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Advantages and disadvantages of neem leaves Neem Leaves Hair, Skin, Health Benefits and Side Effects


Neem Leaves and oil Benefits and side effects for Hair, skin, Health

Neem is a very big medicine in India, which is being used for many thousands of years. In today’s time, many English medicines are made from neem leaves and its trees. Every thing of the neem tree is beneficial, many major diseases are treated with it. In India, it is considered auspicious to have a neem tree in the house, people plant it in their house so that they can take its benefits. Neem leaves are exported from India to 34 countries. The taste of neem is bitter, but the more bitter it is, the more the benefits are less.

Neem gun interactions

Neem tree benefits associated with

Benefits Of Neem Leaves For Skin Skin)

Treats Acne

If neem leaves are crushed and applied on the skin in case of acne, then get rid of acne can be found and acne on the skin stops. Apart from this, acne can also be eliminated by consuming the leaves of this tree.

tanning Tanning

  • Standing in the sun for a long time has a bad effect on the skin and tanning comes on the skin. At the same time, by applying a face pack of neem leaves on the skin darkened by the sun. tanning can be removed Huh.
  • To make this face pack, you just have to dry these leaves and make their powder and you have to add curd to this powder.

Bring glow on the face

If turmeric mixed with powder of neem leaves is applied on the face, then facial glow and increases. Apart from turmeric, you can also add cucumber juice to the ground neem leaves.

Make Dark Circle Disappear

dark circles under eyes After making a paste of neem leaves (by grinding the leaves), apply that paste on it and leave this paste for a few minutes. After some time, you clean this coating with the help of water. By applying this paste on dark circles thrice a week, they will reduce soon.

Benefits Of Neem Leaves For Health

Cleanse the blood

Neem leaves have the power to kill fungi and bacteria. Therefore, if its leaves are eaten, then the blood of the body gets purified and the dirty bacteria of the body also get eliminated.

Control Diabetes

In many researches done on neem leaves, it has been found that these leaves beneficial for diabetic patients And people who have more diabetes complaints, if they eat its leaves regularly, then they can get relief from this disease.

Beneficial in malarial disease

In many countries, neem is also used as a medicine during the treatment of people who get malaria. Actually, the gedunin component found in its leaves proves to be effective in the treatment of this disease and helps in reducing high fever. Therefore, people who have malaria are advised to eat neem leaves.

beneficial for stomach

Neem leaves also have an effective effect on many stomach problems and by eating its leaves. acidity problemRelief from the problem of constipation, stomach pain can be found. Therefore, if you go to exercise in a park, then break two or three leaves from the neem tree and eat it while doing the workout. However, before eating the leaves, make sure to clean them.

Urine infection

If it is consumed even if there is a urine infection, then this infection can be relieved and if people suffering from this infection chew its leaves every morning, then they will get relief from this infection soon.

Beneficial in the problem of pimple-

People who have a lot of pimples, they should start eating neem leaves or grind its leaves and take out its juice and consume it. But remember that its juice is very bitter, so you should consume its juice only in small amounts.

Control Cholesterol

If neem leaves are eaten when cholesterol level increases, then can control cholesterol Huh. Therefore, people whose cholesterol level is high, they can control this level by consuming neem leaves for a few days.

Fungal infection

  • If there is a fungal infection in any part of the body, if neem leaves are applied on that part, then the infection gets cured soon.


Neem also proves to be very beneficial in increasing the immunity power of the body and by eating its leaves or its capsule, the immunity power of the body can be strengthened.

fix the burnt area

If neem paste is applied on the burnt area, then that part can be cured soon and at the same time the chances of getting any kind of infection in that part are also reduced.

Reduce the effect of insect venom (Cures Poison)

If a person is bitten by an insect, then if its leaves are crushed and applied on the bite site of the insect, then the effect of the poison of the insect can be reduced. However, instead of leaves, you can also use its oil on the place bitten by insects.

Apart from the benefits mentioned above, if its leaves are eaten, then the risk of cancer is reduced and at the same time it also acts as a contraceptive medicine.

Benefits Of Neem Leaves For Hair –

Conditioner to bring shine to the hair

  • If a paste of neem leaves is applied on dry hair, then the dryness of the hair goes away and the hair gets shine.
  • To make this paste for hair, you have to mix honey in powder of neem leaves and apply this paste on your hair.

Make hair strong

People whose hair is very weak and breaks easily, they can strengthen their hair with the help of neem. To strengthen the hair, you have to prepare a paste by grinding neem leaves and apply that paste on your hair. If you want, to make this paste, add coconut oil can also put. At the same time, after applying this paste on the hair, wash the hair with clean water after ten minutes.

Eliminate Lice

If a paste of neem leaves is applied on the hair when there is lice, then the lice end. If you want, instead of its paste, boil its leaves with water and wash your hair with that water. However, remember that you wash your hair only after the water cools down.

