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Biography and Precious Words of Abraham Lincoln | Abraham Lincoln Biography Quotes In Hindi

Abraham Lincoln


Abraham Lincoln Biography and Quotes in Hindi Abraham Lincoln was the 16th President of America. His tenure lasted from 1861 to 1865. He freed the people of America from the practice of slavery. He believed that caste-caste, white-black, all are equal, there is no difference in them. Abraham Lincoln was born in a poor black family. He was the first republican to be elected President of America. Prior to this he was a lawyer, MLA from Illinois State, a member of the US House of Representatives. Abraham Lincoln achieved success with his courage and courage in America’s biggest battle. Abraham Lincoln was an honest and open-minded person, no one’s pain was seen from him.

Abraham Lincoln Biography and Precious Words

The list below shows the birth, family, achievements and death of Abraham Lincoln-

S.No. life introduction point biography of abraham lincoln
1. Full Name Abraham Thomas Lincoln
2. Birth 12 February 1809
3. birth place Hodgenville Kentucky (USA)
4. death 15 April 1865
5. Parents Thomas Lincoln, Nancy
6. wife Mary Todd
7. children Robert, Edward, Willie and Ted
8. business lawyer
9. the nationality American
10. Availability 16th President of America

The complete biography of Abraham Lincoln is based on the following points-

  • Birth
  • advocacy
  • Politics
  • presiding
  • civil war
  • death

Abraham Lincoln Birth

Abraham Lincoln was born in a people cabin in Hardin County, Kentucky (USA). His father Thomas was a strong and determined person who led the way and was also respected in the society. Abraham had an older sister Sarah and a younger brother Thomas, who died in infancy. During the land dispute, Lincoln had to move from Kentucky to Parry County, Indiana in 1817, where his family was living in great difficulty, but Thomas eventually bought a land.

Abraham Lincoln

When Abraham was 9 years old, his mother died on 5 October 1818 at the age of 34. At that time his world was ruined and Abraham was separating from his father and at that time he worked hard. In December 1819, a year after Nancy’s death, Thomas married Sarah Bush Johnson, herself a widow and had three children. She was a very strong and affectionate woman, she had a good bond with Abraham. Both of them were not very educated, but Sarah encouraged Abraham to read. Thomas was a farmer, he did not have much money, so Abraham’s education could not be completed. Another reason was that books were not easily available to read in Indiana, due to which Thomas had to travel long distances to get books. Abraham completed his studies at home.

Abraham Lincoln’s Advocacy and Education (Abraham Lincoln Education) –

In March 1830, Abraham moved with his family to Macon County. Abraham was 22 years old at this time, he came here and started working as a laborer. Abraham Lincoln’s height was 6’4 feet and he was thin and tall, but he was very strong in body. He used to do small jobs at this time, like watchman, shopkeeper etc. But in the end he opened a general store. All this went on for years. Abraham Lincoln stepped into politics in 1837. And he became the leader of the Whig Party. Fought many elections. But due to lack of economic development and justice to the poor, he decided that he would become a lawyer. And he started studying law.

In 1844, Abraham Lincoln trained in law with William Herndon and after some time he became a lawyer. He did not earn much money from advocacy, but he used to get mental peace and contentment from his advocacy. In front of whom this wealth had no value. He was very honest in his work, his stories are famous even today.

Lincoln did not take much money at the time of advocacy from those who were poor like him. Once in a case, his client gave him $ 25, but he gave back $ 10 saying that his case had only $ 15. Similarly, once a woman’s case was won, the lawyer working with her took more money from her but Abraham asked her to return the money. He was a very honest and sincere man. He used to say that “when one does good one feels good and when one does bad one feels bad” and this was his religion.

Abraham Lincoln political career

In 1854, Lincoln again entered politics. Due to politics, he stood in many elections. Then he was associated with the Whig party, but after some time that party ended. Became a member of the New Republic in 1856. He proved to be a very capable leader of this new party. At this time he stood in the election for Vice President and he got very few votes, due to which he lost in this election, and he understood the necessary map of the nation.

The entire attention of the nation was turned to the violence in Kansas and the Supreme Court’s decision in the case of Dred Scott, which was on the issue of slavery in the new state. People liked Lincoln very much, because Lincoln did many things to end the practice of slavery in the country. He said in a speech that – “The nation cannot be divided, half slaves and half slaves cannot live without them, all will remain united”. Seeing this speech of Abraham Lincoln and his work, his name was selected for the President of America.

