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Amazon Company History and Brief Introduction | Amazon Company History and Amazon Prime Membership Details in Hindi


History and Brief Introduction of Amazon Company and Amazon Prime | Amazon Company History and Amazon Prime Membership Details in Hindi

In today’s era, a person is going through a very busy phase. No one has enough time to do everything very comfortably. In this age of technology, a person does not want to waste even a single moment. Due to this, e-commerce has provided many facilities to every person such as buying goods online, home delivery service of goods, return facility if they do not like the same, which saves both money and time. Amazon is also one of the most popular or famous companies in the world of e-commerce. The history of Amazon is very interesting, which we will see in further detail.

company type public company
Produce 5 July 1994
Headquarters Seattle, Washington, US
founded by jeff bezos
key position Jeff Bezos (Chairman, President, CEO)
Services online shopping, web hosting
Staff two lakh thirty thousand five hundred (approx)
Total Earnings 600 million
net worth 65.500 billion

Key facts about Amazon-

  • Amazon company history (Amazon company history in hindi

jeff bezos A personality whose thinking was very high. At the time when Jeff Bezos founded Amazon, no one thought that e-commerce or internet business, or online shopping would go so far. One day it will come that people will be completely dependent on online shopping. Such a person with very far-reaching thinking changed the name of his company Cadabra to Amazon in July 1994, a year later with his lawyer. Jeff Bezos named his company so differently because it is said that the name of the world’s largest river was Amazon. In the same way, Jeff Bezos had planned to open Amazon, the world’s largest trading company. First of all, Amazon company started its business with Books. Gradually, seeing the increasing use of the Internet, and the need of the people, started the business of all things through this company, such as electronics, mobiles, clothes, home appliances and other such items which are necessary in life with a needle. To ship (small to large item) will be available.

  • head of company (board of directors)

Amazon gradually took on a huge form. Due to which the company could not be run alone. For that, other members were also needed, for which, a committee was formed and, they were given their posts and duties. After a survey of 2013, out of the names that came out, the names of some prominent people, are given below –

  • Jeff Bezos (President, Chairman and CEO)
  • John Seeley Brown (Visiting Scholar and Advisor)
  • Tom Alberg (Managing Partner)
  • Zami Gorelic (Partner)
  • Bing Gordon (Partner)
  • Patty Stonecifer (Partner)
  • Thomas O.Reader (Partner)
  • production and services (Product & Services)

Amazon is a company that does not manufacture an item itself, but buys it from different companies at a reasonable price, and then sells it accordingly. Books, electronic items on Amazon, everything from children to elders, all the things of the house, mobile, computer and all its related tools, jewelry, motor vehicle, groceries, from smallest to biggest Large items are available. To buy which, there are many offers every day. In terms of services, many facilities are available like cash on delivery, card, online payment and many more. Facilities like return and cash back are also available in case you don’t like the same or there are some mistakes.

Revenue is also a very good way to earn profits. Whatever, Amazon sells the goods of the company, in return, earns a profit by getting some percentage as revenue from it.

Before expanding any company, the headquarters or main center of that company is opened. After that, the expansion of that company takes place, for which the branch of that company is opened, and such expansion is done. First, Amazon’s headquarters were opened in Seattle. The company expanded itself in different countries according to its need. In the form of software development center, opened its center. In this way, it has centers in many countries of the world, but, we will look only at the center of India.


Names of centers opened in India

  • Ahmedabad
  • Bangalore
  • Chennai
  • Delhi
  • Gurgaon
  • Hyderabad
  • Jaipur
  • Kolkata
  • Pune
  • Mumbai

These are all major cities of India, where Amazon centers have been opened.

  • key facts

Loss-Profit is the principle of every small business. Similarly, in the midst of progress, the Amazon company also had to face many difficulties. Despite that, the company maintained its reputation and spread its reputation all over the world. Due to which the company has earned an income of more than 600 million in the last years.

Not only this, where there is so much problem of employment in today’s time, this company has given jobs to more than 2 lakh employees. With the promotion of e-commerce, by providing many facilities day by day, it is saving both the time and money of the people.

Know what is Amazon Prime

Nowadays most of the people like to shop online. There are many benefits of shopping online as well. Like you can easily buy any item sitting at your home without going anywhere. Not only this, you also get great discounts on many things by shopping online. At the same time, in view of the increasing popularity of online shopping among the people, many online shopping companies provide many facilities to their customers. One of these features is the facility of Amazon Prime. Today we are going to tell you how you too can take advantage of the convenience of Amazon Prime while shopping online.

What is Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime is a premium service of Amazon, which can be availed by anyone by paying some amount. Any person becomes its member after paying the payment. Amazon buyers get many benefits from this service. At the same time, the Amazon Prime facility was first started in America by the Amazon company. After its success in America, it was also started in India.

What are the benefits of Amazon Prime (Amazon Prime Benefits)

After becoming a member of Amazon Prime, you get many benefits and some of those benefits are mentioned below, which are as follows-

  • Free shipping advantage

If you become an Amazon Prime member, you get free shipping on items. Every time you place an order for something, it gets delivered to you within a day or two, that too without paying any shipping. This delivery facility is given in more than a hundred cities of India. Not only this, if you live in any one city out of Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore and Hyderabad, then you get the delivery of your item on the same day you order it. On the other hand, if you are not an Amazon member and you get an item shipping in a day or two. So you have to pay Rs.100.

  • no minimum order amount

The second best advantage of becoming a member of Amazon Prime is that there is no minimum order amount limit for you. If you order an item for even Rs.100, then you will not have to pay any delivery charge for the same. On the other hand, if you are not a member, then the minimum order amount is applicable for you. Due to which you have to order an item of at least 500 rupees. On the other hand, on orders of less than this, you will have to pay a delivery amount of Rs 50.

  • You will get any deal first

The deal which will be started by Amazon will first benefit its Prime members. Prime members can start taking advantage of any deal 30 minutes before the start of any deal. At the same time, those who are not Prime members can enjoy this deal later.

  • Watch New Movies and TV Shows

By becoming a Prime member, not only will you get a lot of benefits in shopping, but you will be able to easily watch any movie or TV show online on Prime Video. You can enjoy these prime videos anywhere. Not only this, apart from Bollywood, you will also get to see regional or Hollywood movies in Prime Video. All you need is a phone, tablet, laptop, desktop or smart TV and you can enjoy new movies by visiting the link given below.

How to become Amazon Prime Membership

If you want to become a Prime member of Amazon, then first you go to the link By going to this link of Amazon’s website, you will see ‘Tri Prime’ written on the top, click on it. After which a new page will open, you will see ‘Login to Join’ written on that page. After clicking on it, then another page will open where you will be asked some information. You can become its member by filling the asked information.

60 days free trial

You will be given Amazon Prime facility for free for the first 60 days. In these 60 days, you can take advantage of the benefits of this facility. At the same time, if you want to continue this facility after 60 days, then you will have to pay for it.

Amazon Prime membership cost

If you want to retain the Prime facility after the 60-day trial, then you will have to pay for it. Amazon has fixed a payment of Rs 999 for this facility. Once you make this payment, you will become an Amazon Prime member for one year. At the same time, earlier this payment was Rs 499, which was increased from October this year to Rs 999 per year.

How is online shopping

To do online shopping, you go to any online shopping website. You will see many types of items in that website, from which you can buy the things you need. After liking your needy thing, you are asked for the address of the place where you want to get that thing delivered. After specifying the address, you are given some options for how you want to make the payment. After selecting one of those options, your online shopping process ends. After a few days your goods reach you. Similarly, you can buy many types of items by visiting Amazon’s website.

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