Benefits of Neem Fruit Benefits) –

Neem fruit is used in making many types of medicine and its fruit also contains many nutritional elements. Neem oil is also obtained from its fruits, which is helpful in fighting bacteria.

Nutritional Value of Neem Fruit

Vitamins names of what percentage is
Vitamin K 12.4%
calcium 32.8%
Magnesium 25%
sodium 23.7%
Phosphorus 17.24%
nitrogen 20%

Neem Oil Benefits

Like neem leaves, its oil is also used to fight many types of diseases. Neem oil is obtained from neem seeds and with the help of this oil, many problems related to hair and skin can also be eliminated.

Eliminate Blackheads –

  • Most of the people have the problem of having blackheads and whiteheads. get rid of blackheads It is also very difficult.
  • If there are blackheads and whiteheads on the face, if neem oil is mixed with some water and applied on them, then they can be cleaned from the face.

Useful in earache

If there is an ear infection or any problem, if a few drops of its oil are put in the ear, then these ear problems can be relieved. If possible, use oil by heating it.

Reduce hair fall

If your hair breaks a lot, then start massaging your hair with its oil. Because by applying this oil on the hair regularly hair fall problem At the same time, the scalp also remains clean.

Eliminate Dandruff

The problem of dandruff on the head can also be eliminated with the help of neem oil. Actually, its oil has antibacterial, antifungal properties which are eliminate dandruff do the work of.

Mosquito Repellent

  • Its oil is also beneficial to keep away from mosquitoes, you just have to mix a few drops of coconut oil in its oil and then apply it on your hands, feet and open parts of the body. Mosquitoes will not be able to bite the open part of your body by applying oil and you will protect yourself. Dengue and Malaria Can do with mosquitoes.
  • Actually, the smell of its oil is quite bitter and mosquitoes run away from the smell of this oil and this is the reason why neem oil is used in many types of lotions made to protect against mosquitoes.

Benefits Of Neem Leaves In Water

Eye Wash

  • If the eyes are cleaned with neem water, then the eyes get relief and the existing waste also gets removed from them.
  • To wash eyes with neem water, all you have to do is boil some neem leaves in water and let this water cool down and wash your eyes with this water. by doing this not only eyes will cool Along with this, the eyes will also be cleaned well.

reduce donations

During the summer season, there are often a lot of rash in the body and there is a lot of itching in these grains. Therefore, people who have this problem, put some neem leaves in the bathing water. By doing this these rash will end soon and any kind of itching problem Won’t happen either.

Chicken pox

having smallpox Bathing with neem water is also advised by doctors. Because by bathing with its water, the smallpox rash does not spread in the body and there is no itching in these grains.

Reduce Stones

having kidney disease But if neem water is consumed, then stones can be got rid of. To prepare neem water, you just have to boil some neem leaves in drinking water for some time and when they boil well, filter the water and keep it to cool down. When the water cools down, drink it, for better results, drink this water continuously for a few days.

Use of Neem Wood (Neem Stick Benefits)

Beneficial for Teeth

Even now in many villages neem wood is used by people for cleaning teeth. Because its wood is rubbed on the teeth, gum pain, mouth odor, yellow teeth problem This is the reason why neem woods and leaves are used by tooth paste makers in their tooth paste.

Neem Tea Recipes

  • Neem tea is also consumed by people and drinking its tea can also reduce fever and exhaustion of the body can also be driven away.
  • To make neem tea, you have to put neem powder or some leaves in water and boil this water for at least ten minutes. If you want, you can also add things like honey, cardamom and cloves to this water.

Side Effects of Neem

don’t drink too much

Eating its leaves for a long time is not right for the body. Therefore, you should not consume its leaves for a long time and if possible, eat these leaves except for a day. Because eating its leaves for a long time can have a bad effect on the kidneys and liver.

children do not drink

Young children should not consume neem leaves, because consuming its leaves can have a bad effect on the health of young children and they can also get many diseases.

harmful to pregnant woman

Consuming its leaves can also be harmful for pregnant women and it can also have a bad effect on the child. Apart from this, women who feed their milk to children should also not consume neem leaves.


  • High diabetes can be reduced by eating neem leaves, but if its leaves are consumed more then there is also a risk of reducing the level of diabetes.
  • Therefore, if you are consuming these leaves to reduce the level of diabetes, then keep checking your diabetes level from time to time. At the same time, people who have low diabetes level should not eat them.

People who are going to have any kind of surgery, they should also not consume its leaves and stop eating it at least 2 weeks before the surgery. Similarly, a woman who wants to become a mother should not consume its leaves.

Best Time To Eat

Neem leaves are consumed by many people in the morning, while many people eat its leaves in the evening. However, those who consume neem leaves on an empty stomach in the morning, their leaves have a better effect on their body. Therefore, if possible, consume it in the morning.

Neem leaves are used to make many types of medicine and soap and it is proved that the leaves of this tree are very beneficial.

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