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“Anime? Anime?! You mean cartoons right?” or “Oh, isn’t that just for kids?” are few of the common things heard by anime-fans not just in India but around the globe. And to some extent the naysayers are correct (Don’t kill me anime-lovers, let me finish).

They both started out being hand-drawn and both of them have been used for comedic relief, particularly for the younger audience. But that’s where the similarities end. Anime is an art used by Japanese artists for a hundred years now. Japanese artists express themselves through these stories and many use this cheaper alternative to speak their narrative rather than depending on movies. It’s easier to draw and animate characters and find a producer to fund and distribute, than to pay an entire group of actors and crew members.

The stigma that anime is for children is completely wrong, although there are ones made specifically for them. In fact over 50% of the anime released is for adults. Anime is used to express different story concepts, real world problems, or even day-to-day lives of normal human beings. Even the ones for children are introspective and builds empathy, unlike the cartoons which they watch on television (there are exceptions in every case, but yeah most of them are quite bad).

This stigma persists in our country also especially among the ones who haven’t either watched any type of anime. To those who are open-minded and want to have an idea about the stories behind these-world changing concept arts, here are 5 must watch anime for beginners, which are all available to watch on Netflix.

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