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Achala Bhanu Surya Saptami Significance and Worship Method 2021


Achla Bhanu Surya Saptami Significance and Worship Method (Achla Bhanu Surya Vyavasvathma Saptami Puja Vidhi Mahatva In Hindi)

Bhanu Saptami is also known as Surya Saptami, Putra Saptami, Surya Ratha Saptami, Ratha Saptami and Arogya Saptami. On this day Lord Surya sent his light to the earth, after which the darkness was removed from the earth and it became luminous. That is why it is also known as Surya Jayanti.

Achala Bhanu Surya Saptami Significance and Worship Method Achla Bhanu Surya Vyavasvathma Saptami Puja Vidhi Mahatva

Achla Bhanu Surya Vyavasvathma Saptami Puja Vidhi Mahatva Impotance In Hindi

Significance of Bhanu Saptami and Achla Bhanu Saptami (Achla Bhanu Saptami Mahatva):

When Saptami falls on a Sunday, it is called Bhanu Saptami. On this day Lord Surya Dev appeared for the first time in a chariot of seven horses. Sunday is considered to be the day of Lord Sun God. The worship of Sun God on that day has significance. This day is also called Vyavaswathma Saptami and Surya Saptami.

When Bhanu Saptami occurs in the month of Magha, it is called Achala Bhanu Saptami.

Sun God is considered to be the biggest source of energy, worshiping him gives good fortune. The importance of offering Ardhya to the Sun on Sunday is more. Sun has a great contribution for the existence of mankind.

Sun is considered to be the king of all the planets. It is situated in the middle of all the houses. In Brahmin, all the planets revolve around the Sun. Changes in the position of the Sun in different houses also bring about a change in the dashas. According to astrology, the effect of Sun is more on the houses.

On this day when the rays of the sun fall on the Surya Yantra. Then Mahabhishek is done.

On the day of Bhanu Saptami, people read and listen to Aditya Hridayam and other Surya sources to please the Sun God, due to which the sick person becomes healthy and remains healthy.

Bhanu Saptami has a special place in all Saptami. It is especially celebrated in southern and western India.

When is Bhanu Saptami celebrated? (Bhanu Saptami 2021 Date):

When Saptami falls on a Sunday, that day is called Bhanu Saptami, it can be of any Paksha (Shukla or Krishna).

04 february Bhanu Saptami
Bhanu Saptami
Bhanu Saptami

Achla Bhanu Saptami Puja Vidhi:

  • After taking a bath at sunrise, first of all offer water to the Sun God.
  • Vakratunda Mahakaya Suryakoti Samprabh Nirvighnam Kurumedev Sarva Kareneshu Sarvada’ By chanting this mantra, water is offered to the Sun.
  • circumambulate at their own place.
  • Many people keep fast on this day.
  • Take a bath on the holy rivers.
  • In South India, after taking a bath before sunrise, Rangoli is put at the door of the house.
  • Many people boil cow’s milk on this day, it is believed that it gives pleasure to the Sun God.
  • Wheat kheer is made on this day.

What is the purpose of Bhanu Saptami Puja and what is its significance? (Bhanu Saptami Mahatv)

  1. Worshiping the Sun God makes the patient’s body healthy. And those who are healthy are always healthy.
  2. By offering water to Lord Sun daily, the intellect is developed. Mental peace is attained.
  3. Worshiping the Sun on Bhanu Saptami increases memory power.
  4. The worship of this one day gives the fruits of Brahmin service.
  5. Donation is also important on this day, by doing this Lakshmi resides in the house.

Surya Mantra

  1. Om Mitraya Namah, Om Ravaye Namah,
  2. Om Surya Namah. Om Bhanve Namah,
  3. Om Khagai Namah, Om Pushne Namah,
  4. Om Hiranayagarbhaya Namah, Om Mariche Namah:
  5. Om Savitre Namah, Om Archaya Namah,
  6. Om Adinathaya Namah, Om Bhaskarai Namah:
  7. Om Sri Savitasuryanarayana Namah:..

Bhanu Saptami Surya Mantra Shlok and Meaning (Bhanu Saptami Shlok With Meaning)

adityanamaskaran ye kurvanti din din

Long life semen Tejas Teshan Cha Jayate

akalmrityuharnam sarvavyadhivinasham

suryapadodakam tirthan jathare dharayamyham

Meaning: Saluting Lord Surya, these days the light is getting brighter, who has a long life, whose brilliance and power are long-lived. Whose worship leads to victory over premature death, all sorrows are destroyed, at the feet of such Sun God one gets virtue like a pilgrimage.

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