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Comparison of Salary Account vs Current Account

by Sudhir kumar


There is confusion among many companies which account would be the best to carry their transactions and other financial activities. They are confused between the salary account and the current account because both of them provide banking services. But there are many differences between Salary Account vs Current Account that we are going to explore in this article. One of the major differences between these two accounts is that the Salary Account is opened by the employers to credit the salary of their employees to that account whereas the current account is opened by the businessmen, traders, and wholesalers to deal with the day to day transactions. The employer always opens a salary account for its employees but it might open a Current Account for itself. Let’s move on to some other differences between these two accounts.

Difference Between Salary Account and Current Account

You can go through the major difference between these two accounts in the table given below. You can see the basis of the difference between these two accounts and choose the account as per your needs.

Take Away

So, after exploring all the differences between the Salary Account vs Current Account, you must have analyzed that the current account is only suitable for the people who make frequent transactions in a day or a month. On the other hand, if you want to just save and build funds then the salary account would be a better option.


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