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Badminton Rules and Regulations


Badminton Rules and Regulations in hindi Badminton game rules, importance, information, advantages, disadvantages, who originated, essay, size of court

In the nineteenth century, a game was played in Urasia centuries before the names of “battledore” and “shuttlecock”, which later emerged with a new form during the nineteenth century and became known as “badminton”. Its concrete origin is still unclear, it is believed that ‘racket’ is a modified form of ‘battledore’, which is used in playing badminton. Today, after a long journey, badminton has become a sport that is being played in the Olympics. In many countries of Asia, this game is being played with great enthusiasm, in which China, India, Sri Lanka etc. are mainly seen. Many people find their future in this sport and make a mark for themselves with their tireless hard work. Some of the world class players include Dan Lee (China), Simon Santoso (Indonesia), Tawfiq Hidayat (Indonesia), PV Sandhu (India), Saina Nehwal (India), P Gopichand (India) etc. Goes. Due to these personalities, young people are seen finding the qualities of badminton in themselves.

badminton rules

badminton and its rules badminton Rules and Regulations in hind

History of Badminton Game (H)story of Badminton Game)

A major development of this game is seen around 1870 among the expatriate British officers living in British India. A variant of this game was played in Thanjavur, India in 1850 with the ball instead of the shuttlecock, in which the ball was made of wool. Woolen balls were often used in dry weather. Around the year 1873, this game also developed a lot in Poona Garh, and during this time in 1875 some rules of this game came into existence for the first time. During this, the returning officers laid the foundation of the first badminton camp in Folkestone, located in south-east England. At that time the game was played with 1 to 4 players on one side, i.e. a maximum of eight players on each side, but this was later modified and made it a match between only two or a maximum of four players. This modification proved to be much better for the game. We still see maximum 2-2 players playing on either side of the court during a badminton match. During this, the ‘shuttlecock’ was coated with rubber, and glass was also used in it to increase its weight.

With the help of rules made in Pune, it was played till 1887, until J.H.E. New revised rules were not made by Heart of Baat Badminton Club. In the year 1890, Hart and Bungel Wilde again amended these rules. With constant amendments, on 13 February 1893, the Badminton Association of England officially started the game at Dunbar, Portmouth. Some matches in this game took place around 1900 and around 1904, the matches between England-Ireland are seen. After this the sport continued to become famous and in 1934 the foundation of the Badminton World Federation was laid, whose founding members were the countries of Scotland, Ireland, Wales, Canada, Denmark, France, Netherlands and New Zealand. Two years later, in 1936, this organization started working under the name of Badminton World Federation, with which India also affiliated in the same year. Although the Badminton World Federation had its origins in England, its dominance extended to Asia as well, and for the past several decades, many outstanding players came from China, Denmark, South Korea, Malaysia, India and Indonesia, who made a name for themselves in this world-class sport. registered in.

Definitions in Badminton Game (D)efinition of badminton game)

There are some definitions in this game, such as in this match two players compete against each other, they are called ‘singles’. If there are two players on either side, it will be called ‘doubles’. The side from which the shuttlecock is struck for the first time is called the serving side. After doing the survey, the exact opposite court will be called the receiving side. In this way, the action of a player continuously hitting the cock towards another player playing against him is called rally. Apart from this, there are some more definitions in it which are as follows.

  • Court (B)adminton court)

The court is a quadrangular space which is divided into two equal parts with the help of a net. Often a single court is designed to be used for both singles and doubles. It is marked as per rules with a 40 mm wide line. These signs are very clear and often white or yellow color is used for this. According to the rules, all the lines form a definite area which is defined. The width of the court is 6.1 meters or 20 feet, which is reduced to 5.18 meters during a singles match. The entire length of the court is 13.4 meters or 44 feet. There is a service line on either side 1.98 meters behind the net located in the center of the court. During doubles court, this service line is at a distance of 0.73 meters from the back boundary.

The net used in the court is made of very fine quality thread, and black color is often used in it. The edges of the net are covered with 75 mm white tape. The length is usually 1.55 meters on the sides, and 1.524 meters or five feet in the middle. These lengths are valid for both singles and doubles matches.

