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Dr. Sampurnanand Jivan Parichay (Biography of Dr. Sampurnanand) –

Dr. Sampurnanand Jivan Parichay

Dr. Sampurnanand Jivan Parichay/ Dr. Sampurnanand biography in Hindi

Dr. Sampurnanand was a famous educationist, skilled politician, and penetrating litterateur. their birth 1 January 1891 AD was born in Kashi in a Kayastha family.

Brief Introduction

Full Name: Sampoornanand
Birth: January 1, 1891 AD.
birth place: Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, India
Death: January 10, 1969 AD.
Death Place: Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, India
Occupation: Teacher, writer, litterateur, freedom fighter, politician
the nationality: Indian
notable works: Second Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, special contribution in the establishment of Sampurnanand Sanskrit University, contribution in the construction of many observatories in the country, pension scheme for the elderly etc.

Early life and education

Dr. Sampurnanand’s early education took place in Banaras itself and after passing the B.Sc examination from Queen’s College Varanasi, he moved to Training College, Allahabad. L. T. did. He entered the field of life as a teacher and first became a teacher in Prem Mahavidyalaya Vrindavan. After a few days, he was appointed as the headmaster of Dungar College, Bikaner. In 1921, inspired by the national movement of Mahatma Gandhi, he returned to Kashi and started working in Gyan Mandal. During these days he edited Maryada (Hindi monthly magazine) and Today English daily. Sampurnanand Jivan Parichay

Youth and participation in the national freedom struggle

Dr. Sampoornanand actively participated in the national freedom struggle as a freedom fighter. For the first time in 1936 AD, he was elected a member of the Legislative Assembly on a Congress ticket. In 1937, when the Congress cabinet was formed, he was appointed as the Education Minister of Uttar Pradesh. While serving as the Minister of Education, he devoted himself to fulfilling his dream of astronomy and at the same time he planned to set up an astronomical observatory at the Government Sanskrit College (now known as Sampurnanand Sanskrit Vishwavidyalaya).

In 1954, he became the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh. In 1960, he resigned from the post of Chief Minister and in 1962 he was appointed as the Governor of Rajasthan. During the post of Governor in Rajasthan, he promoted the idea of ​​”Sangner’s jail without bars”. Which means, an open prison for criminals, in which criminals can stay with their families and go out to pay electricity and water bills. He was always against harsh punishments for criminals. His statement to the criminals was that the criminals should be punished not in the form of retribution, but in the form of renewal. During his time, Shri Sampurnanand Khula Bandi Shivir was started by the Government of Rajasthan in 1963. In 1967, when he was relieved from the post of Governor, he returned to Kashi and remained the Vice-Chancellor of Kashi Vidyapeeth till his death. For the first time in the country, he started giving government grants to artists and litterateurs. He also started old age pension. Dr. Sampurnanand was honored with the honorary title of “Doctor” by many universities of the country. He had also received the highest title of Hindi Sahitya Sammelan “Sahitya Vachaspati” and he had also received the highest award of Hindi literature “Mangalaprasad Award”. He died on 10 January 1969 in Varanasi.

Contribution of Dr. Sampoornanand in Hindi literature

Dr. Sampoornanand was a wonderful scholar. They had equal rights over all three languages, Hindi, Sanskrit and English. He was also well versed in Urdu and Persian. His favorite subjects were science, philosophy and yoga. He had also studied history, politics and astrology well. Despite being entangled in political work, his study order remained the same. In 1940, he was elected the President of the All India Hindi Sahitya Sammelan. The Hindi Sahitya Sammelan had awarded him Mangala Prasad for his work called Samajwad. He also received the highest title of the conference, Sahitya Vachaspati. He was also the president and patron of Kashi Nagari Pracharini Sabha. As the Education Minister and Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, he did many useful works for the advancement of education, art and literature. Dr. Sampurnanand Jivan Parichay

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Varanasi Sanskrit Vidyalaya is his gift and it has been named after him as Dr. Sampoornanand Sanskrit Vishwavidyalaya.

Famous works of Dr. Sampoornanand

Following are the famous works of Dr. Sampoornanand:

  1. Socialism
  2. Aryan country
  3. chidvilas
  4. Ganesha
  5. life and philosophy
  6. international legislation
  7. male hymn
  8. Vratya Kand
  9. saptarshi circle from earth
  10. Indian Creation Order Ideas
  11. Evolution of Hindu God Family
  12. Vedartha Praveshika
  13. Chinese Revolution
  14. The Power of Language and Other Essays
  15. space travel
  16. spurious thoughts
  17. brahmin beware
  18. jyotirvinod
  19. unfinished revolution
  20. Indigenous states of India etc.

Apart from these texts, he has also written biographies of modern great men like Mahatma Gandhi Deshbandhu Chittaranjan Das, famous persons of Emperor Ashoka, Emperor Harshvardhan Mahadji Scindia, Chet Singh Adityanath, and many other important essays. Dr. Sampurnanand Jivan Parichay

Dr. Sampoornanand’s language style

Dr. Sampoornanand’s language is strong, vibrant literary mature and Pranjal. Similar words of Sanskrit have been used in their language. In the discussion of serious subjects, the language becomes serious according to the subject. Proverbs and idioms are not often used. The words have been chosen according to the feelings and thoughts. There is fluency and grace everywhere in the language.

Dr. Sampoornanand’s style is pure, refined and literary. He has discussed the subjects in a logical manner. From the point of view of rendering of the subject, three forms of his style are visible:

reflective style

Under this style, his independent and original ideas have been expressed. The language is subject-oriented and fluent. The law of the sentences is short, but the flow and energy are present everywhere.

explanatory style

He has used this style for rendering philosophical subjects. In this style, the language is simple and restrained and an attempt has been made to explain the topic more clearly through the use of examples.

vigorous style

He has written original essays in this style. It is dominated by Oz. The formation of sentences is beautiful and the language is practical. Dr. Sampurnanand Jivan Parichay


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