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What is Black Hat SEO & Top 10 SEO Tactics

Black Hat SEO
Black Hat SEO

Friends, you must have heard the name of Black Hat SEO, do you know what is Black Hat SEO? What is Black Hat SEO? If you do not know, then it does not matter, you will understand Black Hat SEO very well by reading this article.

Website Owner of a detected before much of Research your Website for Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) in order to Rank on the Top Techniques of Black Hat SEO used Use of was that against the Rules of Search Engine.

But now the search engines have also become very smart, if the search engine comes to know about a website that is trying to rank high on the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) by using the techniques of Black Hat SEO, then the search engine will find that Can penalize the website and down its ranking. 

If you want to do Black Hat SEO of your website, then this article is going to be helpful for you. In this article, 20 Easy Ways to do Black Hat SEO have been told. 

Here below I have prepared a Detail Guide , after reading which if you follow, then you can easily do Black Hat SEO of your website. 

Black Hat SEO is an SEO Technique whose purpose is to rank the website high on Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) but this SEO does not follow the rules of Search Engine, by using wrong way, only keeping in mind the bots of Google. Keeping is done. 

So that traffic can come to the website and ranking will increase. This is called Black Hat SEO . By doing Black Hat SEO, a website is able to rank on Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) for some time only and as soon as Google’s bots come to know, then such websites can also be fined . 

If you are a beginner then you should have complete knowledge about it so that you can avoid making such mistake and improve your website in search engine by doing SEO properly. 

So you must have understood that what is Black Hat SEO, now I will tell you about the advantages and disadvantages of Black Hat SEO.  

Advantages and Disadvantages of Black Hat SEO

Advantages and Disadvantages of Black Hat SEO
By doing Black Hat SEO, you can bring more traffic to the website.User Experience is bad due to this technique and visitors do not like to visit such website again.
Using this, the website ranks high on Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs).Black Hat SEO uses wrong techniques to rank on the search engine, so the search engine can also rank down such websites.
Using this, we can take money from other websites and give them backlinks.If there is more internal linking in the blog post, then the search engine does not like such websites and can rank down.
Through these techniques, a new website can be ranked on the search engine very quickly.If the search engine comes to know about these techniques, then the search engine can penalize such a website.
The result of Black Hat SEO is quicker than White Hat SEO.Techniques of Black Hat SEO are illegal.
Black Hat SEO Techniques focuses on the ranking of the website by ignoring the rules of the search engine.These techniques violate the rules of search engines.
Black Hat SEO is cheaper than White Hat SEO.All the techniques of Black Hat SEO can get your website suspended from Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs).
Visitors can be taken to a particular page using Redirect.Invisible text is against the search engine’s algorithm, whose wrong result is not good for your website.
Black Hat SEO gives faster and better results in less time.When copy pasted from one website to another, there may be a loss in the rating of Search Engine Result pages of that website.

How To Do Black Hat SEO: 20 Easy Ways

When you have come to know that what is Black Hat SEO? Black Hat SEO Kya Hota Hai So now the question arises that how is Black Hat SEO done? 

To do this, I have told 20 easy ways here, by reading which you can do Black Hat SEO of your website. which are as follows;  

1. Cloaking

Cloaking Black are made Version two of a Website’s Pages which is a Technique of Hat SEO When someone Visit the Visitor Website Visitor on a Page to Redirect is and Search Engine Crawler is shown a second Page . 

These two pages are very different from each other, this process is called Cloaking, it is used to rank the website on Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). But if Google comes to know about Cloaking, then it can also penalize such a website. 

2. Keyword Stuffing

If keywords are being used more than the limit in the content, then it is called Keyword Stuffing. In any content, the use of Focus Keyword is 0.5% and the use of Related Keyword is only 0.2% is considered correct. 

If it is used more than this, then it is included in Black Hat Technique. The website gets ranked down in Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) when keyword stuffing occurs. 

So avoid Quality Content Type and Keyword Stuffing thereby Ranking’s Website Improve possible.   

3. Content Scraping

When a Website with Content Scrap him on his Website to Publish So is this Process is called the Content Scraping. This is the technique of Black Hat SEO. 

Example; When a website publishes any news or any different content about which Google does not have information and any other website scrapes that news or content using RSS Feed and publishes it on its website. 

At that time, Google is compelled to rank the content of both those websites and then after some time Google down the ranking of the website with that duplicate content. 

Now you must have understood what is Content Scraping and how it works. For this, there are many tools available on the Internet, with the help of which you can easily do Content Scraping. 

