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Dohe of Kabir Das with Hindi meaning, biography and birth anniversary. Kabir ke Dohe and Poem Jayanti in hindi


Kabir Das Ke Dohe with Hindi Meaning, Life Introduction and Jayanti (Kabir ke Dohe and Poem Jayanti in Hindi)

The meaning of the word Kabir is great according to Islam. He was a very big spiritual person who started living the life of a monk, due to his influential personality, he got fame all over the world. Kabir always believed in the karma of life, he never differentiated between Allah and Ram. He always mentioned in his sermons that these two are two different names of the same God. He exhorted the people to follow a religion of brotherhood, rejecting upper caste and lower caste or any religion. Kabir Das has started the Bhakti movement through his writings. There is a religious community called Kabir Panth, who are followers of Kabir, they believe that they have created the Sant Kabir Sampradaya. The people of this sect are called Kabir Panthi which are spread all over the country.

Kabir das ke dohe

Kabir Das Life introduction

SN Point Kabirdas Introduction
1 Birth 1440 Varanasi
2 death 1518 Maghar
3 fame poet, saint
4 Religion Islam
5 Composition Kabir Granthawali, Anurag Sagar, Sakhi Granth, Bijak

Kabir Das Ke Dohe with Hindi Meaning (Kabir Ke Dohe Meaning in Hindi)

I went to see the bad, not bad millia koi,

The heart that you searched for, no one is worse than me,

Meaning : When I searched for evil in this world, then I did not find any bad, when I thought of myself, I did not find a greater evil. A person who sees good and bad in others does not always know himself. The one who finds evil in others is in fact the greatest evil.

Pothi Padhi Padhi Jag Mua, Pandit Bhaya Na Koy,

Two and a half hours of love, read so be a pandit.

Meaning : Not everyone becomes a scholar even after attaining high knowledge. Even after having the knowledge of alphabet, if he does not know its importance, one who is unable to apply the compassion of knowledge in life, then he is ignorant, but the one who has come to know the knowledge of love, who has adopted the language of love, is a scholar without alphabet knowledge. It happens.

Slowly I refuse, slowly everything is happening,

The gardener waters a hundred pots, but the fruits have come.

Meaning: Kabir Das ji says that whatever you want to do in this world, it happens slowly, that is, after action, the fruit is not available in moments like a gardener does not give water to a plant until a pot of water does not bear fruit in the season. come.

Patience is the basis of life, it is necessary to have patience in every phase of life, be it student life, married life or business life. Kabir has said that even if a gardener pours 100 pitchers of water to a plant, it does not grow in a day and does not give fruit without season. There is a fixed time for everything, to achieve which one must have patience.

Don’t ask caste of a monk, ask for knowledge

Acquire the sword, let the sheath remain lying.

Meaning : The knowledge of any person cannot be gauged from his caste, the gentleness of a gentleman cannot be estimated from his caste, therefore it is useless to ask someone his caste, his knowledge and behavior are priceless. Just like a sword has its own importance but the sheath has no importance, the sheath is just its top cover like caste only a literal name of man.

Speech is priceless, whoever says it, knows

Weigh the scales, then the face will come out.

Meaning : One who knows the importance of speaking does not speak without weighing words. It is said that the arrows left from the command and the words coming out of the mouth never come back, so they should not be used without thinking. Time passes in life but the arrows of words stop life. Therefore it is necessary to have control and sweetness in speech.

Desire erased, Anxiety eradicated,

The one who does not want anything is a king.

Meaning : Kabir has written a very useful and understandable thing in this couplet that the person who wants to get in this world, he is worried about getting that thing, he is worried about losing it after getting it, he is restless every moment. He who has something to lose but in this world he is happy who has nothing, he is not afraid to lose, he is not worried about getting it, such a person is the king of this world.

The soil says to the potter, what do you trample on?

One day it will come, I will trample if

Meaning : Kabir Das ji said a very big thing very easily. He has said about the potter and his art that one day the clay tells the potter that you are giving me shape by code, a day will come when you yourself will become formless by joining me, that is, no matter how many rituals you do clay one day. I am similar.

Mala ferat jug bhaiya, phera na ki karna hai,

Give the fear of tax, change the mind of the mind.

Meaning : Kabir Das ji says that people worship God for centuries by taking a rosary in their hands for peace of mind, but still their mind does not calm down, that’s why poet Kabir Das says – O man, by chanting this rosary, seek peace of mind. Instead of looking at your mind for two moments, you will automatically start feeling peace after listening to it.

Never condemn the straw, which is under the feet.

Whenever this gets in eyes, it hurts a lot .

Meaning : Kabir Das says like a straw lying on the earth never causes any trouble to you, but when the same straw flies into the eye, it becomes very painful, that is, do not make the mistake of considering anyone as insignificant or weak in the field of life. I cannot be told who should do what when.

Guru Gobind both stand, Kake Lagoon Paye,

Balihari Guru Apno, Govind Diyo Milay.

Meaning : Kabir Das has described the place of the Guru here, he says that when the Guru and God himself are together, who should be greeted first, that is, which of the two should be given first place? On this Kabir says that the guru who has taught the importance of God, who has united him with God, he is the best because he has told you what God is and he has made you worthy that today you are standing in front of God.

Sumiran everything in happiness, do it in sorrow and no one else,

Whoever mourns in sorrow, why is there sorrow?

Meaning : Kabir Das ji says that when happiness comes in human life, then he does not remember God, but as soon as sorrow comes, he runs and comes at the feet of God, then you yourself tell who will listen to the suffering of such a devotee?

Sai give so much, go to my family,

I too should not be hungry, the monk should not go hungry.

