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Biography of Udham Singh Udham Singh Biography in hindi


Udham Singh’s biography, who was, caste, story, how he died, martyr’s day, religion, family, film (Shaheed Udham Singh Biography in hindi) [Biopic Movie, Vicky Kaushal, Caste, Religion, Kaun the, Story, Death, Shahid Diwas, Family]

Udham Singh was a great revolutionary and freedom fighter. In whose heart was filled only and only the feeling of patriotism and unreachable anger towards the British. He had assassinated Michael O’Dwyer, the former governor of Punjab, as a result of his sense of vengeance. On the day of 13 April 1919, Udham Singh had witnessed the funeral procession of more than 1000 innocent people in a heart-wrenching incident. Since then he was deeply traumatized and a sense of resentment was awakened in him. What was then ? He resolved to avenge the death of his countrymen on his instructions. He executed his resolve, then after that he became famous in the name of Shaheed-e-Azam Sardar Udham Singh in foreign countries including India. Let us know about this great revolutionary and freedom fighter.

Shaheed Udham Singh Biography in Hindi

Udham Singh Biography

Full Name (Full Name Shaheed-e-Azam Sardar Udham Singh
Parents ( Mother / Father Narayan Kaur (or Naren Kaur)
birthday(Birth Date)

26 December 1899
birth place (Birth Place)

Happened in Sunam area of ​​Sangrur district of Punjab
profession (Profession)

political party (Political Party

Ghadar Party, Hindustan Socialist Republican Association
the nationality (Nationality)

Ages (Age)

40 years
hometown (Hometown)

Sunam, Sangrur District, Punjab
Religion (Religion)

Linage (Genus)

Caste (Caste)


marital status (Marital Status

Amount (Zodiac Sign)

Udham Singh Birth, Family and Early Life

Udham Singh ji was born on 26 December 1899 in Sunam, Sangrur district of Punjab, and he was known by the people at that time as Sher Singh. His father Sardar Tehal Singh used to work as a watchman in the railway crossing of Jammu Upali village. His mother Narayan Kaur alias Naren Kaur was a housewife. Who also used to take care of her two children Udham Singh and Mukta Singh. But unfortunately the shadow of the parents was soon removed from the heads of both the brothers. His father died in 1901 and his mother also died 6 years after his father’s death. In such a sad situation, both the brothers had to take shelter in this orphanage to lead further life in Amritsar’s Khalsa orphanage and to take education initiation. But unfortunately Udham Singh’s brother also did not stay with him for long, his brother died in 1917 itself. Now Udham Singh was left alone in the midst of intense political turmoil in Punjab. Udham Singh was well aware of all these activities taking place. Udham Singh completed his matriculation in 1918. After this he left the Khalsa orphanage in 1919.

Udham Singh’s ideology

Udham Singh was very impressed by the revolutionary work done by Shaheed Bhagat Singh towards his country and his groups. In 1935, when Udham Singh was in Kashmir, he was caught with the picture of Shaheed Bhagat Singh. During that time Udham Singh ji was considered as an associate of Shaheed Bhagat Singh ji and along with this, Udham Singh, a disciple of Shaheed Bhagat Singh, was also accepted. Udham Singh ji loved patriotic songs very much, he always used to listen to them. He was very fond of listening to the songs written by Ram Prasad Bismil, the great revolutionary poet of that time.

Udham Singh Story

The scandalous incident of Jallianwala Bagh

In the Jallian Wale Bagh, innocent people were put to death by the British without any reason. Many people died in this condemnable incident. Some of whom were elderly, children, women and young men were also involved. Udham Singh had seen this heart-wrenching incident with his own eyes, due to which he was deeply saddened and he decided at the same time, that on whose behest all this happened, he would definitely be punished for his actions. That’s when he took a vow at that time.

Revolutionary Activities of Udham Singh (Udham Singh Krantikari Gatividhiyan)