Here I am giving the names of some Scraping Tools;

  • Scraping Bee
  • Scraping Bot
  • Octoparse
  • Apify SDK
  • Scraper API
  • Bright Data

4. Duplicate Content

The Content of a Website Copy to your Website Paste called Duplicate Content such Content to Publish and it is included in Technique Black Hat SEO. 

Many new bloggers copy paste the content of popular websites and publish them on their website, they feel that by doing this their website will also be ranked on top in Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). 

But it doesn’t happen. Google only ranks Unique and Quality Content, not Duplicate Content. 

5. Private Blog Network

Private Blog Network is a group that includes many websites with good ranking that are targeting to get a website ranked in Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). It is also called PBN in short. This is a Black Hat SEO Technique. 

Example; When a businessman creates a new website and he finds such private blog network to save his time and money and to rank his website on Search Engine Result Pages quickly. 

If there are thousands of websites from which it can get backlinks, then that businessman can make thousands of backlinks for his website by paying some amount to the owner of that private blog network .

Which can help in the ranking of the website on the search engine. But if Google gets to know a little bit about this, then it can penalize such websites. 

6. Spam Comments

Backlinks can also be created for the website through comments, many website owners do this. When a visitor gives a link to the relevant post of his website by writing a quality comment in the content of another website, then it is included in White Hat SEO . 

But when a visitor makes a wrong comment in the content of a website or gives a direct link without writing any comment or gives a link repeatedly or gives a link to a wrong website, then such comments are called Spam Comment. Comes under Hat SEO. 

7. Link Schemas

When Search to Search for a Website on the Engine of the Website Metatag have been anything Popular Pages to Link With this happens when she Website Schema Install Many Tools Available on the Internet for that. 

With the help of which you can easily install Schema on your website and do Link Schema. These are some tools Hall Analysis, Merkle Structured Data Tool, The RankRanger Structured Data Tool etc. 
But the Technique of doing this Link Schema comes under Black Hat SEO. Here below I am giving a screenshot, which you can understand by seeing.

Link Scheme

8. Over SEO Optimize Content

When more keywords are added to the content of a website or many links are added and more keywords are added while alt tag of images. 

So that the website can rank top on Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) and to fulfill this purpose, the content is over- optimized and the limit of SEO is ignored. 

That’s why this type of content is called Over SEO Optimized Content, it gets included in Black Hat SEO.  

9. Invisible Links

Many website owners use white text and white text links in the content of their website, so that visitors do not see them but search engines can read them easily, such links are called invisible links. 

The purpose of adding these types of links to the content is to rank top in Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) . 

But now search engines have also become smart, if now a website does this and the search engine comes to know, then the websites are penalized because this process is related to Black Hat SEO. 

10. Rich Paragraph पर Poor Content

When a website owner makes the first paragraph a Feature Snippet in any content of his website and writes very simple content by not making the entire content quality content. 

Due to which Google’s bots see the Feature Snippet Paragraph of that content and rank it in Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) but it does not happen that Search Engine never ranks this type of content. This process also comes under Black Hat SEO. 

11. Article Spinning

Article Spinning is when a website owner publishes on his website by rewriting the content of another website . It is similar to copying any content. This process is included in Black Hat SEO. 

In simple language, many people think that by spinning the content of popular websites from a third party tool or website , after re-writing it, they will publish it on their website, which will result in Website Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). Will start ranking. 

But it doesn’t happen. This User Experience is an impact and sometimes it Low Quality or unreadable becomes and Search Engine never Rank such Content. 

12. Reporting Competitor Articles

Reporting Competitor Articles means when the Competitor Website of a website that publishes articles and those articles do not have quality, they have more keywords than the limit. 

Links are very much added and even if that website is ranking on Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs), then it can report the first website search engine for that website . 

Although this process is legal , but if that website repeatedly reports to the search engine for that competitor website and also gets reports from some other websites. 

So that it can rank itself on Search Engine, then this process becomes illegal and it gets included in Black Hat SEO. 

13. Social Media Spams

When a Website Owner After Publish any Content to your Website Social Media Platforms much the Content of Link on the Share on the Pages, Post and, in the Comments, etc. Social Media Groups. 

When such links are shared more on social media, then social media spam occurs. This is not good for your website and sharing too much can block you on these social media . It is related to Black Hat SEO.  

14. Paid Link Clicks

When a website takes backlinks to other websites by paying some money or websites exchange links among themselves (eg; you link me, I will link you.) Then these types of links are called Paid Links and Search Engine such. Does not like websites that buy and sell links. 