Meaning : Kabir Das says that Lord bless me so that in which my family can live happily and neither should I remain hungry nor even a virtuous person should sleep hungry. Here the poet has placed the desire of the world in the family.

Kabira te man is blind, he says to the guru and,

Hari is Ruthe Guru Thaur, Guru is not Ruthe.

Meaning : Kabir Das ji has told in this couplet what is the importance of Guru in life. They say that human beings are blind, only the guru tells everything, if God gets angry, then the guru is a thread that connects him with God, but if the guru gets angry, then there is no thread to support him.

Maya died neither mind died, dead body died

Hope did not die, Kabir said that Das Kabir

Meaning : Poet Kabir Das says that the desire of man, his opulence means wealth, everything is destroyed, even the body is destroyed, but still the hope and the hope of enjoyment do not die.

What happened when he grew up like a palm tree?

The shadow of the panthi does not bring fruit too far

Meaning : Kabir Das ji has said very precious words that nothing happens because of being big in height because even a palm tree is big, but its shadow cannot give peace to the passer-by for two moments and its fruits are so far away that they can be reached easily. Can’t go. That’s why Kabir Das ji says that there is no use of growing up like this, the one who is big by heart and by deeds is called true nobility.

Speak such a voice, you lose your mind.

Make the woman cool, you should be cool.

Meaning: Kabir Das ji says that one should speak such a language which is very pleasing to the mind of the listener. Such language not only brings happiness to other people, but it also brings great joy to oneself.


Birth, Death of Sant Kabir Das when did it happen

Kabir Das was born in 1440 and died in 1518. There is no information about Kabir Das’s parents, although it is believed that he was born in the community of Hindu religion, but he was brought up by a poor Muslim family. The couple who followed him were named Neeru and Neema, Kabir met them in the small town of Lahartara in Varanasi. These couple were very poor Muslim weavers as well as uneducated, but they had brought up Kabir with great love, he was leading a simple and balanced life with him. It is believed that the family of Sant Kabir is still living in Kabir Chaura of Varanasi.

Teachings of Sant Kabir Das what are

It is believed that the initial education of Sant Kabir Das was given to him by Ramanand, who was his childhood guru. Kabir received spiritual training from him and later he became his famous favorite disciple. In the story of his childhood, it is believed that Ramanand did not want to accept him as his disciple, but one morning when Ramanand was going to take a bath, Kabir was chanting Rama mantra while sitting on the steps of the pond. When Ramanand suddenly saw that Kabir was under his feet, he felt guilty and accepted him as his disciple. Professionally he never attended any classes and studied, but mysteriously he was a very knowledgeable person. He wrote couplets in many formal languages ​​like Vraj, Awadhi and Bhojpuri.

Thoughts of Sant Kabir Das what are

Kabir Das is the first such saint who followed both religions, adopting the universal form for both Hinduism and Islam. According to him there is a spiritual relationship between life and God, and about salvation, he expressed the view that life and God are the process of uniting these two divine principles. Personally Kabir only followed unity in God, but he did not show any belief in idol worship of Hinduism. He showed devotion and faith in Sufi ideas. He gave his philosophical ideas to inspire the people.

Works of Sant Kabir Das what are

Kabir and his followers called their poetry composed orally as the Bawans. The language and style of writing of Kabir Das is simple and beautiful, which is full of meaning and importance. In his writings, there was always a message for the people against social discrimination and economic exploitation. The couplets written by him are very natural, which he wrote from the depths of his heart. He had expressed many inspirational couplets in simple words. A total of 70 compositions have been written by Kabir Das, mostly his collections of couplets and songs. Kabir was devoted to Nirgun Bhakti, Kabir Das has composed many works, out of which some of his famous writings are Bijak, Kabir Granthawali, Anurag Sagar, Sakhi Granth, Sabdas, Vasant, Suknidhan, Mangal, Sakhis and Holy Agni etc.

When is Sant Kabir Das Jayanti

The birth anniversary of Sant Kabir Das is celebrated on the day of Jayanta Purnima according to the Hindu lunar calendar, and in the months of May-June according to the Gregorian calendar. Sant Kabir Das Jayanti is an annual event, which is celebrated in the honor of the famous saint, poet and social reformer Kabir Das. It is celebrated with great enthusiasm not only in India but also abroad. Hindu calendar months names and their importance Read here.

Sant Kabir Das Jayanti way of celebrating what are

On the occasion of Kabir Das Jayanti, the followers of Kabir Panth read the couplets of Kabir on that day and take lessons from his teachings. Organizes and holds satsangs at different places. On this day, especially religious sermons are organized in the Kabir Chauth Math of his birth place Varanasi, as well as the celebration of Kabir Das Jayanti is celebrated in different temples in different parts of the country. In some places, procession is also taken out on the occasion of Kabir Das Jayanti, which starts from a particular place and ends by reaching Kabir Mandir.

Achievement of Sant Kabir Das what are

Kabir Das is praised by the people of every religion, his teachings are still relevant and alive for the new generations. He never believed in any religious discrimination, because of such great acts, he was given the title of saint by his guru Ramanand.

What is the personal life of Sant Kabir Das

Some have sub-explained that Kabir was never married, he always lived an unmarried life, but some scholars have concluded literature claiming that Kabir had married, and his wife’s name was Dhariya. . At the same time, he also claimed that he had a son named Kamal and a daughter named Kamali.

Criticism of Sant Kabir Das why did it happen

Through Kabir, a woman stops the spiritual progress of man, when she comes to the person, then devotion, liberation and divine knowledge are not absorbed in that person’s soul, she destroys everything. For which he has been criticized, according to Nikki Guninder Singh, Kabir’s opinion is degrading and disobedient to women. According to Wendy Doniger, Kabir was suffering from a mythical prejudice about women.

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