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Biography of Udaybhan Singh Rathore Udaybhan Singh jeevan Parichay in hindi


Biography of Udaybhan Singh Rathod [Udaybhan Singh Rathod Biography in hindi] [History, Tanaji Movie, Saif Ali Khan Role, Death, Wife]

There have been many types of warriors in history who have saved Mother India by risking their lives. The battle of all these warriors has been seen especially from the Mughal Empire. Fighting with the Mughals is a common thing, but there has also been a person in history who, despite being a Hindu, fought on behalf of the Mughals and the name of this cruel Hindu king is Uday Bhan Rathore. The mention of this name was heard in the story of the recently released film Tanaji. The interesting thing is that Uday Bhan Rathore, who is a Rajput, fought on the side of the Mughals from the Hindu Maratha king in history. From this story only one question comes in everyone’s mind that after all, who was Uday Bhan Rathore who betrayed his own soil.

udaybhan singh bio in hindi

Biography of Udaybhan Singh Rathod

Who is Udaybhan Singh Rathod?

Udaybhan Singh Rathod was a Rajput warrior whose spirits were high. Uday Bhan was perfect in fencing, he could not stand good in front of him. When Udaybhan Rathod fought it was impossible to ignore him but Uday Bhan was not a Rajput king but a keeper of Kondana Fort who was appointed by the Mughal king Jai Singh I. He was the commander of the Mughal army during the tenure of Aurangzeb.

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Name Udaybhan Singh Rathore
Birth 1635
death February 1670
Ages 35 years
Religion Hindu
Caste Rajput
Work Warrior

The last battle fought by Udaybhan Singh Rathore

Uday Bhan Singh is a Hindu Rajput from Rathore caste but in history he supported the Mughals……he was made the Subedar of the Mughals by Aurangzeb but how was this possible???? How did a Hindu Rajput who belongs to Hindustan supported the Mughals???? Why did he fight on behalf of the Mughals against the Maratha Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj of his own Hindu country and how did the Mughals trust him so much that he entrusted it with the responsibility of a big fort like Kondhana.

It is a matter of 1670 that when Shivaji Maharaj decided that he would climb the Kondhana fort to win it because it was very important to win this fort, this fort was the most important fort from the point of view of security, by winning the Maratha Empire lost its honor. Wanted to get back and to get back Kondhana was the stubbornness of Shivaji Maharaj’s mother Jijabai who ordered Shivaji Maharaj to march on Kondhana and merge it back into the Maratha Empire but somewhere it was very difficult because the Mughals The Subedar of Kondhana was made Udaybhan Singh Rathore.

Uday Bhan Singh Rathore was a very powerful warrior and he was initially loyal to the Hindu Empire but later he impressed the Mughals with his bravery and together with them became their Subedar…..why did Uday Bhan do this? ???

To find out, let us take you back a little…..

In those days, Uday Bhan used to go to Jagat Singh’s palace in a royal family to teach fencing to princess Kamala Devi. In such a situation, he used to meet the princess every day. As time passes, Uday Bhan falls in love with the princess.

And as soon as Uday Bhan expresses his love to the princess, the princess rejects the love proposal saying that there is no match between the princess and Uday Bhan, then Uday Bhan Singh Rathore says that how there is no match, my father is also a mahant then The princess answers him that it is not a matter of wealth or not, only you and my blood do not match….. I know very well that your father is a mahant but your mother..

Saying this the princess becomes silent but this thing stings Uday Singh Rathore and he starts hating the Rajputs. They return and embrace their mother and make a vow and accordingly they go to the Mughal Empire and demonstrate their power to the Mughals, which pleased Mirza Raja Jai ​​Singh Udaybhan Singh Rathore to join the Mughal army. And in this way Udaybhan Singh Rathore, being a Rajput burning in the fire of revenge, supports the Mughals and kills the prince married to the princess and takes away his kingdom and takes the princess with him as a prisoner. Huh..

Due to this love affair, Uday Bhan wanted to take revenge and because of this revenge, Rajput Uday Bhan supports the Mughals and taking advantage of this power, the Mughals make him the Subedar of Kondhana Fort.

Friends, this was the reason that despite being a Hindu Rajput, Uday Bhan fights on behalf of the Mughals, but after knowing this story again a question arises on the mind that after all, who was the mother of Uday Bhan Singh Rathore, why her mother’s reason was princess. Kamala had turned down this love proposal.

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Saif Ali Khan played the character of Udaybhan

In the year 2020, Saif Ali Khan has returned to the film world and this time he is going to play the role of a historical character. In the film Tana Ji, Saif is playing the role of Udaybhan Singh Rathod, a Rajput warrior. Saif will be seen in a negative role in this film, but despite the negative role, this character is very important and powerful, which has a name in history.

How Saif appears in this character will be known only after the release of the film, this film will hit the theaters on January 10, in which Ajay Devgan will be seen in the lead role. For the first time, this actor is going to be seen playing a historical character.

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