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Biography of Manmohan Singh | Manmohan Singh biography and Movie in hindi


Indian Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh biography and The Accidental Prime Minister Movie Review in hindi

Manmohan Singh was the 14th Prime Minister of India, he was a brilliant economist, great scholar and thinker. Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru After this, he was the second Prime Minister, who ruled India for 10 years. He was the first Prime Minister who was not a Hindu but a Sardar. Before joining politics, Manmohan ji used to do a government job, where he got many respects for his work. After some time he decided to quit his job and become a politician. Revolutionary changes took place in the economic condition of India during his reign. Because of his contribution, he was called the architect of Indian finance. Manmohan ji is humble, ethical and a person with great moral values. The whole world knows the talent and leadership skills of Manmohan Singh ji very well, which is why he was elected Prime Minister for 2 consecutive times. His work and talent were appreciated in every corner of the world.

manmohan singh

Biography of Manmohan Singh

serial number life introduction point Manmohan Singh Biography
1. Full Name Manmohan Singh
2. Religion Sikh
3. Birth 26 September 1932
4. birth place Gah, Pakistan
5. Parents Amrit Kaur, Gurmukh Singh
6. Marriage Gursharan Kaur
7. Daughter 1. Upinder

2. Suppression

3. Nectar

4. political party Congress
5. Awards and Achievements 1987 – Padma Vibhushan

Manmohan Singh’s Early Life and Childhood (Manmohan Singh Initial Life)–

Manmohan Singh was born on 26 September 1932 in Gah (Punjab) which is now in Pakistan. He was born in a Sikh family. His mother had died in his childhood, after which he was brought up by his grandmother. Since childhood, Manmohan Singh ji was of sharp mind, he was very fond of studying, because of this he used to top the class every year. at the time of independence After the partition of Hindustan Pakistan, his family had to move to Amritsar. Further studies Manmohan Singh did the same, he enrolled in the Hindu College here. For graduation, Manmohan Singh went to Chandigarh, where he graduated in economics from Punjab University. He went to Cambridge and Oxford University for further studies. After completing his studies, he returned to India and became a professor at Panjab University and Delhi School of Economics.

In 1958, he married Gursharan Kaur, with whom he had 3 daughters Upinder, Amrit and Daman. His daughter Upinder is a Professor of History at Delhi University. The second daughter Amrit works in American Civil Liberty. The third daughter Daman is a housewife, who is married to an IPS officer, she has also written many books.

In 1971, he joined the Indian Civil Service, where he became the Economic Adviser in the Ministry of Commerce. He worked in many departments of the Indian government, where he also got the honor of top grade officer.

Manmohan Singh career background

In 1991, Manmohan Singh left the government job and stepped into politics. This time P V Narasimha Rao Prime Minister was elected, he made Manmohan Singh ji the Finance Minister in his cabinet ministry. At this time India was going through a very bad economic phase, Manmohan Singh ji visited many countries to improve the economy of the country. He first stopped the scheme named ‘License Raj’ as soon as he came to power, under this, if there is any change in any business, then the permission of the government will have to be taken for that. Many private firms benefited from this scheme, by making them independent, the country started getting economic benefits.

In 1998, Manmohan Singh was elected a member of the Rajya Sabha, and from 1998 to 2004 he was the Leader of the Opposition in the Rajya Sabha.

Manmohan Singh Political Career

In the general elections held in 2004, the UPA government won, after this victory Congress Party President Sonia Gandhi Declared Manmohan Singh as the next Prime Minister of India. At that time Manmohan Singh was not even a member of the Lok Sabha, very few Indians knew him. He had a clear image in politics, he never played dirty politics, due to which every Indian adopted him by heart. On 22 May 2004, Manmohan Singh took the oath of Prime Minister and took over that post.

Being a good economist, he paid full attention to the economy of the country, and kept the work of that ministry under his supervision. Together with his Finance Minister P Chidambaram, he took forward the country’s market and economy. In 2007, India’s Highest Gross Domestic Product (GDP) growth increased to 9%, with which India became the world’s second largest economy growing country. Manmohan ji, being the Prime Minister, also started many schemes, he started the National Rural Health Mission scheme for the welfare of rural people. Manmohan ji was highly appreciated everywhere in the country and abroad for this plan. Before Manmohan ji’s government, the condition of education in the country was very bad. Manmohan ji worked very hard to improve the education sector. Significant changes also took place in the field of education during this period. The UPA government also launched a campaign for higher education in villages and small castes and tribes. At that time some party was against reservation, they wanted to get justice according to merit to all the children who came in merit. Manmohan ji also did less on this matter.

