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What is Canonical URL in SEO & How to define

What is Canonical URL in SEO & How to define
What is Canonical URL in SEO & How to define

What is Canonical URL (Advantages, Uses)(Meaning, Checker, Duplicate URL, issue, Content, SEO, Importance, Tag)

If you are a blogger, and you have a big site, then you must have seen the problem of duplicate URLs. As the site gets bigger, the chances of duplicate URLs increase, causing duplicate content problems in the site. This problem can be fixed with the canonical URL. Let us know that if you ever have to face such a problem, then how can it be fixed. In this article, we are going to give you all the information related to the canonical URL, read the article carefully till the end.

What is Canonical URL

As the site gets bigger, many pages become similar to each other, this duplicate content cannot be prevented due to being a large site. If two pages in the site are exactly the same and they have made a place in the page rank in a keyword, then the search engine does not understand which of these two to send traffic. To solve this problem, you can choose the URL as per your wish, it is called Canonical URL.

How Google chooses Canonical URL –

If one page of your site is being accessed by multiple URLs, or if different pages contain the same data, Google will consider it a duplicate version of the same page. For example, the same page has been made separate for both mobile and desktop versions. In such a situation, Google will choose one URL as the canonical URL and crawl it, the rest of the URLs will be considered as duplicate URLs, which will be crawled at least. It is better than Google makes a wrong URL canonical than you give it to Google as a canonical URL.  

Multiple URLs of the same data –

Canonical URL is a technical solution to duplicate content. If suppose you have 2 categories selected in one of your posts, and it has 2 URLs, something like this –

  • If both these URLs are about the same product, then you can tell Google search engine or any other search engine which URL to show in search result by selecting one URL as Canonical URL.
  • With the help of Canonical, you can reach the search engine to the original version of any article. For example, if you have written a post for someone else, which has been published in their website, if you also want to publish the same article in your website, then you can make it an original post with Canonical.

How to find Canonical URL –

You can also check yourself if someone is not publishing the content of your website as its own and making it a canonical URL. There are many frauds in the market these days who do this work. Tells the data of others as their own or some writers simultaneously put the same data in their own site and also sell it to others. You can check any URL to know whether it is a canonical URL or not, this is the process

  • The canonical URL can be found at the source of the webpage, for this you need to search rel=”canonical”.
  • Only the search engine will be able to see this process, it will not cause any difference or trouble to your user.

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Know when you can redirect the URL, and when you can use Canonical –

Let us tell you that in the redirect, one of the two URLs of the same type is deleted, and then that deleted URL is redirected to that other URL. We do this because if someone clicks on the URL that we have deleted, then he will be redirected to that new one, do not tell the old URL note found. There is no work of the search engine in this, it ranks the URL according to the keyword, then by clicking, the user comes to know that it is being sent to another URL, it is just like a number in mobile Forward happens. When dialing a number on mobile, many times it is turned off, or there is no network, in such a situation, people forward that number to another number.

If you use canonical, then the user will not know that you are sending him somewhere else, like a redirect. If you want to redirect any URL without harming your site, then you can do it, for this Canonical will be the best option.

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Q: How to use Canonical URL?

Ans: If you work in the server then you use rel=” canonical ” HTTP headers there, this will make the search engine understand that this is the canonical URL. Currently, Google supports this method only for searching. You pick up the canonical URL of each of your pages and put it on the site map.

Q: How to fix Canonical URL?

Ans: It can be cured in two ways. By first implementing 301 redirects, second by adding canonical tags to the page of the visiting site, you can tell Google which one to refer to the same page.

Q: How to remove canonical URL?

Ans: Open the Action menu of the page, then select Title and Property. In the Canonical URL dropdown box, you can choose whether to keep it open or close.

Q: How to create canonical link in HTML?

Ans: Setting canonicals using rel=“canonical” HTML tags

Q: How to find the canonical URL?

<link rel=”canonical” href=”<?

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