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Chandrashekhar Singh Biography | Chandra Shekhar singh biography in hindi


Chandrashekhar Singh biography in Chandra Shekhar singh biography in Hindi

Very few Indian politicians are able to understand the problems of the country and are able to find solutions for the same. One such victorious politician is Chandrashekhar Singh ji, who VP Singh After, India became the 8th Prime Minister of the country. His tenure was short, but he is remembered as a strong Prime Minister and his tenure for effective work in the politics of India. The condition of the country was passing through a very critical phase due to the high distrust created during the tenure of the former Prime Minister, at that time there was a need for such a leader, who should work in the national interest above personal interests. Chandrashekhar gave a good politics to the country in these circumstances. Despite being in office for a short period, he displayed his leadership qualities with thoroughness and politicalism.

Chandra Shekhar

Chandrashekhar Singh Biography

Chandrashekhar Singh Birth and Early Life –

serial number life introduction point chandrashekhar biography
1. Full Name Chandrashekhar Singh
2. Birth 1 July 1927
3. birth place Ibrahimpatti, Uttar Pradesh
4. death 8 July 2007 (Delhi)
5. political party Samajwadi Janata Party

Chandrashekhar ji was born on 1 July 1927 in village Ibrahimpatti in Uttar Pradesh. Chandrashekhar was born in an agriculturist, Rajput family, perhaps because of his selfless attachment to his country. He had a special interest in studies, he was a meritorious student in school. After completing his studies from Allahabad University, he entered politics.

Chandrashekhar Singh political career

He was interested in politics from his student life. At that time the love of the country was life, every person used to indulge in the love of his country wearing Basanti Chola. Chandrasekhar’s style of language was unique and sharp, there was so much truth and firmness in it that no one could cut his point. Be it in favor or opposition, he was respectful to all and gave guidance to all because there was no sense of personal interest in him. Chandrashekhar ji was a reflection of inspiration for the youth, he tried his best to awaken the youth. He believed, “Only one who considers youth as power, leads the country towards a healthy progress, because instead of self-interest, there is a sense of welfare of the nation.”

Political journey of Chandrashekhar Singh

The political life of Chandrashekhar Singh is like a clean mirror. First of all he was associated with socialist movements, he did a lot of work for the people of backward classes. It used to be an important issue at that time. He played an important role in the fight to get a normal life for the Dalits. But Chandrashekhar ji also considered it important to take care of the feelings of other social religions, so that no face of violence would have to be seen.

Chandrashekhar ji became the secretary of the Samajwadi Party of Ballia district, after which he was made the state level secretary. Arriving in politics at the national level came after Uttar Pradesh entered the Rajya Sabha. In 1962, Chandrashekhar ji was defeated by the Praja Samajwadi Party. Rajya Sabha Got the ticket. From here he started high politics. Raising voice on important issues was included in the personality of Chandrashekhar ji. His strong voice, the habit of speaking Wayback was very effective, people could not raise their voice in front of them.
During the Emergency of 1975 Indira Gandhi sent many Raj leaders to jail. The name of Chandrashekhar ji was also included in them. Chandrashekhar from Ballia in Uttar Pradesh in 1977. Lok Sabha Got the seat. After this he became the President of the Janata Dal, he took part in the padyatra from Kanyakumari in the south to Rajghat in Delhi, which was later also called the Bharat Yatra. The 4260 km Pad Yatra started from 6 January 1983 and ended on 25 June 1983. The main objective of the Bharat Yatra was to shed light on the problems of rural areas and to remove social inequalities and inequalities of prevailing casteism.

Prime Minister Chandra Shekhar Singh Prime Minister-

After the fall of the National Front government in November 1990, Rajiv Gandhi Chandrashekhar Singh was made the Prime Minister on 10 November 1990 with the help of But after some time VP Singh formed a separate Samajwadi Party from the Janata Dal. After which Chandrashekhar got majority by BJP. Rajiv Gandhi did not like this thing and after some time he withdrew the majority from Chandrashekhar’s government. With which the government of Chandrashekhar Singh fell in March 1991, and he resigned from his post.

Chandra Shekhar Singh Books –

There was a lot of depth in his thoughts which he exposed through his writings. At that time, the expression of views was generally done through magazines and magazines. This was a very effective method. Thus Chandrashekhar ji also gave a flight to his thoughts. He kept the issues related to politics and society in front of everyone in this way, his style was so intense that no one had the power to oppose him. He named it “Young India”. Newspaper In his newspapers, he used to adopt the style of awakening the public. It remains dear even in the intellectual class. It was an unbiased and unbiased leader who made the pen his weapon and called for revolution. During the Emergency, he also had to go to jail, where he stored his thoughts and experiences in a diary, which was later published in the name of “Meri Jail”. He was also the author of the book “Dynamics of Change”, in which his thoughts and his experiences of young India were also published. There was a kind of emotion in his writing, which kept the reader hooked from beginning to end.

After a long time, India was handled by an honest and hardworking hands, due to these qualities, he used to get love with an unbiased sense. After leaving the post of Prime Minister, he stayed in his ashram in Bhodsi, he was consulted by the opposition apart from his party.

Chandra Shekhar Singh death

Chandrashekhar ji had bone marrow cancer, due to poor health he was admitted to the hospital on 3 May 2007, he breathed his last in Delhi on 8 July 2007, at that time he was suffering from plasma cancer, his age was 80 years.

In 1995, Chandrashekhar ji was awarded the Outstanding Parliamentarian Award. This award was started this year, so Chandrashekhar was the first person who received this honor. His hard work was not only impressive, but he was also dense in character. A person in a high position is usually a mourner of many kinds of sorrows, but Chandrashekhar was a very controlling person. Due to his deeds and nature, he will always be remembered. all of india List of Prime Ministers and their details Read to know.


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