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Benefits and harms of Kiwi fruit | Kiwi Fruit Benefits and Side Effects in hindi


Kiwi fruit benefits, side effects

The hairy kiwi, which looks like a light brown sapphire, is a mountain fruit. It was first grown in China, from where it reached New Zealand, and today there are many varieties around the world. Kiwi is truly a treasure trove of nutrients, with a brownish-brown flesh on the outside and smooth green pulp on the inside. Mainly, kiwi contains fiber, vitamin C and vitamin E, carotenoids, antioxidants and many types of minerals, which are very beneficial for the health of our body.

Complete information about Kiwi fruit

benefits of kiwi fruit

Disease resistance –

Due to the high amount of vitamin E and anti-oxidants in kiwi, it increases immunity. Kiwi is also a wonderful remedy to remove the fatigue of the day by removing physical weakness, and at the same time it maintains energy, so it is beneficial to eat it with oats etc. in breakfast. Rich in vitamin C, kiwi helps our body absorb iron and this is the reason why kiwi is a great fruit for anemia patients. Kiwi is very useful for insomnia because the serotonin present in it helps you to get good sleep by removing stress.

pregnancy In Beneficial (Kiwi fruit in pregnancy) ,

A wonderful fruit like kiwi is not less than a boon for pregnant women, because folic acid is also found in kiwi, an essential element in pregnancy, it is said that the consumption of kiwi during pregnancy by the mother is of great benefit in the development of the child’s brain. could.

heart disease benefits ,

The fiber and potassium present in kiwi keep heart diseases away from us, in heart disease, when the patient increases the habit of taking potassium along with taking less sodium, then the risk of developing the disease decreases significantly. Apart from this, kiwi is also helpful in reducing bad cholesterol and it makes good cholesterol and also reduces the risk of heart disease caused by cholesterol. It is said that regular consumption of kiwi reduces the amount of triglycerides in the blood and thereby prevents the accumulation of fat in the body and also reduces the risk of clotting in the blood.


diabetes Feather Control ,

Kiwi does not increase the level of glucose in the blood and for this reason the consumption of kiwi diabetesIt is very beneficial in heart diseases and weight loss.

Benefit in stomach diseases

For minor stomach ailments that usually occur, kiwi as if it is a cure for stomachache, such as stomachache, Diarrhea, hemorrhoid Etc also gives relief. Also, its fiber ie fiber helps to keep our digestive system working properly, and kiwi is like nectar for the patients of constipation.

In bone diseases and joint pain Rest,

An element called potassium, which helps in strengthening bones and muscles, is also present in kiwi and hence it has been considered beneficial for osteoporosis in women in old age. With all joint pain And arthritis Even if there are problems like these, using kiwi gives great relief.

Benefits for the skin –

Vitamin C is very much needed to keep our skin healthy and beautiful by the collagen present in our skin and due to the abundance of vitamin C, our skin becomes very soft and glowing due to the consumption of kiwi. Due to this, the body fat is reduced, but at the same time, our skin remains soft, shiny and free of wrinkles and we remain young. Apart from diseases, it also removes stress. acne, colds Even small pearls get rid of troubles

Nutrients in Kiwi

Kiwi is a treasure trove of nutrients. In an average sized kiwi

Element Quantity
calories 42
protein .8 grams
Fat .4 grams
fiber 2.1 grams
vitamin C 64 mg
Vitamin A 3 micrograms
iron .2 mg
potassium 252 mg
folate 17 micrograms

Apart from this, there are also nutrients such as vitamin E, copper, vitamin K, choline, magnesium and phosphorous.

harm of kiwi

Kiwi has as many advantages as there are disadvantages, about which we will tell you today.

  • If you consume kiwi in excess, it can cause damage to your skin, due to which you can also get skin diseases.
  • Consuming too much kiwi can cause problems like burning in your mouth.
  • If anyone is allergic to kiwi, then you should not consume it at all, otherwise you may have many problems.
  • If you have an allergy to kiwi, then you may have many problems such as itchy throat, red rashes on the mouth, vomiting etc.


Q: What are the benefits of Kiwi?

Ans: By eating kiwi, you will get good sleep and weight will also be reduced easily.

Q: Who should consume Kiwi?

Ans: Kiwi should be eaten by those who have problems like vitamin deficiency, asthma and ulcers.

Q: How beneficial is kiwi for women?

Ans: Eating kiwi removes skin related problems in women and also provides protein.

Q: What are the disadvantages of Kiwi?

Ans: The disadvantages of kiwi are many such as skin problems, burning sensation in the mouth.

Q: Is Kiwi an expensive fruit?

Ans: Kiwi is an expensive fruit, which is available in the market at Rs 50-60 per piece. Its rate always remains the same.

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