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Biography of Guru Ravidas 2021 Jayanti Essay| Guru Ravidas Biography, History, 2021 Jayanti In Hindi

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Guru Ravidas Biography and 2021 Jayanti Essay (Guru Ravidas Biography, History, 2021 Jayanti In Hindi)

Guru Ravidas ji used to be a great saint, philosopher, poet, social reformer and follower of God in India in the 15th-16th century. He was a very famous saint of the Nirguna sect, who led the Bhakti movement in northern India. Ravidas ji was a very good poet, through his compositions, he gave religious and social message to his followers, society and many people of the country. In the compositions of Ravidas ji, the glimpse of love for God was clearly visible in him, he used to tell others about the love of God through his compositions, and asked to join them. Common people considered him as the Messiah, because he had done great things to fulfill the social and spiritual needs. Many people worshiped him like a god, and still worship him today.

People still listen to the songs and words of Ravidas ji on his birthday. Ravidas ji is most famous and revered in Uttar Pradesh, Punjab and Maharashtra.

Guru Ravidas Biography and History

serial number life introduction point Ravidas ji biography
1. Full Name Guru Ravidas Ji
2. other names Raidas, Rohidas, Rohidas
3. Birth 1377 AD
4. birth place Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh
5. father’s name Mr. Santokh Das
6. mother’s name of Mrs. Kalsa Devi
7. Grandfather’s Name Mr. Kalu Ram
8. grandma’s name Mrs. Lakhpati
9. wife Mrs. Lona
10. son Mr Vijay Das
11. death 1540 AD (Varanasi)

Guru Ravidas ji was born in Seer Gobardhangaon near Varanasi. His mother was Kalsa Devi and father was Santokh Das. Everyone has their own opinion on the birth of Ravidas ji, some people believe that he was born around 1376-77, some say 1399 CE. According to some documents, Ravidas ji spent his life on earth between 1450 and 1520. His birth place is now called ‘Shri Guru Ravidas birth place’.

Ravidas ji’s father used to be the sarpanch in Raja Nagar State. They used to have a job of making and repairing shoes. Ravidas ji’s father used to make leather out of dead animals and then make slippers from them.


Ravidas ji was very brave and a great believer of God since childhood. Ravidas ji had to be a victim of inferiority complex from his childhood, they always used to keep talking about this child’s absence in his mind. Ravidas ji took the help of his pen to change the society, he would explain to the people about life through his creations. Teaching people that one should love his neighbor as himself without any discrimination.

Sant Ravidas education

In childhood, Ravidas ji used to go to the school of his guru Pandit Sharda Nand for education. After some time the upper caste people stopped him from coming to the school. Pandit Sharda Nand ji had known the talent of Ravidas ji, he did not believe in the high and low things of the society, he believed that Ravidas was a child sent by God. After which Pandit Sharda Nand ji started teaching Ravidas ji in his personal school. He was a very talented and promising student, he used to study more with his own understanding than his guru used to teach him. Pandit Sharda Nand ji was very much influenced by Ravidas ji, seeing his conduct and talent, he used to think that Ravidas would become a good spiritual master and great social reformer.

Pandit Sharda Nand ji’s son also used to study with Ravidas ji in the school, both of them were good friends. Once both of them were playing hide and seek, after playing 1-2 times it was night, due to which they talked about playing the next day. The next morning Ravidas ji reaches to play, but that friend does not come. Then he goes to his house, there he comes to know that his friend has died in the night. Hearing this, Ravidas becomes numb, then his Guru Sharda Nand ji takes him to the dead friend. Ravidas ji had got supernatural powers since childhood, he tells his friend that this is not the time to sleep, get up and play with me. On hearing this, his dead friend stands up. Everyone present there gets surprised to see this.

Sant Ravidas life history

As Ravidas ji grows older, his devotion towards the form of Lord Rama increases. He always used the words Ram, Raghunath, Rajaram Chandra, Krishna, Hari, Govind etc., which gave evidence of his religiousness.

Ravidas ji used to be the religious guru of Meera Bai. Mira Bai was the daughter of the Raja of Rajasthan and the Queen of Chittor. She was very much influenced by the teachings of Ravidas ji and became a great follower of his. Meera Bai had also written some lines in the honor of her guru, such as – ‘Guru Millaya Ravidas ji..’ Meera Bai was the only child of her parents, after the death of her mother in childhood, her grandfather ‘Duda ji’ gave her was handled. Duda ji was a great follower of Ravidas ji, Meera Bai along with her grandfather always used to meet Ravidas ji. Where she was greatly influenced by his education. After marriage, Mira Bai had made Ravidas ji her guru with the consent of her family. Mira Bai life introduction couplets compositions Read here.

Meera Bai writes in her compositions, she was saved from death many times by her guru Ravidas ji.

Sant Ravidas his teachings

People say, God had sent Ravidas ji to the earth to protect religion, because at this time sin had increased a lot, people used to discriminate caste, apartheid in the name of religion. Ravidas ji bravely faced all the discrimination and explained the true definition of faith and caste to the people. He used to explain to the people that man is not known by caste, religion or belief in God, but he is known by his deeds. Ravidas ji also made a lot of efforts to end the practice of untouchability spread in the society. At that time, the low caste people were very rejected. They were completely forbidden to worship in the temple, study in the school, go out in the village during the day, even they were forced to live in a kutcha hut instead of a pucca house in the village. Seeing this plight of the society, Ravidas ji was determined to remove untouchability, discrimination from the society and started giving the right message to the equal people.

