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Emperor Ashoka Biography (Biography), History | Story

Samrat Ashok Life Introduction In Hindi

Biography, biography, birth anniversary of Emperor Ashoka, Girlfriend, Spouse (Samrat Ashok History) (Biography, Story, Jayanti 2021)

Ashoka Maurya, the third kingdom of the Maurya dynasty, the oldest dynasty of ancient times, was one of the most famous and most powerful kings. Emperor Maurya ruled from 269 to 232 BC. This king of the Maurya dynasty was the only king who ruled the united India. This king, who laid the foundation of the Maurya dynasty in India, had expanded the kingdom from the Hindukush to the Godavari river in the north of India, along with his kingdom extended from Bangladesh to the west to Afghanistan and Iran. Emperor Ashoka was a great king as well as religiously tolerant. He was a follower of Buddhism.

Samrat Ashok History

Biography of Emperor Ashoka

Name Emperor Ashoka
place of birth 304 BC Pataliputra
reign time 269 ​​BC to 232 BC
identification as the great king
wife’s name Devi, Karuvaki, Padmavati, Tishirakshita
father and mother Bindusara and Shubhadrangi
death 232 E PU

Birth and Birth Place of Chakravarti Emperor Ashoka

Chakravarti Emperor Ashoka was born in 304 BC at Pataliputra in present Bihar. He was known as the son of Emperor Bindusara and the third king of the Maurya dynasty. Like Chandragupta Maurya, his grandson was also very powerful. After taking birth at a place called Pataliputra, he spread his kingdom in the whole of Akhand Bharatvarsh and ruled the whole of India.

Emperor Ashoka’s Family

Emperor Ashoka was a descendant of Chandragupta Maurya. Emperor Ashoka had a son Bindusara and the emperor was the son of the same Bindusara, who was the third king of the Maurya dynasty and a great ruler. Emperor Ashoka’s mother’s name was Shubhadrangi.

Emperor Ashoka Wife

Emperor Ashoka had 4 wives in their names Goddess, Karuvaki, Padmavati, Tishirakshita Were.

Emperor Ashoka’s son

Emperor Ashoka had 4 sons. Mahendra, Sanghamitra, Teeval, Kanal, And had a daughter, Charumati.

Education of Emperor Ashoka

Emperor Ashoka was a great ruler from birth, along with that he was also a knowledgeable and great powerful ruler. The great emperor Ashoka was a great knower of economics and mathematics. Emperor Ashoka also established many schools and colleges for the promotion of education. Emperor Ashoka had established a Ujjain study center in Bihar in 284 BC. Not only this, apart from all this, he had also established many educational institutions. The emperor himself had also done many great things in the field of education, due to which he is known as a great ruler.

Emperor Ashoka’s Empire

Talking about the expansion of Emperor Ashoka’s empire, then Emperor Ashoka’s empire was spread in monolithic India. From north to south, only Emperor Ashoka ruled. Ashoka’s kingdom extended from the ranges of the Hindukush in the north to the south and from Bangladesh in the east to Iraq and Afghanistan in the west. Emperor Ashoka’s kingdom extended to present-day India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Myanmar and Iraq. At that time India was very spread. Today’s Pakistan, Afghanistan, Myanmar, Nepal and Bhutan were part of India at that time.

Emperor Ashoka’s War of Kalinga

Emperor Ashoka had attacked Kalinga in the 7th year of his coronation, in which there was a lot of bloodshed. According to the thirteenth inscription of Emperor Ashoka, it has been told that in this war about 1 lakh people died from both sides and many people were also injured in it. Emperor Ashoka was very sad to see this massacre with his own eyes. Saddened by this war, Emperor Ashoka started doing social and religious propaganda in his kingdom. After this incident, Emperor Ashoka’s mind was filled with compassion for human beings and creatures. After this incident, Emperor Ashoka took a vow not to fight and people preached peace.

Emperor Ashoka Buddhism

After the incident of the war of Kalinga, Emperor Ashoka adopted Buddhism and became a follower of this religion, propagated this religion in his kingdom and gave a message to the people to have compassion for living beings and humans.

Emperor Ashoka construction work

Emperor Ashoka’s rule was almost all over the then India and Emperor Ashoka Maurya was also a follower of Jainism like his grandfather Chandragupta Maurya, he built many buildings, stupas, monasteries and pillars during his lifetime. The monasteries and stupas built by Emperor Ashoka are found in Bairath, Rajasthan, along with the Sanchi Stupa is also very famous and it was also built by Emperor Ashoka.