Manmohan ji’s government made strict laws against terrorism. After the terrorist attack in Mumbai in 2008, Manmohan ji formed the National Investigation Agency (NIA), which kept a close watch on terrorism. In 2009, the facility of e-governance was given, which increased national security, multipurpose identity cards were made, which started providing convenience to the countrymen. Manmohan Singh ji made reforms related to neighboring countries and other countries during his reign, which brought many benefits to the country. As a result of all these things the 15th Lok Sabha Elections In the UPA government again won, after which Manmohan ji again became the Prime Minister. Manmohan was the first Prime Minister after Jawaharlal Nehru, who was elected Prime Minister for the second time in a row.

Manmohan Singh Awards and achievements –

  • In 1982, John’s College, Cambridge honored Manmohan Singh Joe.
  • In 1987, he was honored by the Government of India with the Padma Vibhushan, the country’s fourth highest honor.
  • In 1994, the London School of Economics selected him as a Distinguished Fellow.
  • In 2002, he was awarded the Parliamentary Award by the Indian Parliament Group.
  • In 2010, he was awarded the World Statesman Award by a foundation.

Manmohan Singh ji is a person of very calm nature, he never said bad to anyone under the guise of politics and power. Due to his calm nature, people used to make fun of him a lot. People used to call him a puppet of Sonia ji, people believed that he never used to work with intelligence, used to do as Sonia ji used to say. But Manmohan ji never paid attention to all these things, he continued to do his work with full devotion and honesty. This is the reason why the people of the country still look at him with respect. Manmohan ji has also written many books according to his experience on economics. We wish Manmohan ji good health and long life.

Manmohan Singh Latest News

Dr. Manmohan Singh ji is making a lot of headlines at this time. Because Manmohan Singh prime minister of India A biopic film of his is coming to show how he became the Prime Minister and his journey after becoming the Prime Minister. Whose name is ‘The Accidental Prime Minister’. As soon as the trailer of the film was launched, there has been an uproar in politics since then. And the curiosity of people to know about his tenure has also increased.

The Accidental Prime Minister movie review

In 2014, Sanjay Baru ji, a political commentator, wrote a book on the biography of Manmohan Singh. The name of this book was ‘The Accidental Prime Minister’. The biopic film of Manmohan Singh ji based on this is about to come. Its name has also been named ‘The Accidental Prime Minister’. The film has been directed by Vijay Ratnakar Gutte. National Award winner in this film Anupam Kher Ji is seen in the role of Manmohan Singh. While Akshaye Khanna is playing the character of Sanjay Baru. Apart from this, Susan Burnett as Sonia Gandhi, Ahana Kumra as Priyanka Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi As Arjun Mathur will appear.

The film mainly depicts Manmohan Singh’s work as the Prime Minister of India under the United Progressive Alliance from 2004 to 2014. The film is produced by Bohra Brothers under Rudra Productions (UK) in association with Jayantilal Gada under the banner of Pen India Limited. This film is going to be released on January 11, 2019, which you can watch by visiting your nearest theaters.

Film Controversy

On the launch of the trailer of the film, the Maharashtra Youth Wing of the Congress Party wrote a letter to the filmmakers expressing their objection that facts have been misrepresented in the film. He has demanded a special screening of the film. However, he withdrew the order, not promoting the film. At the same time, some members of the Congress party believe that Manmohan Singh ji was not an accidental prime minister, he was a successful prime minister. Some people are also demanding to ban the trailer of this film, they believe that it can hurt the dignity of the post of Prime Minister of the country. On Twitter being supported by the BJP government, a Congress spokesperson has said it is a “political campaign” and may affect voting, linking it to voting for the upcoming general election. .

Despite being in the midst of controversies under this, this film is being released. Now it has to be seen whether people like this film or not, and what is the reaction of people to Manmohan Singh ji after this film.

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