Ravidas ji used to give a message to the people that ‘God created man, not man made God’. Sant Guru Ravidas ji used to give various teachings to the people about universal brotherhood and tolerance.

The verses, religious songs and other compositions written by Ravidas ji have been included in the Sikh scripture ‘Guru Gobind Granth Sahib’. The fifth Sikh Guru ‘Arjan Dev’ included it in the Granth. The followers of Guru Ravidas ji’s teachings are called ‘Ravidassia’ and the collection of his teachings is called ‘Ravidassia Panth’.

Nature of Ravidas Das ji –

Even his caste people used to stop Ravidas ji from moving forward. Shudras used to stop Ravidas ji from applying tilak, wearing clothes and thread like a Brahmin. Guru Ravidas ji used to refute all these things, and used to say that all human beings have equal rights on earth, they can do whatever they want. He started doing everything that was considered for the lower caste, like wearing janeu, dhoti, applying tilak etc. The Brahmin people were strictly against his activities. Those people had complained against Ravidas ji to the king there. Ravidas ji used to answer all the Brahmin people with great love and comfort. He said in front of the king that even Shudras have red blood, heart, they have equal rights like the rest.

Ravidas ji slit his chest in front of everyone in the full assembly and made a thread for the four yugas like Satyug, Treta, Dwapar and Kaliyug, from gold, silver, copper and cotton respectively. Everyone present there including the king was very embarrassed and amazed and honored Guru ji by touching his feet. The king was very sorry for his childish act, he apologized to the Guru. Sant Ravidas ji forgave everyone and said that one does not get God by wearing Janeu. He said that only all of you people have been involved in this activity to show the reality and truth. He took off the thread and gave it to the king, and after that he never wore the thread or tilak.

Death of Ravidas ji’s father (Guru Ravidas Father Death) –

After the death of Ravidas ji’s father, he sought help from his neighbors so that he could perform the last rites of his father on the banks of the Ganges. The Brahmins were against it, because they used to bathe in the Ganges, and the funeral of Shudras would have polluted it. At that time Guru ji was feeling very sad and helpless, but even in this moment he did not lose his restraint and started praying to God for the peace of his father’s soul. Then there came a huge storm, the water of the river starts flowing in the opposite direction. Then suddenly a great wave of water came near the dead body and absorbed all the remains in itself. It is said that since then the river Ganges is flowing in the opposite direction.

Ravidas and Mughal Emperor Babur –

According to the history of India Babur was the first ruler of the Mughal Empire, who captured Delhi by winning the battle of Panipat in 1526. Babar knew very well about the spiritual powers of Guru Ravidas ji, he wanted to meet him. Babar then goes to meet him with Humayun, he respects him by touching his feet. Guru ji punishes him instead of blessing him, because he killed many innocent people. Guru ji gives in-depth education to Babar, due to which Babar becomes a follower of Ravidas ji and starts doing good social work. babur biography history Read here.

Death of Ravidas ji (Sant Ravidas Death) –

Seeing Guru Ravidas ji’s truth, humanity, love for God, goodwill, his followers were increasing day by day. On the other hand some Brahmins were planning to kill him. Some opponents of Ravidas ji organized a meeting, he organized away from the village and invited Guru ji to it. Guru ji already understands that trick of those people. Guru ji goes there and starts the meeting. By mistake Bhalla Nath, their companion, is killed in place of Guru ji. After a while when Guru ji blows conch shell in his room, everyone gets astonished. They are very sad to see their partner dead, and go to Guru ji with a sad heart.

The followers of Ravidas ji believe that Ravidas ji automatically leaves the body after 120 or 126 years. According to people, he breathed his last in Varanasi in 1540 AD.

When is Ravidas Jayanti in 2021? (Guru Ravidas Jayanti 2021 Date) –

Ravidas Jayanti is celebrated on the full moon day of Magha month. This day is an annual festival for the Ravidassia community. Special programs are organized at his birth place ‘Shri Guru Ravidas Janam Asthan’ in Varanasi. Where lakhs of devotees of Ravidas ji reach there.

This year Ravidas ji’s birth anniversary will be celebrated on 27 February 2021, which will be his 643rd birthday. Nagar Kirtan is organized from place to place by the Sikh community. Special aarti is performed. Ravidas ji’s songs, couplets are played in the temple, gurudwara. Some followers take a bath in the holy river on this day, and then worship the photo or statue of Ravidas. The purpose of celebrating Ravidas Jayanti is that the teachings of Guru Ravidas ji can be remembered, the people of the world can once again adopt the teachings of brotherhood and peace given by him.

Ravidas Memorial (Sant Ravidas memorial park)

Many monuments have been built in the memory of Ravidas ji in Varanasi. Ravidas Park, Ravidas Ghat, Ravidas Nagar, Ravidas Memorial Gate etc.

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