Biography of Keshavdas: Poems and major works of Keshavdas

The well-known poet Keshavdas, who has made a separate place in the poetry world of Hindi literature, is one of the famous poets of the Bhakti period. He is the ancient teacher and poet of Hindi, who gave a proper introduction to Sanskrit poetry. And today you are going to know the major compositions and poems of Keshavdas through the introduction of Keshavdas.

Biography of Keshavdas

One of the famous poets of the Bhakti period, Acharya Keshavdas is also famousAccording to Acharya Ramchandra Shukla, Keshavdas was born in 1555 AD.

He was born in Orchha town near Betwa River, Orchha Naresh Maharaj Inderjit Singh was his chief patron, who gifted him 21 villages. Keshavdas systematically established the tradition of Sanskrit in Hindi. It remained till the end of his life. He died in 1617 AD.

Poems and major works of Keshavdas

The authentic works of Keshavdas are- Rasik-priya, Kavi-priya, Ramchandrika, Veercharitra, Veerasingh Dev Charit, Vigyan-Gita, Jahangir Jaschandrika etc.

The time of composition of the book ‘Ratanbawani’ is unknown, but this is his first composition. In the presented book, an excerpt from his famous work ‘ Ramchandrachandrika ‘ has been given, in which he has praised the generosity and splendor of Mother Saraswati. In the second verse ‘Savaiya’, Acharya Keshavdas has presented a beautiful description of the specialty of Panchavati. In the last verse, Mandodari describes the qualities of Ramchandra ji. While explaining to Ravana, you recognize the glory of Shri Ram.

Literary Introduction of Keshavdas

Keshavdas wrote his texts, the common language of literature, in Braj. Being a resident of Bundela province, some of his words and usages have come in his composition.

The influence of Sanskrit is more in his texts, especially in ‘ Ramachandrachandrika ‘ and ‘ Vigyan-Gita ‘. His most wonderful imagination is related to ornamentation. He was a special lover of synth and of embossed ornaments. Their verses are of Sanskrit-padavali.

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