  • shuttlecock (B)adminton shuttlecock)

Shuttles are often made of natural or synthetic elements. It is a conical object which is a very fine type of projectile or projectile. The coke used in this is coated with synthetic elements. In this, 16 feathers are attached towards the bottom of the cock. The length of all wings is equal, which is between 62 mm and 70 mm. The tops of all the wings together form a circular shape, whose diameter is between 58 millimeters to 68 millimeters. Its weight is between 4.74 grams to 5.50 grams. Its base is a circle with a diameter of 25 millimeters to 28 millimeters, which is circular at the bottom.

Apart from this, its shuttlecock is also wingless, in which the wings are replaced with some synthetic material. It is not used in any tournament, but only in badminton for entertainment purposes. In the badminton manual, the correct speed of a shuttlecock is given. To test this, a player uses a long underhand stroke on a cock, which pushes the cock to the line of the back boundary. The cock is stroked under an upward angle, which is parallel to the side line. With the correct speed, a cock never flies less than 530 mm or more than 990 mm.

  • racket (B)adminton racket)

A racket is used to stroke the cock, it is made of light metals. Overall, its length is 680 millimeters and its total width is 230 millimeters. It is oval. It has a handle, holding which players stroke the cock. A good quality racket weighs between 70 and 95 grams. One part of it is made of a special type of thread, which is used to stroke the cock. Usually these threads are made from carbon fiber. The reason for this is that threads made of carbon fiber are hard and strong, as well as the ability to convert kinetic energy is very high.

Apart from all this, the racket is found in different designs. Different rackets have different characteristics, which are made for different types of players.

Badminton game rules (R)ules of badminton)

The rules of this game are explained in the following parts.

  • Terms of Service (S)service rules in badminton)

In any correct serve, it shouldn’t be too late to survey the cocks if both sides are ready. After conducting a survey on behalf of one player, it is mandatory for the cock to reach the court of another player. If this does not happen, then it will be considered as the fault of the serving player, whose benefit goes to the player of the opposite court. At the start of the game, both the server and the receiver standing on the opposite court stand diagonally without touching the service line.

If the serving side loses a rally, the serve is immediately awarded to the player on the opposite court. During singles matches, the server stands on the right court when the score is even, and on the left court if the score is an odd number.

During doubles, if the server side wins the rally, then the same player who served first serves again, but this time their court is changed so that they do not survey the same player each time. Similarly, if the opposing team wins the rally and their score is an even number, the serving player will be on the right side of their court, while if the score is an odd number, the serving player will be on the left side of their court.

  • Scoring Rules (S)coring rules of badminton)

Each game consists of a total of 21 points. A match consists of a total of 3 parts. If the score of both the parties is 20-20, then the game continues until one of the two gets a lead of two extra points. For example, a score of 24-22, otherwise the game continues for 29 points. After 29 points there is a game for a ‘Golden Point’, whoever gets this point wins the game.

  • At the start of the game there is a toss which decides which player will serve or be the receiver.
  • A player or pairs of players have to win two out of three games to win the match.
  • Players have to change their courts at the beginning of the second game of the match.
  • The server and receiver have to remain in the service court without touching the service line.
  • In the event of a late call, the rally is postponed, and replayed without any change in the score.
  • Late call happens because of some unforeseen interruption or trouble.
  • Late call can happen even if the receiver is not ready and the server has served.

False (F)ault in badminton)

Any rally ends with a fault. The player who makes the mistake loses the rally. There can be many reasons for the fault, such as if the service is not done properly then the fault can happen. For example, while serving, the server’s foot has fallen on the serving line or the shuttle has fallen outside the court after service. If the cock gets stuck in the net after service, it is counted as a fault. In addition to all this, the following are some of the reasons for the fault.

  • When the receiver’s fellow player answers the serve.
  • When the shuttle does not cross the net after service or during a rally.
  • If the cock touches an object that is outside the court.
  • A fault can occur when the same player hits the cock twice in a row, although a fault does not occur in subsequent strokes from the head of the racket into the string area.
  • If two players on the same court stroke the shuttle one after the other, it will be counted as a fault.
  • If the receiver strokes the incoming cock in such a way that the direction of the cock does not remain towards the opposing player.
  • If the player touches the net during the game.
  • If the player does any such activity during the game, which distracts the attention of his opponent from the game, and he fails to give a counter-stroke, then there is also the possibility of a fault.


The game may be suspended for a number of reasons. For example, if an incident occurs that is beyond the control of the player, and during this time if the umpire feels that suspension of the game is necessary, then the game can be postponed. The referee notifies the Empire of the suspension of the game for any specific reason. When the game is postponed, the scores remain the same until the game is resumed from there.

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