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Essay on Computer | What is computer


In the modern era, computers have become such an instrument that everyone is using it today. Today, people are using computers at home. There is such a gift of computer science that has always been doing welfare of people and is doing it even further.

Every day new innovations are happening due to computers and the world is moving towards progress. So today it is important for everyone to have knowledge about computers. “Essay on the computer”Is the most favorite topic of teachers. That is why essays are given on this topic repeatedly in the exam.

Everyone, from young children to older children, write on this topic. So you can understand how important this topic is. In our article today, we will try to give complete information on the topic of “Computer essay”.

Essay on computer (500 words)


Computer invention After this, there has been so much change in the lives of people that today people cannot even imagine their lives without computers. The biggest work can be done in a pinch using a computer. Computers are the major reason behind the development of developed countries in technology like America, Japan.

If computers were not there, companies like Google Facebook would never have been formed. It is the wonder of computers that today technology has developed so much that people are now thinking about going to their colony in Mars.

what is Computer?

computer It is an electronic device that after receiving the data and information given by the user, processes it according to the instructions given by the user and after processing it reaches the user the result. This is a tool that can be used to do the biggest work in a short time.

Computer access

Different people use computers for different tasks. In the field of education, computers are used to teach computers to children and to tell children about new things. At the same time, in the field of science and technology, computers are used to make new discoveries.

In homes, computers are used for booking tickets, for filling electricity bills, for making projects etc.

Importance of computer

Computers are being used in every field today. In the field of technology, computers are being used. Simultaneously, computers are being used in the field of education and in other work places as well.

Computers are also used to store and manage large and complex data. Internet is the biggest gift of computer. Which is used in every small and big work today.

Computer work

The main function of the computer is to store the information given by the user and then process the data according to the instructions and convey the result to the user. Computers are used to perform complex tasks in less time and less hard work.

This is the reason that in most offices their work is done by computer. Apart from this chatting can be done from computer. New software can be created using the computer.

Computer essay(800 words)


In modern technology, computer is one such technology, which is being used in every field today. The biggest work can be done in a short period of time using a computer. People can save their hard work to a great extent by using computers.

Information like that can be obtained in a few seconds by using the Internet in a computer. Previously the ability of the computer to work was a bit limited but the modern computer has very high working capacity.

Meaning of computer

. The word is derived from the word compute in the Latin language. Computer invention Charles Babbage And at that time computers were created to solve large and complex problems. That is why computer was named from the word compute to computer.

Advantages and disadvantages of computers

Although a computer is a simple electronic machine, but due to its usefulness, it can not be considered less than a boon. There are many benefits of a computer, where it has so many benefits, there are some disadvantages as well.

benefits of computer

  • A computer can do the biggest tasks faster in no time.
  • Information stored in the computer is stored in it. Which can also be used in the future.
  • You can easily send an email or message to a person using a computer. Not only the message, now you can make a video call with anyone using the computer.
  • Computers are also used in the field of banking. Due to the advent of online banking, nowadays all the work is done easily by computer and mobile.
  • Small tasks such as booking tickets, making projects, filling bills etc. can be done easily from home using computer.

Computer losses

There are many benefits of computer, while computer also has many disadvantages. Computer losses

  • Computer makes people’s work easier due to which nowadays people have become completely dependent on computer. Excessive use of computers can be harmful to health.
  • Many times these people get upset due to looking at the computer screen for a long time.
  • Due to computer technology has increased so much that robots are working in place of Sanu in big manufacturing companies, which is increasing unemployment.
  • People leave all their information in the computer and hackers misuse it to get those information.

What did you learn today?

Friends, in this article we have given you Essay on computer Every important information on the subject is provided. In this essay, we have tried to give more and more information related to computer. How did you like this post, tell it by commenting below.

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