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Bagwani Anudan Yojana: Government will give 1.5 lakh rupees for planting trees, know how


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Our country is an agricultural country and as you know, this is the reason that even today there is a large number of people in the country who make their living by farming and their families are supported by agriculture. The government is running many schemes for the prosperity of the farmers, but still the economic condition of the farmers is not improving. Therefore, in order to increase the income of farmers, Haryana Government has started Horticulture Grant Scheme, in this article you will know what is Horticulture Grant Scheme Haryana and how farmers can take advantage of this scheme.

bagwani anudan yojana haryana in hindi

gardening Grant Scheme Haryana 2021 (Bagwani Anudan Yojana Haryana in Hindi)

scheme name Horticulture Grant Scheme
State Haryana
Objective To motivate farmers to take up horticulture crops
commissioned by Haryana Chief Minister
Year 2021
concerned department Haryana Horticulture Department
official website
helpline number NA

What is Horticulture Grant Scheme (Bagwani Anudan Yojana Haryana)

Under this scheme, the government says that farmers should now switch from traditional farming to horticulture crops and also focus on cultivating horticultural crops, and farmers should be encouraged to cultivate horticultural crops. Therefore, taking an important step in this direction, the Haryana Government has started the Horticulture Scheme for the farmers of Haryana, under which if a farmer plants a new orchard, he will be given a subsidy of up to 50 percent per hectare from the Haryana Government, so that Farmers can get more profit. Under this scheme, any beneficiary farmer can apply for taking subsidy for an orchard up to a maximum of 10 acres.

Horticulture Grant Scheme Objective

Through this scheme, the government wants the farmers to move beyond traditional farming and also cultivate horticulture crops, so that their income increases and they become financially prosperous.

Horticulture Grant Scheme Benefits

Under this scheme, farmers can easily get subsidy from the government to plant horticulture crops, using which they can cultivate horticulture crops and earn good income by selling them.

Horticulture Grant Scheme Anudan and Subsidy

This scheme has been launched recently by the Haryana Government, that is why many people are eager to know that, after all, how much help will be given for planting which orchards under this scheme. So this information is the following. Let us tell you that the government is giving grant only for land up to 10 acres.

  • The government is giving ₹ 11,500 per acre for planting guava orchards. If they plant it on 10 acres of land, then they will get assistance of up to Rs.115,000 lakh from the government.
  • For planting lemon orchard, the government is giving ₹ 12000 per acre, for 10 acres of land, you will get an assistance of up to Rs. 1,20,000.
  • Similarly, if farmers plant gooseberry orchards, then they will get an assistance of ₹ 15,000 per acre, the government is giving assistance of Rs 1,50,000 on 10 acres.
  • For the cultivation of chiku, the government will give a subsidy of ₹ 9080 per acre. That is, farmers will get a total assistance of ₹ 90,800 for cultivating chikoo.
  • On planting mango orchards, the government will give an assistance of ₹ 5100 per acre, that is, a farmer can plant a mango orchard in a maximum of 10 acres. For planting mango orchard in 10 acres, maximum assistance of ₹ 51000 will be given to him by the government.

Horticulture Grant Scheme Eligibility

By joining this scheme, only all the farmers living in Haryana will be eligible to take advantage of it, apart from this, the farmers of other states will not be given its benefit.

Horticulture Grant Scheme Documents

To take advantage of this scheme, farmers have to register themselves, in which the following documents may be required.

  • land related documents
  • Aadhar card
  • bank passbook
  • phone number
  • passport size color photograph

Horticulture Grant Scheme Official Website

Any person or farmer who wants to get any information about this scheme, he can get information about it by visiting the Horticulture Portal of Haryana Government. his official link These are. Apart from this, you can also get complete information about this scheme by visiting the Horticulture office located near your house.

Horticulture Grant Scheme How to Apply

Online Process –

The process of applying online in this recently launched scheme seems a bit complicated, so below we are telling you in very easy steps, how you can apply online for this scheme.

  1. Any person or farmer who wants to get the benefit of this scheme, first of all, to apply for this scheme, the Horticulture Department of Haryana Government. Portal will go on.
  2. After reaching the portal, you will see the option of Farmer Registration or Farmer Registration, you have to click on it.
  3. By doing this an application form will open on your screen, in which you have to fill some of your personal information.
  4. After filling your personal information, you have to save it and after that you have to click on Update.
  5. After this, you have to go to the scheme section and select the scheme scheme. Then a form will open on your screen, in this also you have to fill some information.
  6. After filling the information, you have to upload the required document and after uploading the document you have to click on the save button.
  7. In this way your online application process gets completed in this scheme.

Offline Application –

Any person or farmer who wants to get the benefit of this scheme, they have to take some necessary documents such as documents related to their farming, photo copy of bank passbook and their Aadhar card at the nearest district horticulture office located near their home. will have to go. And by going there you can apply for this scheme offline. The staff present in the Horticulture office will give you all the information about this scheme and how to apply for this scheme. Let us tell you that, such farmers can also apply for this scheme, who have planted lemon, amla or guava orchards in the financial year 2021.

Horticulture Grant Scheme Helpline Number

No helpline number or toll free number has been issued by the government for this scheme yet. If you want any information about the scheme, then you will get information from its official website.


Q : Horticulture Grant Scheme In which state has it been launched?

Ans: in the state of Haryana

Q : Horticulture Grant Scheme In which year was it commissioned?

Ans: in the year 2021

Q : Horticulture Grant Scheme Who can apply for?

Ans: Such residents of Haryana state who want to take advantage of this scheme.

Q : Horticulture Grant Scheme On which crops can I take subsidy?

Ans: We have given this information in the article.

Q : Horticulture Grant Scheme What is the official website for

Ans :

Read more –


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