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Contactless thermometer introduced in the era of coronavirus

by Sudhir kumar
Contactless thermometer introduced in the era of coronavirus

Contactless thermometer introduced in the era of corona virus, know its special features

This year i.e. in 2020 Coronavirus disease has given rise to many new and innovative inventions. People working in the field of technology are working day and night to make such new technology, which can be used without touching anything, that is, every work is being done to make contactless so that people are not infected with the virus.

The Zook company has made one such effort. ZOOOK has announced the launch of state-of-the-art contactless medical-grade thermometers. Zook has designed this thermometer keeping in mind the needs created in view of Kovid-19. The temperature of anybody or surface can be instantly detected with the help of this infrared digital dual-mode thermometer called Infra-Temp. It can tell the right temperature in a second without touch.

Features of Infra Temp Thermometer

Infra Temp Thermometer comes with a year warranty. It also has an inbuilt alert system, which plays the alarm when the temperature exceeds the prescribed limit. This temperature system is light-based and in case of normal, high, and fever, it burns white, orange, and red light respectively.

To avoid the coronavirus, the Template Detection and Face Recognition machine can protect ZUK Infra Temp temperature readings for a maximum of 30 groups at work sites. Due to its high storage capacity, the company can keep a record of its employees’ temperature smoothly and these readings can be available immediately if needed. There is an on-screen menu on the thermometer to indicate the temperature in both Celsius and Fahrenheit, which can be changed as needed.

Equipped with an automatic shutdown system, special attention has been paid to the look of this device. The Infra Temp comes with a three-color backlit LCD screen and readings can be easily seen even at night with the help of a large screen display with a bright white backlight. This Zook thermometer is equipped with an automatic shutdown system, which means it turns off automatically when not in use.

Features such as extremely low battery consumption, power displays, and low-power reminders make this contact equipped device attractive and, at the same time, have IPXD protection to protect against liquids. The infra stamp is operated by two AAA batteries.

Regarding this new offering of Zook, Mr. Achin Gupta, Country Head – India, Zook said, “While there are more similar products in the market, the Infra Tam’s ability to accurately measure temperature and ease of use Make it suitable in the current circumstances. Our product with a Japanese medical-grade high accuracy sensor is available with European CE certification.

“The coronavirus has brought some fundamental changes in our lifestyle. At present, there is no change or laxity in the situation, and even the governments have said that we have to adopt our new lifestyle according to the circumstances. This new product from the French brand Zook suits the needs of the present times. The Zook Infra Temp Thermometer is available on Amazon for Rs 3999.

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