Concepts Of Modern Physics by Arthur Beiser Reviews

Concept Of Modern Physics 6th Ed. by Arthur Beiser download PDF
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File Size: 30.8 MB
Pages : 556

Contents CHAPTER 1 :Relativity
Topics :Special Relativity,Time Dilation,Doppler Effect,Lenght Contraction
Twin Paradox(a longer life,but it will not seem longer),Electricity and Mechanism,Relativistic Momentum
Mass Energy Equivalence,Energy and Momentum,General Relativity & Lorentz Transformation etc.
CHAPTER 2:Particle Properties Of Waves
Topics :Electromagnetic Waves,Black Body Radiation
CHAPTER 3:Wave Properties Of Particles
CHAPTER 4:Atomic Structure
CHAPTER 5:Quantum Mechanics
CHAPTER 6:Quantum Theory Of Hydrogen

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concept of modern physics by arthur beiser pdf

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