This violates the rules of Search Engines. This Technique is also included in Black Hat SEO. 

15.Similar Domains

When many people purchase a domain for their website, they purchase a similar domain similar to the domain of a very popular website, they think that due to such a domain, their website will also start to rank higher and traffic will also come more.

like ; You can keep the Similar Domain from Jio to Jio, or you can buy the Similar Domain from Flipkart by changing something like this. 

But in this way similar domain purchasing website can never rank on Search Engine Result Pages. This Technique is related to Black Hat SEO. 

16. Unrelated Meta Description

When a keyword is searched on the search engine, the one shown in the blue color below the website is the Meta Title and the description below the Meta Title is called Meta Description. 

Visitors visit the website only after seeing these Meta Tags and Meta Descriptions because by seeing that description, visitors understand what is in the content inside. 

It is very important for the meta description to be related to the content. Many people put unrelated meta description from the content, when the visitor visits that website after seeing the meta description, then they do not get the information mentioned in the meta description. 

This spoils the User Experience, some people do this to bring traffic to their website. This Technique is related to Black Hat SEO. Search engines do not like these types of websites and visitors also do not visit such websites again. 

17. Too Much Internal Linking 

When a website owner does a lot of internal linking in any content of his website, then it comes under Black Hat SEO. Search engines do not like such websites and these websites are never able to rank on Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). 

So Content in Internal Linking Limit should only causing Ranking of Website Effect does not.  

18. Sneaky Redirects

Redirect is used to send visitors from one page to another. When a page is moved to another page or website, it is necessary to redirect. 

It is also used in Black Hat SEO. It is similar to Cloaking, it has two URLs, one for Google and the other for visitors to which visitors are redirected. 

19. Malicious Behavior Pages

Sometimes it happens that on opening a website, other websites start running in the background or some software gets automatically downloaded or some pop up ads start opening, they are called Malicious Behavior Pages.

It is included in Black Hat SEO. Both search engines and visitors do not like this type of website. Search Engines downs the ranking of such websites. 

20. Wrong Structure Data / Rich Snippet

When a keyword is searched on the search engine, some such websites are also shown on which information related to the content of that website or its product is given in the Meta tag and Meta Description and 5 Star Review etc. . 

But it is also used in Black Hat SEO in which something else is shown in the description and there is something else inside. It is called Wrong Structure data / Rich Snippet. 

How to Report Black Hat SEO

When did you understand that what is Black Hat SEO? So let me tell you how to report Black Hat SEO . When you search for a keyword on the search engine, then if you find a website like this there. 

In which Black Hat SEO Techniques have been used and it is also ranking in Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs), then you will get the option of Feedback under that Top Ranking Website, with the help of which you can easily report Black Hat SEO. can do from 

Conclusion: What is Black Hat SEO

Friends, through this article, I have tried to explain to you that what is Black Hat SEO? What is Black Hat SEO and Spamdexing? 

In this article, I have also told 20 Easy Ways to do Black Hat SEO, which if you follow after reading, then you too can easily do Black Hat SEO of your website. 

The terms that have been told about the benefits of Black Hat SEO and damage to Decision that can Make Use your Website to Black Hat SEO or not. I have also given some information about how we can prepare the report of Black Hat SEO. 

I hope you this Article will come good sense if this Article you felt Helpful it with your friends Share enter and down Comment Be sure to.   

FAQ: What is Black Hat SEO

While doing research on the Internet, I have seen that what is Black Hat SEO? There are questions of many people related to this, out of which I am giving answers to some important questions in this article.

Q.1 What is the main goal of Black Hat SEO?

Ans. The main goal of Black Hat SEO is to bring more traffic to the website and improve the ranking of the website on Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). For this, he also ignores the rules of the search engine .

Q.2 Is Black Hat SEO Illegal?

Ans. Yes it is illegal to do Black Hat SEO because it is against the law. In this, such techniques are used that wrongly bring traffic to the website so that the website can rank on the top in Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). Black Hat SEO violates the rules of Search Engines . The search engine does not like such websites, if the search engine comes to know about this, then it can penalize such websites.

Q.3 Which is the Best Black Hat Seo Technique?

Ans. Then Black Hat SEO’s Techniques are many but I think that Black Hat SEO’s Paid Link Technique Best is because you can Exchange together can make money by Backlink other Website and Links to Website also Search Will rank on Engine. But do not use this technique more than the limit, if the search engine comes to know about this then your website can also be penalized. I found this Technique Best of Black Hat SEO, which Technique according to you is the best, definitely tell in the comment below.

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