Abraham Lincoln Presidency –

Abraham Lincoln was elected the 16th President of America in 1860. Even after being elected President, it was the effort of Abraham Lincoln to end the practice of slavery from the nation. The practice of slavery was between the southern and northern states. The white people of the southern state called the people of the north for agriculture and wanted to keep them as slaves. But Abraham Lincoln wanted to end this slavery practice.

On February 1, 1861, Mississippi, Florida, Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana and Texas seceded and a civil war broke out. As the war progressed, Lincoln made a promise to himself and launched an abolitionist movement for the country, and he succeeded. In 1863, hostage-free was finally declared and slaves became a document of freedom in the state, but in Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska and Arkansas, slaves did not get freedom from legal stakes.

Abraham Lincoln made a very important contribution to the American Civil War, which was a battle of his blood, morality, constitution, and politics. Due to this, he also had to face many problems.

Abraham Lincoln Civil War

There was a civil war between the northern states of America and the southern states, which was to end the practice of slavery. The white people of the southern states wanted to take the black people of the northern states to take them as their captives forever by calling them to do agriculture. The southern state wanted to create a country of its own and the northern state wanted to end slavery and remain united. Meanwhile, a civil war broke out between these two states which lasted from 1861 to 1865 and the northern state won in this civil war.

It would not be enough to say that the war was only to end the practice of slavery, but the reason for this war was the result of the opposition of having different ideologies. The southern states wanted to permanently enslave slaves who came from Africa to farm in the 17th and 18th centuries, while in 1801 the northern states made laws against this practice. The inhabitants of the north were making great progress economically in the machine age and their population began to increase rapidly. But the inhabitants of the south were based only on agriculture. They did not progress with the ages and their population did not increase rapidly.

Front three of the war were Sea, Mississippi Valley and East Beach State. Import and export goods from Europe on the south coast were banned and the largest city there was surrendered to New Orleans. The southern state also won many victories in the Mississippi Valley. The beginning of 1863 proved to be very difficult for the northern states, but as the war progressed, the war was overthrown. The end of the war was clearly visible in 1864. The kingdoms of the north were victorious, and the civil war ended. After the end of the war, strictness was not adopted for the southern states and a law was made to free the slaves by ending the practice of slavery.

Abraham Lincoln Death History

Well-known actor and co-criminal, at a Ford Theater in the US capital, Washington DC, April 14, 1865 John Wilkes Booth assassinated Abraham Lincoln. In this way an honest and most popular President of the country died.

Abraham Lincoln Quotes

Following are the precious words of Abraham Lincoln-

  • Most people are happy because they make up their mind.
  • The best thing about the future is that it comes one day at a time.
  • Character is like a tree and reputation is like a shadow. The shadow, which we think of, but the tree, is real.
  • Whatever I am or hope for, is dedicated to my angel mother.
  • Give me 6 hours to chop down a tree, in the first four hours I will sharpen the axe.
  • You cannot escape tomorrow’s responsibility by destroying today.
  • Things may come for those who wait, but except for those that are sharp.
  • In the end, your life doesn’t have years to count, it’s life in your years.
  • One generation sees the school room and the next sees the government.
  • Sir, my interest is not that God is on our side, I am interested in that we are on God’s side because God is always right.
  • I know best how best I can. I mean I can keep doing this till the end.
  • Always keep in mind that your own determination to be successful is more important than anyone else’s.
  • Don’t worry when you are not recognized, strive to be worthy of recognition.
  • My biggest concern is not whether you have failed or not, but whether you are satisfied with your failure or not.
  • Whoever you are, be a good person.
  • Am I not destroying my enemies when I make them friends?
  • I’m a slow driver, but I never run behind.
  • Make sure you put your feet in the right place, then stand firmly.
  • I miss my mother’s prayers and she always follows me. He has stolen my whole life.
  • A house divided against itself can not stand.
  • I never had a policy, I just tried to do my best every day.
  • Well, everyone likes it.
  • Critical principles, can and should be persistent.
  • If there is anyone who can do well, I say let him do it. Give him a chance.
  • I don’t know who my grandfather was, but I want to know what his grandson would be.
  • You should watch yourself grow, no matter how tall your grandfather was.
  • Don’t leave anything for tomorrow, that can be done today.
  • A friend is someone who is an enemy just like you.
  • Drivers have the ability to describe other people as they see themselves.
  • He has the right to criticize, who has a heart to help.

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