is the Ganges river flowing in Haridwar.
  • According to a recent news, it was told that the depletion of the ozone layer, which had been done earlier, is slowly being replenished.
  • If seen, only one thing comes out from all these things that today man has made his nature so dirty that he may not have any idea of ​​what cleanliness is, but nature has also helped him with this lockdown. All the circumstances were finally compensated by the human being.

Other benefits of lockdown –

Helping people understand the importance of time spent with their families when they are locked in their homes during the lockdown. Let’s see some of its benefits

  • people learned to live with family members
  • The old games, which started spending the old days with each other, again made their place among the people.
  • At home, everyone started having dinner together and preparing different types of dishes.
  • The lockdown also allowed people to work at home so that they could spend time with their families and concentrate on their work.

Business Idea After Lockdown – Know which business you can start and earn good money after the lockdown is over.

lockdown Of Harm

The situation of lock down has not only improved the lives of people but also spoiled them to a great extent. Some of the main examples of which are given below.

  • Schools, colleges and offices were all closed due to the lock down, due to which people sitting at home made mobile, TV as their support to pass the time and throughout the day, children, old and old, started spending their days in this only. .
  • Due to the lock down, there was a huge loss to the economy of India because the way the economy was running smoothly, all those works were stopped due to the lock down.
  • International trade also suffered a huge loss due to the lock down.
  • The biggest loss was to the students who made the future of the country because their whole year was wasted because neither they could go to school nor college.
  • This lockdown also forced the migrant laborers working in other states to starve.
  • There were many people whose sources of income had completely stopped because they were very poor as well as those who used to do daily earning and food work, in such a situation all their sources of income were closed, due to which The roof was also snatched from his head and there was no grain to eat.
  • Due to the sudden lockdown situation, many people were stuck away from their homes in other countries and also in other states.

The situation of lock down had never come before and may never come in the coming times. In this situation, not only our country but many countries of the world have suffered a lot. Although nature has also received many of its benefits and people have also received its benefits to a great extent.

What was the lesson learned in the situation of lockdown –

  • If we talk from personal experience, then the biggest thing that this lockdown has explained is that it is better not to play with nature and it is very important to understand the importance of time.
  • The way the country and the world was closed during the lockdown, it shows that no matter how far science reaches, it is behind the creator of the universe. Only he can do the work of locking everyone at home in a moment.
  • In such a situation, it is known that there is nothing above life, money, house, car, jewelry are all sham. The billionaire man was also sitting at home at the time of lockdown in the same way as a poor person.
  • During the lockdown, when the work was stopped, then we also understood its importance. Everyone likes vacation, but when they got a long vacation, everyone got bored with it and wanted to return to work as soon as possible. Therefore, we learn from this that we should always value our work.

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We got to learn many things of life during the lockdown, it has been such a tough time, which the whole world has faced together. God forbid such a situation should ever happen again. The havoc of Corona is still raging in the country, so you should follow the whole process keeping in mind your safety, even though the lockdown has opened, but Corona is still not gone, we should not forget that.


Q: Which companies have benefited the most in the lockdown?

Ans: Mobile network and internet provider company

Q: How has nature benefited in the lockdown?

Ans: Everyone was locked in the house, no vehicle or factory was running, due to which the air pollution was greatly reduced.

Q: What has happened to the country due to the lockdown?

Ans: Poverty has increased

Q: Whose business is stalled the most after the lockdown?

Ans: Textile Trader

Q: How did the children suffer in the lockdown?

Ans: Along with studies, he has also suffered physically, because he was not able to play outside the house, the eyes have suffered a lot due to running mobile TV throughout the day.

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