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Biography of Maharishi Valmiki, Jayanti, Essay | Maharshi Valmiki Biography in Hindi


Biography (Biography) of Maharishi Valmiki, Who was, 2021 Essay Jayanti, Birth, Ashram, Ramayana, Significance Bhajan (Maharishi Valmiki, Ramayan, Birth, Place, Biography in Hindi)

You will come to know that Valmiki ji who was the author of Ramayana was actually a dacoit. Valmiki Jayanti means a day when the great writer Valmiki ji was born. From his great creation, we got the pleasure of the great book Ramayana. This is a book that taught the definition of the religion of dignity, truth, love, brotherhood, friendship and servant.

There is a lot to learn from the life of Valmiki ji, his personality was not ordinary. He changed his life path inspired by an incident in his life, as a result of which he became one of the great revered poets. This character makes him great and inspires us to learn from him.

Maharshi Valmiki Jayanti

Introduction of Maharishi Valmiki

Name Maharishi Valmiki
Real Name Ratnakar
husband Pracheta
birthday ashwin purnima
profession robber, great poet
composition Ramayana

Ravana in Ramayana Sita Haran There was a story behind it.

Inspirational story related to Valmiki’s life

Maharishi Valmiki’s name was Ratnakar and he was raised in the Bhil caste living in the forest, due to which he adopted the tradition of Bhils and became a dacoit for livelihood. For the upkeep of his family, he used to rob passers-by, and also used to kill when needed. In this way they were filling the pot of their sins day by day.

One day Narada Muni was coming out of his forest. Seeing them, Ratnakar made them captive. Narad Muni asked him that why are you committing such sins? Ratnakar replied for the livelihood of himself and his family. Then Narad Muni asked, for the family for whom you are committing these sins, will that family bear the fruits of your sins as well? On this Ratnakar said with enthusiasm, yes absolutely will do. My family will always stand with me. Narad Muni said once ask him, if he says yes then I will give you all my money. Ratnakar asked all his family members and friends, but no one agreed to this. Ratnakar was deeply affected by this and he chose the path of austerity leaving that path of wickedness and meditated and penance for many years, as a result of which he got the name of Maharishi Valmiki and knowledge and he composed the epic Ramayana in Sanskrit language. of.

Thus from an incident of life, the robber Ratnakar became a great writer Maharishi Valmiki.

Mother King Dasharatha’s second wife in Ramayana queen kaikai had sent Ram Chandra ji to exile. There is a wonderful story behind this too.

Who was Maharshi Valmiki (Who is Maharshi Valmiki)

Valmiki was a dacoit and was brought up in the Bhil caste, but he did not belong to the Bhil caste, in fact Valmiki was the son of Pracheta. According to the Puranas, Pracheta was the son of Lord Brahma. Valmiki was stolen by a Bhilani in his childhood, due to which he was brought up in the Bhil society and he became a dacoit.

  1. How did you get the inspiration to write Ramayana?

    When Ratnakar realized his sins, then he left that life and adopted a new path, but he had no knowledge about this new path. He asked Narad ji the way, then Narad ji advised him to chant the name of Ram.
    Ratnakar chanted the name of Ram for a very long time, but due to ignorance, by mistake, the chanting of Ram Ram turned into a dead body, due to which his body became weak, ants hit him. Perhaps this was the reward for their sins. Because of this he was named Valmiki. But with hard practice, he pleased Brahma Dev, as a result of which Brahmadev gave him knowledge and gave him the ability to write Ramayana, after which Valmiki Maharishi composed Ramayana. He had prior knowledge of Ramayana.

  2. How did Valmiki ji first composed the shloka?

    Once went to the banks of river Ganga for penance, the same pair of male and female birds were in love nearby. At the same time a hunter killed the male bird by shooting an arrow, seeing that scene, a verse automatically came out of his mouth which was as follows:
    Maa Nishad Pratishtam Tvamagamah Shasvatih Samah.
    Yatkraunchmithunadekam avadhih kamamohitam
    meaning : The wicked who did this heinous act will never get happiness in life. That wicked has killed the bird which is in love. After this the great poet composed the Ramayana.

Valmiki Ramayana Brief Description (Ramayan History)

Valmiki Maha Kavi composed the Maha Poetry Ramayana in Sanskrit, whose inspiration was given to him by Brahma ji. In the Ramayana, details of the character of Lord Vishnu’s incarnation Ram Chandra ji have been given. 23 thousand verses have been written in it. His last accompanying books contain details of the life of Valmiki Maharishi.

Valmiki Maharishi portrayed the character of Rama, he protected Mother Sita by keeping her in his ashram. Later, he gave knowledge to Luv Kush, the son of Rama and Sita.

Learn Ravana About some interesting facts related to the life of, that why Ravana was called the conqueror of the three worlds.

When is Valmiki Jayanti celebrated (Valmiki Jayanti 2021)

Valmiki ji was born on the full moon of the month of Ashwin, on this day Hindu religion calendar It is called Valmiki Jayanti. This year Valmiki Jayanti will be celebrated on 31 October.

Significance of Valmiki Jayanti (Mahatv)

Valmiki ji was a poet. He is considered to be the originator of Shloka, he wrote the first verse of Sanskrit. on this jubilee reveal day Also known as.

Mother according to Ramayana Sita’s Swayamvar Ravana also took part in this.

How Valmiki Jayanti is celebrated

Valmiki Jayanti is celebrated in the country of India. It is especially important in North India.

  1. Many types of religious events are organized.
  2. The procession is decorated.
  3. Sweets, fruits, dishes are distributed.
  4. Bhandaras are held at many places.
  5. The knowledge of Valmiki’s life is given to everyone so that taking inspiration from him, a person should leave his bad deeds and devote his mind to good deeds.

The importance of Valmiki Jayanti is considered more in Hinduism, everyone learns from his life.


Q: Who was Rishi Valmiki?

Ans: Maharishi Valmiki was the author of the famous epic Ramayana.

Q: Whose son was Valmiki?

Ans: Valmiki ji was the son of a Pracheta, who is said to be the son of Brahma ji. Although he was kidnapped by a Bhilani in his childhood, after which he was nurtured by the people of Bhil caste.

Q: What is the date of Valmiki Jayanti?

Ans: Valmiki Jayanti is on 31 October this year.

Q: Valmiki belonged to which caste?

Ans: Valmiki was a dacoit who was born in the Bhil caste. Although he is not considered to be of Bhil caste, he is said to be the son of Brahma ji.

Q: Where was Valmiki born?

Ans: Valmiki was born in India.

Q: What is Valmiki’s real name?

Ans: The real name of Valmiki is Daku Ratnakar.

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