  • Udham Singh changed his name in different places for the purpose of fulfilling the resolution taken by him and he traveled in big countries like South Africa, Zimbabwe, Brazil, America, Nairobi.
  • Udham Singh ji started following other paths of Bhagat Singh ji.
  • The Ghadar Party was formed in 1913. The main objective of this party was to instigate revolution in India.
  • In 1924, Udham Singh ji decided to join this party and he also joined it.
  • Bhagat Singh ji ordered Udham Singh ji to return to his country in 1927.
  • While returning, Udham Singh had brought 25 associates, revolvers and ammunition with him. But during this time he was arrested for possessing a weapon without a license. He spent the next 4 years in jail only thinking that he would come out and take revenge for the crime committed by General Dyer for his countrymen.
  • After his release from jail in 1931, he went to Kashmir to fulfill his resolve, then he fled to Germany from Kashmir.
  • In 1934, Udham Singh reached London and there he started waiting for the right time to carry out his work.
  • This brave man of India was the meeting of the Royal Central Asian Society in London’s “Casten Hall” on March 13, 1940, 21 years after Jallian Wale Bagh. Where Michael was sitting ready to punish O’Dwyer for his actions. As the time for the meeting approached, Udham Singh went ahead and fired two short shots to kill General Dyer, killing General Dyer on the spot.
  • It is said that he waited for this day so that the whole world could see the punishment for the heinous crime committed by General Dyer.
  • After completing his work, he did not make the slightest effort to run away for fear of arrest and at the same place he remained calm.
  • He was proud of the fact that he showed for his countrymen what all the Indian countrymen wanted. How many such freedom fighters have given their love, cooperation and surrender towards their country.

The priceless martyrdom of Udham Singh (Udham Singh Death, Fansi)

  • On 4 June 1940, Udham Singh was declared guilty of the death of General Dyer. On 31 July 1940, he was hanged in the “Pentonville Jail” in London.
  • The remains of the dead body of Udham Singh ji were handed over to India on his death anniversary on 31 July 1974.
  • The ashes of Udham Singh ji were brought back to India full of respect. And his tomb was built in his village.

In this way he surrendered himself at the age of 40 for his countrymen. From the day Udham Singh ji was hanged, the anger of the revolutionaries in India had increased even more towards the British. Only 7 years after his martyrdom, India was freed from the slavery of the British.

Udham Singh Honors and Legacy

  • Weapons of the Sikhs such as knives, diaries and bullets used during the shooting are kept in the Black Museum in Scotland Yard as a mark of their respect.
  • There is also a post named after Shaheed Udham Singh in Anupgarh, Rajasthan.
  • A museum dedicated to Singh people has also been built near Jallian Wale Bagh in Amritsar.
  • Udham Singh Nagar which is present in Jharkhand. The name of this district was also kept inspired by his name.
  • On his death anniversary, there is a public holiday in Punjab and Haryana.

The sacrifice made by Udham Singh ji has been filmed in many Indian films, which are as follows:-

  • Jallianwala Bagh (1977)
  • Shaheed Udham Singh (1977)
  • Shaheed Udham Singh (2000)

Vicky Kaushal starrer film Sardar Udham Singh (Udham Singh Movie)

Sardar Udham Singh is an upcoming Indian Hindi-language biographical film directed by Shoojit Sircar, produced by Ronnie Lahiri and Sheel Kumar and written by Ritesh Shah and Shubhendu Bhattacharya under the banners Rain Sun Films and Keno Works. Vicky Kaushal played the role of Sardar Udham Singh in this film. Through this film, an attempt has been made to show and explain to the audience the events that happened in the life of Sardar Udham Singh ji and his purpose. This film is being made at a cost of about 120 crores. On 2 October 2020 i.e. on the birth anniversary of Gandhi ji, next year you may get to see Sardar Udham Singh movie in your nearest cinema halls.
The independent India we are living in. And those of us who are proud of our freedom. Freedom fighters like Udham Singh have been behind him, this should always be remembered. It becomes the duty of all of us countrymen to always keep those freedom fighters through whom we have got freedom in our hearts. To remember the sacrifice made by the freedom fighters, we should always be united and always proud of our integrity and our unity.


Q: Who was Udham Singh?

Ans: He was the same person who killed General Dyer, accused of Jallianwala Bagh massacre.

Q: When was Udham Singh born?

Ans: On 26 December 1899

Q: What is the birth place of Udham Singh?

Ans: Happened in Sunam area of ​​Sangrur district of Punjab

Q: Why did Udham Singh kill General Dyer?

Ans: Because he was the main accused of Jallianwala Bagh.

Q: What was the sentence given to Udham Singh?

Ans: Death sentence

Q: When did Udham Singh die?

Ans : 31st July, 1940

Q: What is the caste of Udham Singh?

Ans: Udham Singh ji belonged to the Dalit caste.

Q: What did Udham Singh keep his name while in jail?

Ans: Ram Mohammad Singh Azad

Q: When did Udham Singh kill General Dyer?

Ans: On July 24, 1927

Q: When is Udham Singh biopic film coming?

Ans: Expected to release on 16 October.

Q: What is the name of Udham Singh’s biopic film?

Ans: Sardar Udham Singh

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