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Chitragupta Jayanti Katha Worship Method and Date | Chitragupta Jayanti Puja Vidhi Mahatva Katha in Hindi


Chitragupta Jayanti Puja Vidhi Mahatva Katha Date in Hindi Chitragupta Jayanti Katha worship method and date have been given. Must read the story to be told about them.

Chitragupta is the deity of Kayastha society. His birth anniversary is celebrated with enthusiasm in the Kayastha society. Chitragupta is said to be the assistant of Yama, the god of death. In fact, he is the brother of Yamraj, he has been given the task of keeping an account of the deeds of human beings. At the end of life, after calculating the deeds of a man, he sends him to heaven or hell.

Work of Chitragupta Maharaj

According to Hindu belief, many life periods go on in the life of a human being, in which a lot of mystery is also attached to the rebirth. It is believed that those who are unable to strike a balance between good deeds and bad deeds at the time of their birth, they have to complete their life by taking birth again in any form on the earth. The first task of Chitragupta ji is that he has to keep an account of the lives of all human beings, judge the human beings according to the good and evil of their life and then the time of their death is fixed.

Names of 12 sons of Chitragupta ji Maharaj –

1. Srivastava
2. Mathur
3. notice
4. Corporation
5. ashthan
6. the best
7. surydwaja
8. Bhatnagar
9. Ambastha
10. saxena
11. to make
12. Valmiki

Chitragupta Jayanti Significance Story and Worship Method Chitragupta Jayanti Puja Vidhi Mahatva Katha In Hindi

Chitragupta Jayanti Puja Vidhi Mahatva Katha Date in Hindi

When is Chitragupta Jayanti celebrated? (Chitragupta Jayanti Date 2021)

According to Hindu religion, the year in which more month Now, Chitra Gupta Jayanti is celebrated on the second day of Kartik Shukla Paksha of that year. Thus it comes on the day of Bhai Dooj. More month and importance of nightingale fast method and story Read to know.

this time 2020 I had more months. This year’s Dooj will be celebrated as Chitragupta Jayanti which will be celebrated on 18 May 2021. On this day, the worship of Lord Chitragupta is celebrated by the people of Kayastha community with great pomp.

Significance of Chitragupta Jayanti Mahatva

Chitragupta Dev was born from the body of Brahma ji, hence he is called Kayastha. Human beings born from them are called Kayasthas. He is said to be the creator of Kayasthas.

Brahma ji was born on the lotus originated from the navel of Lord Vishnu, he got the task of creating the universe. Due to which he created the deities, Sur, Asur and Dharmaraj etc. In this, to make the world dynamic, Yamraj was born, who was made the lord of death. The burden of this work was heavy, for which Yamraj asked for an assistant. Then Brahma ji did penance for a thousand years and a man was born from his body.

According to Hindu belief, Brahma ji first gave birth to 16 sons from different parts of his body, and then after that Lord Chitragupta was born from his stomach. Due to which his name was Chitragupta.

In this way Chitra Gupta was born on the Dwij of Kartik Shukla Paksha in the year of Adhik month, hence it is celebrated every year on Bhai Dooj as Chitra Gupta Jayanti.

Chitragupta is said to be a writer who writes the essence of human life, in his picture he has a book in one hand, which contains details of human deeds, pen in the other hand and Dawat and Karwal in the other. In this way, they are always ready to record the deeds of man and decide his destiny accordingly.

Chitragupta Maharaj Puja Vidhi –

Worship material –

Sandalwood paste, sesame, camphor, betel leaf, betel nut, sugar, pen, paper, ink, Ganga water, paddy, cotton, city, yellow mustard, sunlight, curd, sweet, a cloth, milk, fruit, panchpatra, gulal, basil, Roli, Saffron, Matches.

worship method

  • First of all clean the place of worship thoroughly.
  • First clean the statue or photo of Chitragupta ji with water and then with rose water. After that bathe it once again with water.
  • After this light a lamp of ghee near Chitragupta ji. Make Panchamitra by mixing 5 ingredients, add milk, curd, ghee, sugar and honey to it.
  • Offer sweets, fruits in the prasad.
  • Offer garlands of flowers. Apply abir, vermilion, turmeric.
  • Light an incense stick. Read the story of Chitragupta. After that do aarti.
  • Make swastikas by mixing roli-ghee in plain paper. In this, write the names of 5 Gods with a new pen.
  • After this write the mantra in it and then write your name, address, date, income and expenditure.
  • After this, fold the paper and place it in front of Chitragupta.

Chitragupta Puja is performed by the Kayastha community, which believes in world peace, justice, knowledge and literacy. This worship is also called Davat Puja, where paper, pen are worshipped, it is considered a symbol of study by the Kayastha people. The members who earn in the house write their income in front of Chitragupta ji, and also write the expenditure required to run the house, so that their income can increase in the next year. They pray for prosperity to Chitragupta ji.

Chitragupta Jayanti Katha

There was a king whose name was Saudas. He was more cunning than karma. As if he was the master of sins. His religion was to torture. Once he went to the forest for hunting, only then the saints were worshiping there, then he asked the reason for that worship, then the sadhus told that this is the worship of Lord Chitragupta and Yamraj, it is called Chitragupta Jayanti. and all the sins of man are forgiven. Hearing this, the king also performed this puja by law.

After some time the king died. Yama the messenger took him away killing him. In front of him, Chitragupta took an account of his life which was full of sins, but seeing it, he said that once this sly king had worshiped Chitragupta Jayanti with great reverence, so according to religion, it cannot be sent to hell, thus the king would get heaven. are |

By doing Chitragupta Jayanti, sins are destroyed. It is very important to have Chitragupta for the balance of the earth. The account of man’s actions determines his end, which is a very difficult and responsible task.

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