Inscriptions of Emperor Ashoka Maurya

Emperor Ashok Maurya, the great ruler of India, had done many construction works in his life. Emperor Ashoka also inscribed many inscriptions in his life, which are known in history as the inscriptions of Emperor Ashoka. The complete information about the Maurya dynasty is found in the inscriptions of these Maurya dynasty established by him. Emperor Ashoka had these inscriptions engraved with the inspiration of the Iranian ruler. About 40 inscriptions of Emperor Ashoka’s lifetime have been found by historians, out of which some inscriptions have been found outside India like Afghanistan, Nepal, present day Bangladesh and Pakistan etc. The following are the inscriptions and their names of Emperor Ashoka present in India –

inscription place
Roopnath Jabalpur District, Madhya Pradesh
Bairat In Jaipur district of Rajasthan, this stone plaque is also in the Calcutta Museum.
musky Raichur District, Karnataka
yerragudi Kurnool District, Andhra Pradesh
Jaugarh Ganjam District, Orissa
Dhauli Puri District, Orissa
Gujra Datia District, Madhya Pradesh
Rajulmandagiri Ballari District, Karnataka
gadhimath Raichur District, Karnataka
Brahmagiri Chitradurga District, Karnataka
palkigundu Near Gavimat, Raichur, Karnataka
sahasram Shahabad District, Bihar
Sidhpur Chitradurga District, Karnataka
Jatinga Rameshwar Chitradurga District, Karnataka
yerragudi Kurnool District, Andhra Pradesh
ahraura Mirzapur District, Uttar Pradesh
Delhi Amar Colony, Delhi

Emperor Ashoka Religious Introduction

Emperor Ashoka himself was a great religious tolerant ruler. Emperor Ashoka was a follower of Buddhism. Emperor Ashoka was totally against animal killing. Emperor Ashoka always gave the knowledge of live and let live to the people. Emperor Ashoka had also sent his emissaries, ie preachers, to Sri Lanka, Nepal, Syria, Afghanistan etc. for the promotion of Buddhism. Emperor Ashoka also sent his son and daughter on a visit to these countries, so that he could spread Buddhism in these countries and make people religious. His eldest son Mahendra got the most success in propagating Buddhism. He forced King Tsis of Sri Lanka to adopt Buddhism, after which King Tissa converted Buddhism to the state religion. Inspired by Ashoka, Tissa gave himself the title of ‘Devanampriya’.

Emperor Ashoka death

It is believed that the last time of Emperor Ashoka’s life Patna, Patna I had just passed. He died after 40 years of rule. Emperor Ashoka did many great works during his lifetime and he is known for those great works.

Samrat Ashok Movie and Serial

Today everyone is familiar with the life of Emperor Ashoka. There was a movie in the year 1992 to tell about the life of Emperor Ashoka. Emperor Ashoka was promoted under the name of This movie was directed by NT Rama Rao. Apart from this, a serial based on the life of Emperor Ashoka also comes on TV, this TV serial is run by Colors channel and the name of this channel is Chakravarti Emperor Ashoka Yes, currently this serial is not in trend, the last show of this serial came on 7 October 2016.

Emperor Ashoka was the third ruler of the Maurya dynasty. The reign of Emperor Ashoka is considered to be between 304 BC to 232 BC. Emperor Ashoka was born in Pataliputra, which is presently in Patna. Emperor Ashoka fought only one war in his lifetime, which is known in history as the “Kalinga War”. Hope you liked this article.


Q: Who was Emperor Ashoka?

Ans: Emperor Ashoka was the main ruler of India who belonged to the Maurya dynasty.

Q: Emperor Ashoka was a follower of which religion?

Ans: Emperor Ashoka was a follower of Buddhism.

Q: How many wars did Emperor Ashoka fight in his life?

Ans: Emperor Ashoka had fought only one war in his life.

Q: How far did Emperor Ashoka’s kingdom extend?

Ans: Emperor Ashoka’s empire extended from North India to West Afghanistan.

Q: Where did Emperor Ashoka take his last breath?

Ans: It is believed that Emperor Ashoka took his last breath in Pataliputra.


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