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ATM Full Form – Detailed Information about ATM

by Sudhir kumar


All the banks issue debit cards to their customers to enjoy various facilities on it. You can make online payments through debit cards and even withdraw cash from ATMs. But are you aware of the ATM Full Form? The full form of ATM is Automated Teller Machine from which you can withdraw cash and even do a balance enquiry. Earlier, people used to visits banks and withdraw cash through a cheque once the ATM and the debit card were introduced, people started withdrawing cash through them. You will always need a debit card to withdraw cash from ATMs. Every bank has a different ATM installed either outside the bank or in residential areas. So, let’s see which activities you can do through an ATM.

Types of Transactions made through ATMs

There are various things you can do with an ATM. It will ease some of your efforts for banking. You must explore the things you can do with the ATM.

Withdraw Cash

The ATMs help the customers to withdraw cash anytime as this service is available round the clock. You will just have to visit the nearest ATM and withdraw the cash from it. Every debit card has a different maximum limit for withdrawing cash in a day.

Check Available Balance

Individuals can check their bank balances through an ATM. The ATM screen will display the available amount in your account and all you need is a debit card and PIN.

Print Available Balance

The ATM or the Automated Teller Machine also gives a printed receipt of the available balance in your bank account. You can make a balance inquiry and get a receipt and the ATM even give a receipt of the available balance when you withdraw the cash from it.

Print Mini Statement

You can print the mini statement of your bank account from the ATM. The mini statement usually consists of the last 10 transactions you have made from your bank account.

Change Debit Card PIN

If you want to change the PIN of your debit card then you can also do so with the help of an ATM. The ATM allows you to change the PIN and even you can generate a PIN if you are using the debit card for the first time.

Transfer Money

Some ATMs also allow the individual to transfer money from their bank account to another bank account. You can do so with the help of a debit card and a PIN.

Things Needed to be Accessed an ATM

The following things are accessed when you use an ATM of any bank. You should have the below things to access the ATM and the PIN.

Debit Card

You will always need a debit card to access any ATM and do the above-mentioned activities. After inserting the debit card into the ATM, you will have to enter the PIUN and perform various activities from the ATM.

Magnetic Strip

Some ATMs read the magnetic strip present on your debit card. Make sure that the magnetic strip on your card is not damaged or ruptured.

Chip on the Card

Nowadays, the ATM reads the chip present on your card and every card has a chip. The ATM first reads the chip and then initiates the further process.


So, the ATM full form is Automated Teller Machine that helps the customers to do various transactions. You can make use of ATM to ease the efforts of the transaction. There is no need to visit banks to withdraw small amounts because that can be done through ATMs.


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